Do You Escape Into Truth Or From It?

So many times it is difficult to separate the tendency to write words instead of thoughts. Metaphors instead of feelings. Verbs rather than actions.

Writing should be the replacement, encapsulation of a voice, preserved for the moment when the reader’s eyes first pass across the words. The voice should not be their own, but that of the writer.

It may be the forward, preface or introduction that sets the tone. Surely the reader must rid themselves, albeit unconsciously, of the sounds of that voice they are so familiar with.

Those who place words into readable form should have as a central drive, the need to be heard not so much for what they have to say, but for the passion they have to write. The joys or sorrows, fears or delights, defeats or triumphs of human life.20150212_104828

Reaching into the heart, the center of feeling, and the mind, where understanding can happen. To the soul where we all reside, and the spirit that connects us each and every one. As Elie Wiesel would say, “Thinking higher, feeling deeper.”

Some may write to create escape mechanisms, and others to cause readers to face real issues. In the end, this writer has only one desire, and that is to communicate with the human spirit. It is not always easy to connect with the deepest feelings and emotions, and then to convey that with the written word.

No matter the efforts to do that, so much depends on the reader, and the ability to take them on a journey. As with any such effort, the reader must also be just as prepared when reading a book, as when packing for a trip.

It’s not just the clothes, shoes or boots, computer, cell phone or other assorted items that always seem to find their way into suitcases, so often seldom used. What provokes the packing of those items? Where is the vision of places that trip is intended to transport us?

No one starts a journey without an idea of what’s in store. There is always a vision, whether realistic or fantasy. Who will be met that is new? How will others accept us? Will things be successful? What will be accomplished? Is happiness or dread anticipated?

Some may write for fame or acknowledgment. Financial gain is a common motivator. Capturing thoughts before they can escape into oblivion, as though it was impossible to consciously place them is a storage file in the memory system. Some of the best manuscripts are discovered long after the passing of the writer.

As it has been said, nothing is gained by dying with the music of life still in you. Do any know when they have reached the point of enough? Is there a place where life is just finished and it’s time to make a transition? Can that question be answered with certainty?

Many claim truth is relative. Sounds of a convenient kind of convoluted words lacking any substance is generally what that means. Where’s the relative part of dark or light? Someone is bound to say that darkness is just the absence of light so darkness really doesn’t relatively exist.

Put that person in an enclosed room with no possibility of light, and discover how relative that is.

 Truth is not what someone makes it. Truth is the sun rising in the morning and setting in the evening. Truth is the impact of a lightening bolt striking the flat bed of a truck next to your car in a thunderstorm. Nothing relative about it.

Should You Understand An Artist Or Wait Until They’re Gone And Can’t Defend Themselves?

How you ever stood before a painting, sculpture, anything described as a work of art, completely and totally in wonder of what were they thinking while creating? Bet the thought has entered your mind, as it has mine, where they even conscious? 

I have seen some amazing masterpieces done with houseplant brushes in Shopping Center Craft Fairs. Sculptures in wood that defy explanation. Scrimshaw creations that simply go beyond the impossible.

Then there are those that fall into the category of, “what the heck is it?” Abstract is one thing, but there must be a category for WTHII. Not being any sort of art enthusiast, critic, student, and in no way a judge of what should or should not be considered as an artful rendering, it comes down to what my eyes and senses make strong suggestions as to like or not.

That would seem to get me off the hook before continuing that this is strictly and totally subjective. I think that means I’m safe offering my thoughts without fear of rejection or humiliation. Ahh…that feels much better.

If it is acceptable to say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, then a comparable thought has surely been applied to that which is referred to as “art.” One artists disaster is another’s masterpiece. 

Now this started off as somewhat of a satire on the subject, until that sentence above just bumped into a memory shard. The very piece of marble used by Michael Angelo to carve out the statue of David, was supposedly a worthless piece rejected by numerous master artists lying in ruin.

So I guess there is more truth to that previous statement than intended!

 Oh boy, now the brain cells have actually kicked into over-drive, as another shard pops up and remembers a different throw away that was granted permanent residence at an institution for his health, and protection. Joseph Merrick was awarded such favor from none other than Queen Victoria, Royal Patron of the London Hospital. The world knows of Joseph as the Elephant Man.

Is there a point here as it relates to art and artists? Of course, or why else might I be writing this? Truth is the average individual has an inbred inclination to see with the eyes. The old saying about seeing is believing is actually pretty narrow in fact. What enters the eye gate is never the whole story, or picture as it may be.

