When You Lack Credibility Attacking Others Deflects Truth!

I didn’t do it!

The blame game! Today it runs rampant in society. Investigation may uncover that we have seen this increase with the growth of social media. Blame and accusation can so easily be leveled with a few keystrokes. The minds of a gullible public are far to quick to assume that any claim has got to be true. No matter how much evidence is given to the contrary, even a frank admission to a lie, is not convincing.

Think of the number of times this has played out. To the extreme where people in prison have been released after years of being behind bars because they were innocent. Once the cry of foul has been voiced, it seems the mind captures that thought and it can’t be dislodged. Think of how many times you have been fooled in thinking wrongly about someone or some thing.

None of us are immune to such things. No matter how skeptical or distrusting of things we don’t have first hand knowledge about. What’s worse, it’s the things that don’t seem to be so drastic or threatening. When these are proven to be otherwise, it really causes a lot of internal conflict.

The reverse is taking place on a daily basis today. Trivial events have been blown completely out of proportion. Certain factions seem intent of diverting attention from their suspect activities by making outrageous claims against others. It brings back memories of a certain reporter that hosted a special in 1986. It was reputed to be the discovery of Al Capone’s Vault.

Great hype centered around the speculation of great riches or bodies to be revealed. The result? Dirt and little else. The same is nearly guaranteed to result in current attempts to make the mountain out of a molehill! In the case of a reporter fired from his job it was. Failure as a reporter drove this attempt at creating the illusion of something that wasn’t. It was a prime example of diverting attention from what appeared as a lack of credibility. In this instance the reporter admitted failure. Just not that he may have known from the outset it was a farce.

Isn’t this typical of an attempt to divert attention? If there were something to be proud of, wouldn’t more be accomplished by extolling such accomplishments? If my house is bigger and cleaner than yours and I can prove it, where’s the argument? What would be the advantage to shift attention? None!

There is no area of society where this does not happen. From squabbles of a seemingly minor nature in a community setting. Those that take part in professional and amateur sports. Fallout with business mergers and acquisitions. Failed rollouts of new products or policies. The blame game is always in full swing. Excuses are in abundance as are well created defenses.

What terrible thing would happen if someone actually accepted responsibility for a failure? The world would not end. It’s more than likely no one would die. Failure has always be seen as a learning experience. Claims are that it is an absolute necessity towards success. Why then the coverups, excuses, or sidestepping responsibility? Where has this unreasonable, over-exaggerated fear come from about failure?

An unhealthy idea has been promoted for so many decades in history that failure is bad, unhealthy, repulsive, abhorrent, unacceptable, that few understand anything else. Again, the product of fear. The lie eventually finds it’s way to the door of truth. There’s a pretty good saying that when fear knocks at the door, when it’s opened to face it, no one is there. Such dark shadows present themselves with fear. When the light of truth enters shadows disappear. Truth can only be deflected so long. The point arrives when it will come crashing down to be revealed.

We are witnesses to such events today. The truth will come crashing down to reveal credibility. The ugliness of deceit will also rise to the surface, to be smashed into oblivion.

Do Writers Talk More Than They Write…Or Both?

Writing tool?
I’m certain that every writer is not also a fluent conversationalist. The opposite is most likely true. If that particular combination exists, well then, words are bound to flow one way or the other.
Such is my take on writing. If it could come out of my mouth showing up in print is just as likely. One huge advantage is being able to take back anything in print. There’s also the chance to review before hitting that last button to publish. Such has not been the case with the tongue. This means I’m much safer with the exception of emails!

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When The Shoe’s On The Other Foot And In The Mouth!

photo credit: kennethkonica <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/38912465@N00/17571380795">My favorite flag in the world.</a> via <a href="http://photopin.com">photopin</a> <a href="https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/2.0/">(license)</a>
American Flag Flying Freely!

Anger is a terrible waste of energy because it usually results in one of two things. Mistakes and regrets. Or both! It’s possible that rational thought can result during moments of anger. Reality would bear witness to the unlikelihood of that taking place. History and police blotters will give witness to the results of anger. Prison cells are full of proof. Continue reading “When The Shoe’s On The Other Foot And In The Mouth!”

How Gene Huber And Our First Lady Melania Lit A New Flame!

How’s this for positive!

So OK, I’ve spent the last month railing at the injustices that have appeared in so many forms against our President and the sovereignty of our government. While I cranked out a bunch of articles, it didn’t leave me in a very positive frame of mind. Perhaps bordering on some mild form of insanity Continue reading “How Gene Huber And Our First Lady Melania Lit A New Flame!”

Discover Why The Right To Bear Arms May Not Be Enough!

Organizing For Action or OFA should make you shake in your shoes. Organized by someone who does not have our freedoms in mind, nor anything you recognize as American. You’ll be surprised when you find out who. One of their aims, while not overtly mentioned, will be a an assault of the 2nd Amendment, which is the right of every citizen to bear arms.

Disguised as “gun control” there are elements of that plan that have potential for a threat to privacy, attempting to share information with law enforcement across state lines. Why? Unless you’re a felon, why does that information need to be shared from Indiana to California, or anywhere else? Continue reading “Discover Why The Right To Bear Arms May Not Be Enough!”

Will MSM Get The Candy Or Stay In Bondage To The Lie?

Mouth Watering Turtles!

In order to know the truth, the lie must be exposed. In order for the lie to be exposed, there must be the desire to get past the fear of the truth. Knowing the truth will set you free from the bondage of the lie.

Never in memory has this been clearer than in today’s news. Perhaps going back to the McCarthy era and the persecution that took place at the Continue reading “Will MSM Get The Candy Or Stay In Bondage To The Lie?”

25 Days Of Me And President Trump!



The “Trump Train” has left the station!

I may not have been present in Washington D.C., or anywhere nearer to my President than FOX News that fortunately extends 4000 miles away, but in spirit I was with him since the first time he played with the idea of being a candidate in 2011. The very first thought was, finally someone who is not a politician!

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Once Again The Blessing Being United With Israel!

At ease

What is it that thrills my heart to see our President Trump meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu? It goes beyond joy to see these two leaders meeting, showing great respect for each other. I am nearly brought to tears, to see and hear the dialogue between our two leaders. Why is that? Continue reading “Once Again The Blessing Being United With Israel!”

Perfect Example Of Warped Illegal Mentality!

Rosa Ortega jailed for voter fraud in Texas

Rosa Ortega thinks she’s being picked on, treated unfairly, being made a “scapegoat” just because she voted 5 times illegally. There is also the possibility of being charged with falsifying documents, attempted falsification, and there is a question of how she became a “legal resident” Continue reading “Perfect Example Of Warped Illegal Mentality!”

Can We Sue Mainstream Media For Yellow Journalism?

Here’s the question. What’s the answer?

As defined by Wikipedia and Open Dictionary: Journalism that is based upon sensationalism and crude exaggeration. It is a type of journalism that presents little or no legitimate well-researched news and instead uses eye-catching headlines to sell more newspapers. Techniques may include exaggerations of news events, scandal-mongering or sensationalism. The term yellow journalism is used today as a means of expressing contempt or disapproval to decry any journalism that treats news in an unprofessional or unethical fashion. Continue reading “Can We Sue Mainstream Media For Yellow Journalism?”