Does Friendship Exist Without Politics, Religion Or Money!

Are there any topics more likely to erupt in heated disagreement than the unholy three? What is it that is so threatening about those particular topics of discussion? In considering my own reaction, the first thought is fear and insecurity.

In terms of religion it’s a safe bet the number of those professing to be of the Evangelical persuasion may relate. That particular verses such as John 3:16 are well known for many reasons. However, the words of “A senseless man does not know,

and a fool does not understand this. When the wicked spring up like grass, and when all those involved in vice flourish, it is so they may be destroyed forever.” would have the greater majority scratching their head. Why? Because most have never read the Bible from cover to cover.

Someone with just a bit more knowledge poses a threat. When someone is threatened and insecure, what happens? A strong defense is mounted and no amount of reason will prevail. This applies to politics and money as well.

Most are just as adamant and narrow minded when it comes to a sports team. The reasons are different, but the mindset is closely related. At least where sports is concerned it has more to do with vicarious satisfaction. The same with music. This list could go on and on. The point is we tend to be just as fervent in our defense of anything we strongly relate with.  There’s no regard as to deep personal experience, knowledge or education on the subject. As soon as the lack in any area is felt…BOOM! The battle is engaged.

Politics could be that topic for me. I know what I know, and what I don’t know the best effort is made to research and educate myself. It is unfortunate there is such an unbelievable chasm between left and right. It is hard to accept that any logical person could believe aborting a human fetus is acceptable, much less one who claims any belief in a God.

That marriage could be anything but that between a male and female, man and woman, with the ability to procreate. That it’s ok to create laws against discrimination of groups of people contrary to the majority beliefs in our country, yet discriminate against the majority. How twisted is that!

That it’s ok to throw away all that this country has stood for during the last 240 years. Of it’s sovereignty, uniqueness, power, under God, to become something without identity, unity or focus. A “swamp” full of the rot and decay of moral values, lawlessness and national pride.

As someone has stepped up to make changes back to that way of life, the opposition is remindful of those biblical characters who also resisted the virtues mentioned above, and what became of that people. It seems we are facing a true decay in our society. Has it gone too far? Are we on that downward slippery slope of so many empires of the past? The Phoenicians, Romans, Greeks, Babylonians, Persians, and others. In each and everyone moral decay from within was the greater enemy. The enemy was never truly without. Power, money, greed and lust have always been the earmarks. If the USA were to be measured against those four yardsticks, how would we shape up?

It’s hard to know what is true any more. There has been so much deception to further along agenda’s. With government assistance and coverups even by those agencies charged with protecting the public. Trust no longer exists. Each day is looked at with a greater or lessor degree of anguish. To such a point it seems normal and not the contrary.

So again the question. Can friendship exist with politics, religion and money as topics of discussion? Even when two people may be bonded by relationship, long term friendship, similar values? If those are missing what are the chances? There is the question. What are your thoughts?

Think I’ll go experience a Ginger Shot!

Dims And Libs Ignore Cruelty Of Commercial Feedlots Over Wild Animals!

As usual the Liberal Left is crying foul. Also as usual never bothering to consider reasons behind whatever it is they are whining about. Most recently it is about a law passed as it concerns hunters allowed to kill certain animals in hibernation. On the surface it sounds cruel, but is it?

Maybe if the bears and wolves were raised in a feedlot environment and slaughtered for them to enjoy as are the cattle, hogs and chickens, they would be happy. However it’s doubtful the numbers would be there to kill and process.

I’m certain none of those complaining the loudest have taken into consideration that there are many parts to this issue. Like many urban areas being overrun with bears, coyotes, even other predators that pose a danger to residents. Instead of crying they might sing a different tune if one of those wild animals creeped up to their trash at an unsuspecting moment when they were present.

The greater problem is that we humans have destroyed so much of the wild animal habitat. For commercial feedlots for cattle, hogs and poultry. Massive residential development and urban sprawl are a few examples. So we act surprised with the fact that now the raccoons, foxes, coyotes, even wolves find it easier to prey on our garbage cans. We have invaded their habitat, so there is a problem.