So it is with art. To understand an artists rendering goes beyond what’s on the canvas, sculpture, even sonnet or rhyme. Until you have felt that artists heart, known their emotions, personality, muse, then it’s fair to say one never understands anything of their art.

In life we rarely arrive at a complete understanding of anything or anyone, because change is constant up until the very moment it’s not. Physical life may end, yet there is the spiritual, to which there is no limit. How does that affect the living? Ask those who have been touched by one.

Taking into account that after an artist has passed from one life to another, years can be spent studying style, background, likes, dislikes, family, and all those things that can now be seen to have had an impact on that life. With this knowledge, many would then believe it is the answer for the ‘why’ of certain styles, moods and more.

 Such beliefs are guesses at best, or as the scientific community likes to put a more knowledgeable sound to it, an educated hypothesis.

What are the chances the minds of Monet, Shakespeare, Hemingway, Dali, van Gogh, Bob Marley, Rod McKuen, John Lennon, could ever be completely open even to those closest to them? Are any of us that transparent? Is it likely any of them were?

 Yet there are those who would have you believe they know, and as said in the beginning, these artists are no longer around to defend themselves.

So in fairness, I think I’ll just let those others rest in their illusions. Chances are it’s hardly going to bother the artists who have gone to a far greater venue, that defies description. Let’s see someone try to wrap that up with mere verbal attempts!

Just so you know, I intend to be around for awhile to defend myself, in the event anyone thinks they know what makes me tick as a writer. Actually it won’t change anything, but it could be a fun experiment.

My cousin the artist, got labeled Electric, Exotic and Eccentric, as few understand his art but they still like it enough to pay. (check out his gallery on FB)

by Wm. Curtis Jarrett

Seeing as how my eBooks haven’t fared as well I may have to take some pointers.

For now I’ll just continue to be real. Coffee’s waitin’!

Red And Ready Coffee Cherries Waiting For Harvest Hands!

Coffee cherries? Did it ever occur that not only does the humble coffee bean grow inside a bright, red cherry, but that cherry is also sweet? Well, maybe not quite as sweet as a Bing Cherry, or some of those great varieties we all know. But yeah, a coffee cherry is sweet.

If you were to put that cherry in your mouth it would not taste like coffee at all! In fact, the outer husk is sorta tough compared to the skin of a real cherry. But getting past the husk to the pulp of the cherry surrounding the coffee beans…yup. It’s sweet!Olmedo-homemade-bread

The coffee cherries are a beautiful bright red when they have matured and are ready to be harvested. Even though the cherries grow and mature all year round, in Ecuador, the harvest is traditionally just once a year.

Some countries actually have a small, second harvest called a “fly crop!” It is never as great or as big as the primary harvest. Depending on the rains and moisture in a given region, a second crop is always possible. Where rainfall is constant all year round in some regions, it’s normal to have a second short harvest, and coffee cherries seem to never end.

The path of least resistance is always the easiest way to go, and rarely the best. That works for water but not for harvesting coffee.  Many coffee farmers in Ecuador harvest the cherries all at once, stripping the branch, taking the green and yellow cherries along with the ripe red ones all at the same time. The coffee produced from this type of harvest is of a common variety know as “corriente” or just ordinary, that you would traditionally find in a grocery store already ground in a can or bag.

Once these mixed cherries are gathered, the normal custom is to lay them on any flat surface in the open air, to let them dry in the husk. Once dry, they are then taken to a processor to be depulped, and made ready for roasting. Since this coffee is

Coffee “blends” would be common for this type of coffee, where only a small amount of “premium” or select coffee is used if any, and the rest is made up of the more common variety.

This type of coffee is what has been offered in the U.S. for decades, and you never knew there was something better until Coffee Houses began to pop up all over the place specializing in the unblended, Arabica coffees, long considered gourmet or specialty coffee.

During the ‘70s, the U.S. nearly became a “tea drinking” country as the coffee consumption declined due to such poor quality being offered by major roasters. Today, major food chains, as well as roasters and wholesale food suppliers have been forced by consumer demand to improve their coffee offerings with great success. It is now possible to get a breakfast sandwich, a donut, or gas at the local convenience store, and get a decent cup of coffee too!