Now add to that the packs of feral cats and stray dogs, and the difficulty increases. Animals have been given something they are not, which is a human persona. It seems many have forgotten the purpose of the human race. Of course that depends on what you believe. For those who understand, we were created to subdue every living animal, bird, crawling creature, including to use it for food. It seems people have forgotten many things, like why there is male and female.

There are some attempts at some sort of sterilization to control animal population. The amount of time required to see the effectiveness is likely to take longer than bringing overpopulation under control through hunting and trapping. It’s interesting that those clamoring about the poor animals, don’t have any problem eating the steak, BBQ ribs, fried chicken, tuna, or any number of other animals that are devoured on a daily basis.

Then it seems there is more outrage over this law, but not nearly as much over the conditions and cruelty that exist in the commercial feedlot enterprises mentioned earlier. So it seems this might fall into the category of complete and utter hypocrisy! The screams of cruel and inhumane as to how wild animals can be hunted, totally ignores how domestic breeds of all kinds suffer, and in far greater numbers.

In reality, for the most part, it is just another rant for the Dims and Libs to try and create the sensational, scandalous, hyperventilating, egregious, unfairness that they can’t do anything but complain. Try doing something productive and humanitarian instead of wasting time over an issue that has been decided. Chances are it won’t impact even one of those making the most noise. Go protest at a feedlot!

I’m gonna eat a piece of bread and ignore the poor wheat!

Eating bread instead of cow!

Do You Believe There Is A Wellness Conspiracy?

What do you know about the relation between the FDA and BIG PHARMA? Just to make certain there is no misunderstanding BIG PHARMA refers to the pharmaceutical industry and of course the FDA is our Food and Drug Administration. The intent of this article is to expose how the organization charged with protecting the public.  From tainted food products. Drugs that have not been tested in accordance to specific regulations. Vitamin and food supplements singled out as falsely harmful and much more.

How has it been possible for harmful drugs like Vioxx to be on the market responsible for 55,000 deaths? Add to that Lipitor, Crestor,Yaz, Lyrica, Humira, Chantix, Ambien, Tamoxifen, Boniva, Premarin, are some of the most dangerous drugs still in the market. Ten years ago FDA listed bone drugs like Boniva, Fosamax and Actonel as being unapproved. Now these same dangerous drugs are being issued with user warnings. All the possible side effects are listed, passing the risk to the public. Most would never imagine the FDA would allow something potentially lethal available to the public. Guess again!

Tamoxifen is made by AstraZenaca. This is the company that founded Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Over the years this has grown to a national campaign, observed in October and recognized by a pink ribbon. Started in 1985 it has grown in momentum. So what’s the dirty secret behind this drug? AstraZenaca is the same company that makes carcinogenic agrochemicals that cause breast cancer! The original safety studies were shown to be riddled with scientific flaws.

Still Doctors, or it might be fair to say “quacks,” continue to recommend this drug to women for prevention of breast cancer! Originally FDA declined the claim made for breast cancer prevention. Now fast forward 10 years and the story changes. It becomes the risk of the customer. Worse yet are life threatening blood clots, strokes or endometrial cancers. Does any of this make sense?

Well it does if you realize that BIG PHARMA and the FDA have figured out a way to deal! By transferring the risk to customers both FDA and BIG PHARMA generally dodge the bullet. You on the other hand are left at risk! Where is that fair? The very government entity under Health and Human Services charged with protecting the consumer, knowingly puts you in the path of danger.

Statement of FDA Mission 

FDA is responsible for protecting the public health by assuring the safety, efficacy and security of human and veterinary drugs, biological products, medical devices, our nation’s food supply, cosmetics, and products that emit radiation. 

FDA is also responsible for advancing the public health by helping to speed innovations that make medicines more effective, safer, and more affordable and by helping the public get the accurate, science-based information they need to use medicines and foods to maintain and improve their health. FDA also has responsibility for regulating the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of tobacco products to protect the public health and to reduce tobacco use by minors.

Responsible for protecting the public, when they transfer the risk to you? That doesn’t work. Here’s the real bottom line between BIG PHARMA and the FDA. Drugs have to use synthetically produced molecules in order to get a patent. Anything natural doesn’t qualify. So to get a patented product through the FDA process the cost is estimated at about $1 billion on the average. That also depends on having the right people in place. Lots of cronyism, spreading money around, making certain studies only show favorable results. All this and more go into getting a drug approved. In other words a huge cost has to be recuperated. It’s all about money.

Who do you think supply all the drugs and medicines to Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Hospitals, Social Security, Military Medical Installations, Obamacare, the list goes on? The Government is the largest customer and has basically set BIG PHARMA up as it’s sole supplier. As such it is in the interest of Gov. to pretty much look the other way. The perception is that there will always be what is termed “collateral damage” that is acceptable. Or so it seems, as lethal drugs are knowingly allowed in the marketplace! There is no oversight on drugs, even though the mission statement for FDA leads you to believe otherwise.

So even though Congress has demanded the FDA tighten up their act, FDA has basically resisted with no enforcement of any demands made. They have been permitted to use the excuse that to divulge information about dangerous drugs and procedures could create panic in our society. Fear of political reprisal has kept Congress at bay.

It might be easier to say what FDA doesn’t do, than what it does. In short, they do not demonstrate anything the represents the best interests of the public. The very things that should never be approved are. The exact opposite is also the case. Things like organic foods and natural dietary supplements should be approved without question for the most part. Instead they are not only denied any sort of approval, even if approved they are then classified as a drug.

BIG PHARMA wants no competition from anything they can’t control, and they can only create “fake news” about something they have no control over. As long as they have control over FDA, it’s not hard to stay in control. Claiming that natural herbs, supplements like Omega3 Fish Oil, and organic anything can have adverse effects on you health. Nearly every drug on the market has a natural equivalent. You won’t hear about it, and the mainstream media won’t report on it.

While supplements have become a big business, they are not without the unscrupulous. What’s amazing is when an entity like  NBC News attempts to make you believe that BIG PHARMA makes all the same Natural Remedies as many buy from brands like Nature’s Bounty or Sundown. As mentioned above, a drug is patented, requiring it to be synthetic molecules. A natural product can not have a patent, which prohibits the insane markups charged for drugs.

When Merck began to get sued for Vioxx, they ended up with settlements of over $4.6 billion. A portion was paid by insurance, so no real loss there. The rest can easily be taken as a tax writeoff. With over $1,429,525,856.36 in sales for 2015 just to the government, what’s a few billion spread out over time. A global company like Merck posted earnings of over $39 billion for 2016, with anticipation of $40 billion for 2017. This is just one.

The top 10 drug companies for 2016 by rank are;

  1. Johnson & Johnson
  2. Bayer
  3. Novartis
  4. Pfizer
  5. Roche
  6. Merck
  7. Sanofi Genzyme
  8. Gilead
  9. AstraZeneca
  10. GlaxoSmithKline

As you can see Merck is right in the middle. So take what they do and simply multiply that by 10. Then consider there are over 202 drug companies worldwide. That’s just those big enough to have articles in Wikipedia, so there are more. How many of those do business in the U.S.? As many as can!

The bottom line is simple. No one is guarding the hen house! Even the CDC treads lightly, using some of the same excuses as the FDA. Public panic. So let’s not get started on such things as vaccines. That’s a whole different story.

Keep in mind when it comes to your health and safety, the last place you want to look is where we have always thought was the only place to look. One place to look for ongoing information about the challenges to your health, is

Fish Oil Disappearing! Is It True Or Another Attempt To Profit From Your Health?