Saying that, the disclaimer has to be added that the preparation of the coffee at the local Convenience store, even the more popular Fast Food stops, is key to what goes in your cup. As good as ground coffee can be, the final step in brewing can make all the difference in what you end up sipping.

Vacuum pots have absolutely changed the longevity of how coffee can maintain it’s flavor. Whenever a pot of coffee is left on a warmer more than 20 minutes, the oils begin to break down which in turn gives the brew a bitter taste. There are many locations where this is still the practice, and the savvy customer will insist on a fresh pot.

The vacuum pot not only helps maintain the temperature of the coffee longer, the oils in the coffee are not submitted to a heat source, so the breakdown is eliminated compared to being left on a warmer.

You may not know that coffee in Ecuador is some of the best, qualifying in the last 10 years as “specialty coffee” based on International Coffee Judges from Coast Rica, the U.S. and Australia! But you won’t find it in the U.S. unless you bring it yourself.

Sadly, it is the “corriente” Ecuadorian coffee that has been used primarily as a filler or for blends. This is saying that what major roasters and importers have contracted Ecuadorian coffee for is…you guessed it. Anything but for specialty coffee. The common variety that offers nothing in terms of great. This is the coffee from Ecuador that makes it to the U.S., but you won’t hear anyone bragging about it as they would about “mountain grown” Colombian coffee.

So will there come a time when Specialty Coffee from Ecuador finally becomes an item commonly found in a roasters “green” inventory, as those from Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica or Honduras? Consumer demand is not likely to be the determining factor, compared to a consistent marketing effort.

Here is a fact. Red coffee cherries from Ecuador taste the best, when they have gone through that magical transition and become coffee in your cup.


Got coffee?


Is Bacon The Culprit Or A Hero’s Food?

Porkers get a bad rap. It’s just that simple. Since they are bottom feeders and will eat anything, and I do mean anything, it seems that we fail to recognize how many other foods we eat that consume similar things.

Not to loose my train of thought here, as this is about pork, and even more specific, bacon! Over the years some of my friends in real life have made their preference known for bacon. There have been a number of combinations never heard of, or copious amounts presented at one time for single consumption.

In the past I have been known to come up with some pretty strange combinations for sandwiches, thanks to Dagwood in the comic strip, Dagwood and Blondie by Chic Young. The combinations of his sandwiches were epic, and challenged anyone to try and copy.

Over the years I believe, across the country, there have been attempts both on purpose, and accidental. On some of the food programs I recall one in particular that travel the states to those areas famous for a particular type of sandwich, such as the Philly Cheese Steak among others.

Now to be sure, I don’t recall one that boasted of a predominance of bacon, but there may have been one and I just missed that episode. That would be a shame as i may have learned some new concoction with bacon.

Creativeness with my sandwiches is about the only area of food where there is much in the way of strange, or not so strange, combinations. It seems my advancing years have created some desire to get a little more daring on just what my stomach can take. A good example would be the habit of adding “ahi” or a hot sauce to my food, which has never been my custom until recently. Now it’s not terribly hot, just enough to perk up the taste buds and give the food a little kick.

Nope, I haven’t forgotten the subject of this story, just getting warmed up. Oh, no pun intended but it’s a good one anyway.

Now bacon in Ecuador is not a lot different from what we’re used to in the good ole USA. It looks and is packaged a little differently, or not at all. Rarely is it bought for consumption outside of being added to other foods, almost like a garnish. I’m not at all sure Ecuadorians eat bacon sandwiches of any kind.

So the bacon is on display in the meat cases of the deli in the supermarkets, sliced and ready to sell. It fries up amazingly well in the microwave, once you get the hang of it. I got the hand of it pretty quick, and it comes out nice and crispy. I love the crunch when I bite into it with fried or scrambled eggs, maybe on toast with some ahi, a piece of hard cheese, why I’ve even been known to add a touch of jam!

In all honesty, on the occasion when i have spied something on face book that someone else has tried in terms of sandwich combinations with bacon, when it gets out there a bit I’m tempted to try. Sometimes yes, others no.

Coming to a conclusion has to finally include one of my favorite tried recently, and one that is sure to be repeated. Here are the players in this episode.

Yeast free whole wheat bread toasted and slathered with butter.
At least 6 slices of the best crispy bacon.
Peanut butter
Chocolate shavings
Sweet n sour pickles
Slice of tomato

Alan-Eating-Bacon P-butter-Pinapple-Ameretto Jam
I got this one in my mouth just fine!