It seems the private interests groups that are more concerned about business as usual, in great big gobs, have now set their sights on the Fish Oil business! First Science news, now Science Wednesday as well as Farm Weekly in Australia have all jumped on the bandwagon about SDA, or Stearidonic acid. This is a genetically modified soy product that pretends to be equal to the EPA and HDA fatty acids found in fish oil. Of course, since it doesn’t come from fish, and is made from genetically modified vegetable products, it is obviously not the same.

Anyone who has studied or done research on sources of Omega-3 in plants and vegetables, knows that alpha-linolenic acids or ALA are the acids found in plants, not fatty acids EPA and HDA. So how do they get away saying this is going to replace these fatty acids produced by the poor fish, that there just aren’t enough of to warrant this chemically altered product?

ALA in your body can be converted to EPA and HDA, but only about 15% actually gets converted. At least it’s natural, and not something that’s trying to fool the body into believing it’s something it’s not. This is what has happened with all the chemically produced pharmaceuticals out there that have so many wonderful side effects, that may be worse than whatever they are supposed to cure.

But that’s exactly what the manufactures claim that SDA will do, is be converted by the body to EPA’s, only the don’t make a big deal out of the fact that it will take roughly the same amount as those produced naturally by ALA’s. And of course, it supposedly can be produced more cheaply. The question remains will it be sold more cheaply? If it takes 5 times as much SDA to equal 1 dose of fish oil, what are the bets it will cost less?

Oh, and has anybody checked on all the fish that are disappearing to make fish oil supplements? Is there an endangered “fishys” list that has been hidden from our knowledge, so we are unaware of all the fish that are becoming scarce, making this fake stuff necessary? Well none I’ve seen, and don’t you think the media would jump all over the shortage of fish? Well, that’s part of the justification given for this abomination to your health.

Oh, and don’t be surprised to see more and more emphasis at the highest levels beginning to use the radiation scare from Japan, along with Mercury, PCB’s, pollutants and toxins of every shade and color to convince us that you can’t find a healthy fish out there anymore. Current refining and purification processes approved long ago may suddenly become insufficient per FDA, who has never approved of claims made about fish oil supplements in the first place. Doctors and Scientists over the last 30 years have said and proven plenty, but FDA has never approved! Do you find that interesting?

And the last straw, the producers of SDA rationalize that since over 70% of the products made with soy in the U.S. use genetically modified soy, that it’s OK! It has taken 30 years to see the effects on your health from such things as hydrogenation and trans fats. The effects were not instantaneous, just as the effects of genetically modified products may not be apparent for the next 20 years. But we sure have seen the results of what chemicals in our bodies have done, and our government “watch dogs” have approved many that have been “killers!” Is this one more?

So keep on taking fish oil supplements that are pure, high quality, fresh, refined, and toxin free. One of the most trusted sources for supplements can be found in the resource below. Why take a chance on something that is basically untested. Get the real EPA and DHA!

Omega3 Fish Oil from pristine ocean waters of New Zealand

Do You Take Time To Take Time?

9 miles around Lake Cuicocha w/guide Luis 2016

Take time to take time. Reading a few posts today by Face Book friends, some schoolmates not seen in 50 years. Sharing memories of present and past. I know that may sound a bit strange thinking of present memories. An oxymoron? Not really considering a memory can be just seconds ago, not decades. Recalling what was good about those memories is nearly always pleasant.

I find myself many times contrasting the past with the future. Wondering how things will change? At this stage of the game an end is much more in the cards than 50 years ago. Or so it seemed. That I would loose my Dad just days after returning from Vietnam never entered my mind, but it happened. Wasn’t it supposed to be the other way around? Being in harms way, in the thick of pitched battle as a grenadier made me a prime target. Yet I came home physically, and mentally intact with a few new scars.

There’s no end to the memories. Even though some want to be buried deep into the past. Good times nearly always come rushing to the present for those fleeting moments. Never as exact as the actual instance. Tidbits have to be added by others as some nuggets tend to escape. Then corrections are in order as the sequence of things can get out of whack.

What would I do without the ability to recall? Alzheimer’s comes to mind for those stricken. Desperate to recall what was once familiar. Now happening as brand new, threatening, strange, searching for a reality that escapes in an instance. A dream wide awake full of the unfamiliar. Words attempting to describe what only the mind that’s left, wants to make sense of. But can’t.

Have you ever had amnesia? Was there a moment in time where your mind tried to recall something but came up with a complete blank? Did you panic? Was it just a bit frightening not being able to recall something that should and was completely familiar? You bet it was! Been there…done that, and it’s no fun. Seems to happen a little more frequently these days. I nearly always remember after going through some mental exercises like review of the alphabet when it comes to names.

Still, there is that nagging doubt. Is there a forewarning of what’s to come? Am I loosing it, my memory that is? Or is this just what happens when the memory banks in my grey matter get overloaded? Is that even possible? Probably not, but the thought that it might is at least momentarily reassuring.

There are many exercises I have discovered, supposedly geared to challenge and help aging memory. There are some games that claim to stimulate the mind and memory. While they are somewhat challenging, it is debatable as to effectiveness. How do you measure that?

Other resources claim writing, reading, drinking coffee or wine, eating foods that are healthy which does not include red meat or processed foods. Now I just took a test online that is supposed to help determine if there is any cause for worry or concern. I’m not worried or concerned but I thought it would be interesting to take anyway. Scored a “1”. From 1 to 4 there apparently is no cause for concern of onset of dementia or the dreaded Alzheimers. Here’s a link to that test, in case you’re interested for yourself or your significant other. If you remember who they are! That’s a joke…just in case.

My greatest concern may be trying to figure out why as I write, so many times the “i” doesn’t get capitalized? Of why the first letter of the word that begins a new sentence doesn’t get capitalized? Or recently I think my keyboard has developed dyslexia! Letters on a regular basis get interchanged in the word. It just happened as I was  writing regular. The “u” and “l” got switched. Typing too fast could be blamed, or a key that doesn’t respond fast enough to my touch. That seems to happen frequently to the “!” and “1”.

I was never too good in typing class in High School as far as visualizing the keys so as not to have to look at them. Since my speed was fast enough at around 60 WPM, I figured it was good enough. Now it seems to be a cross between looking and visualizing.

Taking time to be social. Since a great deal of my time is right in front of the monitor and fingers on the keyboard, socializing is not high on my list. Sometimes it almost seems as though the articles I review for information, videos previewed, or books read are as much socialization as I need. Couple that with the short 30 minutes at school to pick up my spouse interacting with teachers, administrative staff and occasional students is adequate.

So here I go to the bottom line. Taking time, and enough of it may never hit perfection. However it does seem there is enough to keep me on the right side of healthy. But that’s for me. What about you? Are you taking time to take time? Check out some of the things that can make life more enjoyable beside stuffing the mouth! Yeah, don’t we all once into retirement find any excuse for coffee and a piece of pie? Or whatever your favorite drink and dessert may be, it’s used as a reason to meet with others. The result? Not being able to stand up straight and see unimpeded to your toes!

It seems many have reached that place where if you have to exert yourself, it means you’re not retired. You sweat only because the air conditioner isn’t working or you’re on the beach somewhere. No more hiking, exercise beyond lifting a fork, working in the garden, chopping wood for the fireplace, camping without an RV, and the list could go on. There’s no suggestion these activities have to take place on a weekly basis. The suggestion is to do them. You know, that “just do it!” thing.

To conclusion is if you take time to take time there will be more time to take time. Get the hint? We already know none of us are gettin’ out alive. May as well make the most of now! Being in a physical state to do that will depend on taking time. And you though you were just going to sit around, reading novels or watching endless sports on cable.

I don’t know about the rest, but I have my sights set on reaching triple digits and beyond. Granted there’s never any guarantees save one, but why shorten the race by not taking time. Would you be jealous if I reach 120 years old still walking on my two feet, completely cognizant, able to walk two miles in  40 minutes, still writing, with no medications? That would be 50 years from now. Maybe I should strive for three miles in an hour, but I’ve already done that. Another trip for skydiving, maybe to break a record as the oldest. That would be a corker!