Now no matter what you might conclude, that is a tasty sandwich, WHEN I can get it all in my mouth for a bite at one time! And as I recall this was also the dilemma of Dagwood. There may be greater challenges in life, this one just happens to be tasty. Taste buds unite in favor of such adventures, or at least they seem to on my tongue!

Have to keep these cravings under control. Think I’ll go have some cashews and peanuts with my Merlot!

Are You Ready To Go From 2000 Sq. Ft. To 200?

Check out this post on

Vicki Nelson has a very interesting blog and she has posted a piece I wrote specifically for her as a guest blogger! Awesome!

Are They Crazy Ideas Or Genius?

No one has asked me where I get inspiration to write, or how do I come up with ideas. So I asked myself and got some interesting answers. Now before this gets completely out of hand, a writer asking such questions is not at all weird or unusual. Talking to ourselves is different from those who also answer.

For me it has to be a vivid imagination. I remember Zig Ziglar commenting in one of his books about the greatest nation in the world. It’s the one named Imagi Nation. That immediately resonated with me simply because I got it.

“Crazy ideas! Don’t you just love them?” A line from the movie,  Under The Tuscan Sun, fits right in there, because so many of those ideas spawn from what appear at first to be dis-jointed thoughts. In fact imagination can likely be defined in many ways. One such summed it up in this way. “New ideas, or images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses.”

Not present to the senses. Out of my mind seems to apply, or not consciously entertaining thoughts in a given category. Unconsciously thinking, sure seems like a contradiction of terms, yet to me that seems very natural. How else could you account for ideas that seem to emerge out of nowhere?

To me the so called subconscious mind is like that. It’s sort of out there in that place called nowhere. See, here I go off on a tangent, fully prepared to discuss the merits of nowhere and how invisible thoughts emanate secretly from that noplace. Now my spell checker put a red line under that word as not existing, but I contend that spell checker needs to get an education.

Is it still difficult to imagine where I come up with things to write about? My greatest desire is to pass along this ability to others who desire to write, but find it next to impossible to come up with the “what” to write.

Fiction is not my thing, or at least I have never really entertained any serious thoughts about it. Still, I do have several “Christmas Chronicles” spread out over a period of roughly ten years. Based on the “Night Before Christmas” story, the idea was to create memories using our sons various events throughout the year and weave them into the story in poetry form, ending with a delivery to the birth of Jesus.

So I guess I can’t really say fiction is not my thing. Better said it is not a conscious thing. It seems to come when my fingers get on the keyboard with no particular thought in mind. It comes from “noplace!” Sorta like these words that somehow get the letters mixed up that are different than what my fingers typed. If I type from it seems to change invisibly to form. I may have a dyslexic keyboard. Hmm…that could be an interesting story.

The mind is a terrible thing to waste, and mine doesn’t stand a chance of that happening. What really is somewhat amusing, is most think it resides inside a skull. All that mushy stuff that works together to make my eyes blink or my lungs breathe. Nope, not the mind.

I contend the mind is simply the brain’s ability to connect to countless thoughts held in the limitless space between quarks. No not quacks such as in ducks, but quarks such as what atoms are made of, or at least what the neutrons and protons that make the atoms.

It’s an infinitesimal space that can contain an equally infinitesimal number of thoughts, that never cease to exist. So how do I know? Well this may be my fiction at work, there may be some truth, or a combination thereof. I do believe that is a relatively simple definition of fiction. Often more truth than fiction as a matter of fact.

So how is this doing so far in convincing you, the reader, that ideas for writing just pretty much can come out of thin air? Just for me? Not a chance. Then maybe it’s like speaking before a group of people. Still one of the biggest fears for the greater majority of people. I’m not one of ‘em! Anyone who knows me will vouch for that in a heartbeat.

The truth is it is a learned behavior, just as going to noplace to discover those crazy ideas that become genius. It takes the “want to” for that to happen. I like what Lisa Nichols says in a recent interview. When asked about her fear to write her first books, she says it this way.

“I hold fear in one hand, and all my commitment, passion and determination in the other.” She led out with the one while holding back with the other. Fear was held in check, while she moved forward with her passion.

I saw it as holding back the fear, while releasing the passion, commitment, desire, determination and belief to move forward. Even an addict can reach the point where the fear of facing the pain of their addiction, becomes less than the fear of staying where they are. So it is for writers.