I’ve got that bucket list, and it will probably take time to complete it. Like maybe 50 years?

So right now I’m gonna take time to have a cup of coffee with a piece of fresh baked bread.

POTUS “Ambushed” By Obama: Discovered And Beat Down!

Now that’s about as fake and inflammatory as you can get, only as it relates to physical contact. Where it relates to an unwanted invasion of a personal or political kind is another story. Mostly it’s a “War of Words!” The “he said that he said” sorta thing. Or didn’t say! Ordered or authorized, or with knowledge and complicity. It really all comes back to rest at the feet of Obama whether he wants to admit it or not, which he claims no knowledge of the situation. He already has enough mess to distance himself from to be willing for more confrontation.

Would Obama stoop so low as to actually “tap,” invade, monitor, eavesdrop clandestinely, probe wirelessly, on the Trump and GOP campaign headquarters in Trump Tower? Maybe we should ask James Rosen about that? As reported in the Rosen case, “the Obama administration has used warrantless wiretapping and dragnet records seizures to identify who is talking to whom.” This was covered in the Washington Posts article in 2013 naming Rosen as a co-conspirator in an Espionage case.

Just so there is a clear understanding, here is a simple definition of espionage; the practice of spying or of using spies, typically by governments to obtain political and military information. Does anything sound familiar? Now it clearly notes this is apparently a common practice of governments, however the penalty for being the perpetrator or participant in such as it leads to gaining and sharing this information has some pretty severe consequences. Ask Benedict Arnold. Well, you can’t, but you get the idea.

Now let’s look at the “reason for impeachment.”  At the federal level, Article II of the United States Constitution states in Section 4 that “The President, Vice President, and all civil Officers of the United States shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors.It’s that last part, about High Crimes and Misdemeanors that should catch your attention. Unfortunately it applies only to sitting presidents, and not EX-presidents. However there does exist the remote possibility of an charge of espionage against Obama as a co-conspirator! Read the definition and see what you think.

All manner of subterfuge, innuendo, misrepresentation of facts or invented facts, have been used to stall and attempt to discredit the current administration. At the very least to create doubt. So far it has not met with notable success. But it seems like it is now time to, at the very least, turn the tables.

A political “rape” has been taking place against the Trump Administration, much the same as those we hear about in the news that later turn out to be ugly and disgusting. This abuse has been perpetuated by the DNC gang with unmitigated joy, pleasure, repeatedly with no conscious over the last several weeks. It has truly taken on the same context of complete disregard for human rights and decency. A true political monster has risen to reveal itself. It’s one thing to want to vanquish an enemy. It’s altogether different when it degenerates to destroy and consume.

There’s no consideration by the DNC for the public they pretend to serve. Served up on the platter of servitude for the American populace, as their veiled intent is to destroy America the Beautiful. Do their actions make you feel confident they have your best interests at heart? Isn’t this why President Trump was elected, because he did and they didn’t? Do you think there has been a sudden change of heart by the DNC? Their only agenda is to see what it takes to make you believe they have changed, until they can get back in the saddle to continue stampeding us over the proverbial cliff to destruction.

Sound like some sort of horror novel? Welcome to reality! Does the DNC talk about how they’re going to work together with the GOP to secure jobs, a workable health plan, tax reform, in general making life better than it has been? Did they do that over the last eight years? They claim they have, yet true figures say otherwise. Just look at what happened to our National Debt that doubled during that administration. Does that demonstrate any sort of progress?

Getting back to the nonconsensual invasion, there seems to be adequate proof that the eavesdropping on a server, phone lines, conversations, et al, took place. The order was approved. Do you want to see this dropped, or should it be prosecuted? To ignore it simply opens the door for continued abuse by the DNC, and they don’t need to feel the GOP is weak, more than they already do. Besides to igonre the “accidental on purpose” gathering of informaiton on the Trump Team AND unmasking names is a felony. The price of freedom just went up for someone (s?).