I saw a post recently of someone who described themselves as a “closet writer.” That resonated with me simply because if my writing has stayed hidden in files on my hard drive, what’s the difference. They may as well be hidden away in a dark file cabinet, or a dark closet.

It was reading a book by Jeff Goins, then another by Bryan Hutchinson, both who struggled with the idea of being writers until the moment came when they could no longer deny it. 
Some things will lie dormant for indefinite periods of time, eventually rising to the surface to no longer be rejected.

It appears this is what has finally happened to me, just as it did to both of them. Jeff and Bryan are published writers, with thousands of books sold. My two little eBooks may have garnered 50 sold over the course of three years. There’s a good reason for that which has nothing to do with the content. Finding a good book has as much to do with promotion as any other one thing. The best book in the world will never be read, if people can’t find it.

Like thousands of others I thought if I wrote it and put it on Amazon/Kindle, why it was there for the whole world to see. That’s true, along with how many millions of others? The ones that get noticed are those with a promo team behind them that starts months in advance of publication promoting the book. Lesson learned.

So for you reading this be aware there is a new voice emerging that intends to be heard. Only because there are those with a need, maybe even a desperate one, to be encouraged that they too have a voice that needs to be heard. Is that you?

You Did What?

Mom and the four boys folding socks.

“Did you run short of undershorts this week?”

“I wasn’t counting, but come to think of it yes.”

An uncomfortable silence followed that response.

“Any idea why?” was the reply.

“Not a clue.”

“I wore them” was Mom’s shocking revelation!20150131_160931

Is There An Art To Writing Or Just A Heart?

20150212_104833For years I have been writing for me. In part because I never felt like cowing down to the “rules” so many insisted on when opportunities were available for online publications and such. Change is great in some things, and to be sure all things change and we with them whether we realize it or are completely unaware. Conscious knowledge of those events are normally a better bet than not.

Surprises are a different sort of change, which can be pleasant or otherwise, usually with less warning than the inevitable directional detours on new avenues and exchanges under construction.

When rules get involved, it seems as though the unspoken message, as it applies to writing, says I/we are not capable of creating something worthy to be read by the general public. Blogging has become extremely popular for just such a reason.

During the last few weeks a personal campaign has been started to just write. At the same time writing summits, books by published authors such as Guy Kawasaki, Nancy Hendrickson, Lisa Nichols, along with others, to gain perspective on whether or not I have anything to offer.

My heart first and foremost is to encourage others that have a desire to write but don’t believe they have anything to offer. How this is going to be accomplished is uncertain, other than to be willing to share how this has been a desire of mine, and how it has been fulfilled with the willingness to share the ups and downs, the trials and errors, along with the experience of two eBooks published that have basically gone nowhere.

I know I have something of value to share, especially that of encouragement. This will be even more piercing as the next book will be the one that finally makes it out there where hundreds, even thousands of people can’t wait to buy it.

June 18, 2016, is the date, and September 18th 2016 is when this next book will be out there. That is the intent and now it is in writing. Goals have never been something I have subscribed to. There was something about them, that never seemed genuine to me. Solving challenges is a different story. That seems to be what I rise up to. Give me a problem to solve and let’s see what happens.

Knowing what I have experienced with my writing, and that there are others like me who have felt the frustration of being made to feel that their writing was not good enough, will have the opportunity to see that the rules of editors determining what the populace wants to read just don’t apply anymore.

The theme for writers today is just write! Speak with your voice and not one determined by someone besides you. Our voice is genuine, original, has meaning, honesty, truth, with no manipulation by another. Readers will sense that and reward us with purchases that signal their approval. Their reviews solidify the acceptance that it’s a fact. We are writers with something of value to share.

Coffee, Coffee, Everywhere And Not A Drop To Drink?

So the challenge today is to use a phrase repeatedly in our writing, so let’s see where this goes.

Olmedo coffee drying for instant of coffee blends.
This is NOT Specialty Coffee, but this is what is used for Instant Coffee!

If we were having a cup of coffee right now, you would be sitting at a location here in Quito, Ecuador where a good cup of Americano is served.

If we were having a cup of coffee right now there’s good bet we would be discussing the recent earthquake all the events that have taken place surrounding those in the last 3 months.

If we were having a cup of coffee right now, another topic of discussion would be the activity of Mt. Cotopaxi and it’s continued activity. Even though it is far less than 6 months ago, there’s still something going on deep down inside.

If we were having a cup of coffee right now, you would be experiencing coffee that has yet to be discovered in the U.S., a country that consumes 25% of all the coffee produced globally. How do you figure this coffee is not there?

If we were having a cup of coffee right now it’s just possible that I roasted this coffee and invited you to our home to sample it.

If we were having a cup of coffee right now, you may discover coffee in a way you have never tasted before. It would be offered without cream or sugar, challenging you to taste coffee for perhaps the very first time in your life!

If we were having a cup of coffee right now I would be explaining why this coffee has not gained major representation in the U.S.

If we were having a cup of coffee right now, You would be hearing about a few efforts that work directly with the coffee producers in Ecuador rather than through coffee importers.

If we were having a cup of coffee right now, it would become clear for perhaps the first time how coffee farmers are abused by “middle men” that profit without investment reducing potential earnings for the farmer.

If we were having a cup of coffee right now, you would learn that a pound of specialty coffee selling for $15.00 per pound in the U.S., sells for perhaps $2.00 per pound green and ready for export. This means that the coffee has been hand harvested, depulped, washed to remove excess pulp, dried, hand sorted to remove broken and inferior beans, and stored ready for export or internal sales.

If we were having a cup of coffee right now, the opportunity to see how coffee farmers live, would create in you a vision of just how these people and communities are abused by the most traded, consumable commodity in the world.

If we were having a cup of coffee right now, chances are you would be taking back several pages of coffee from Ecuador to present as gifts to your coffee loving friends, and sharing the story of how this coffee never really gets to the U.S.

If we were having a cup of coffee right now, there would be a completely different attitude about the coffee you drink at home and where you get it, as well as it’s origin.

Yeah, if we were having a cup of coffee right now, but we’re not, because you’re not here, your understanding of coffee would take on a whole different meaning.

All this coffee talk has me primed for another cup. I think I will!

Is Trying To Describe An Image Like Stopping The Wind?

With over 60,000 photos on my hard drive it is difficult to choose just one image to tell a story. The reason there are so many is that they all tell stories, of that exact moment when I saw something nearly indescribable, beyond those 1,000 words photos are known to evoke.

Words have not yet been created that can adequately describe the smell of Lavender, texture of a cloud, the merging of colors newly created by the setting sun on the pallet of clouds sitting on the horizon, bathing the mountain ridges in yet different hues.

Wp Project Everydayinspiration

The droplets from morning fog in off the Cuicocha lagoon bathing deep purple petals, new fallen snow on volcano Cotopaxi creating a new coat of white, covering up her wounds from burning ashes, the ruggedness of Mt. Cuicocha jutting up into the atmosphere like a gigantic shark’s tooth, the cascading waterfall of Cascada Condor Machay, defy mere words to describe.

Place yourself in those images in an attempt to be fully descriptive. Feel the pounding of the waterfall on your body as you swim under it, attempting to describe the pounding descending from 60 meters up, with the chill, needle-like droplets attempting to invade your body. Go ahead, attempt to do it justice with words, while a photo still leaves much to be said of the actual event.

It’s in the moment when those droplets of dew, as they were transported from the lagoon, bathe not just the deep purple petals with fairy like kisses, rather embrace all within reach with gentle caresses.

Water, lagoons, clouds, mountain peaks, trees, flowers, speak a language foreign to all but them. Interpretations are limited in futile attempts to describe something limitless. How to relate the feel of the purple petal being bathed, or the clouds as they joyfully arrange themselves to be part of a one of a kind tapestry.

Life is more than one image and travels at light speed, changing too quickly to present an isolated view. To think that an entire moment has been captured with naked eye or camera lens is like picking a poppy seed from a salad, claiming to have seen the entire concoction.

We see only a portion of what surrounds us, failing to fully appreciate the dimension and depth. It passes us by without fanfare, yet aware of our presence. We are known and understood. The clouds observe all and share with the stars, moon and sun. Mountains tell tales of those who would be fooled thinking they have conquered these colossal’s, present for more than a mere breeze passing.

Sit in an image and tell a story if you will, never realizing the finiteness of your presence by comparison. Inhale the joy of life given off by all these visions, knowing not one part will remain in the next second as it was, constantly changing to present a new thing.

As I look out my window doves are vying for my attention, determined to let me know they see me in their world. Clouds are wandering off in continuous display, some engulfing mountain peaks, others defying form or function. Capture that if you will.

I’m gonna have some coffee!