How much of an outcry do “we the people” need to make for action? This is my voice. Why not add yours? By taking action there’s a chance some of this can be eliminated. Will it stop? Probably not, while the perceived power government positions seem to offer continues. It started out to be by the people, for the people. It has become that well known radio station; WIIFM. You know what it stands for, and nearly every single politician tunes in every second of every day. We, the public, are tuned out! Until we change the station, remove the advertising of our support, force a change of broadcasting policy, it remains the same.

There is a move on out there by a few, like Sheriff David Clarke, Atty. Ben Shapiro, Atty Jay Sekulow, to mention just a few. We best be paying attention. Are you?

Time for a cup of coffee to settle my…NOT!

me-and-a cupa-on-the-terrace-in-cuicocha
Me and a cupa on the terrace in Cuicocha.

Why Politics Is Hazardous To My Health!

I need to stay out of the political forum and away from twitter! That is my declaration and I’m stickin’ to it…I think. It causes way too much frustration with blindness, ignorance, partisanship, lies, fake news, and just irritation in general. Twitter is no better. As a “word merchant” 140 characters only adds to the frustration of not being able to say it all with so few words. Don’t worry, I was never able to be very successful with the 6 word life story either.

Even more importantly is how critical I was being. Not that I’m never critical, it’s just that all I seemed to find were things to be critical about. I was attracted like magnets to metal. The time and energy were given away to what? Was anyone paying attention? Did my comments and diatribe make any difference? At this point the thing about “pick your battles” intrudes on my thoughts. I’ve been out there with the big guns thinking I had some skin in the game. Not.

All I have is this little universe of about 40 people who seem to think I have something to say worth reading. Maybe they’re just looking for something entertaining. I wouldn’t have any idea as there’re usually just some “likes” with no comments. At any rate change is in order.

Writing is one of the ways to express what otherwise would get clogged up inside. Not being one to talk to myself, if no one is around this is the medium best used to get it out of my head and in a format that can potentially shared. What would really be cool is finding where that sharing would be most appreciated. That’s not to say those who do read my comments are unappreciated.

I suppose what I’m looking for is some intellectual stimulation. That place where some like minds gather. That was the idea behind the blog in the first place. So I guess it may simply be that I’m looking in the wrong places.

Forums have never been an attraction, as it seems they get bogged down. It gets too difficult to slog through the various topics and threads, to find something or someone to exchange ideas with. That may be my own impatience charging to the surface. An independent nature equally impatient tends to not be satisfied trying to fit in.

I need to stick with writing about those things I know, am good at, and experiences from life. Never having been in politics I am out of my league. Why did I ever imagine my words, or voice as it were, could began to be heard above all the other clamor out there? While a good experience, it was headed nowhere. The investment of time and energy were non-productive in a political sense. Writing about living in Ecuador, baking bread or cinnamon buns, making doughnuts, building recumbent bikes, writing eBooks, are areas where I have knowledge and experience.

So for those who may read this, I am making a vow to stay out of politics and stop listening to the news. This was a habit formed many decades ago, as I perceived news to be slanted, biased, inflammatory, with an agenda to manipulate. It hasn’t changed, in fact gotten worse. I was wise to ignore it. The idea was that if there was anything really worth knowing, someone would be bound to tell me. By the same token if it wasn’t worth knowing, my mind would not be filled up with useless information.

For decades Television has not been something I spent a lot of time watching. When indulging it was for the musical programs such as Idol, AGT, The Voice, or something like Property Brothers, WOBI, Cesar Milan or maybe one of the Discovery Channels. Time was never spent on any of the sitcoms as they were called. I’d rather watch one of the 400 or so DVD’s we have accumulated over the years. A repeat DVD is better than a sitcom any day. At least in my book.

It is rather funny when I recall as a kid back in the ‘50s and ‘60s, you couldn’t pry me from in front of the T.V. It generally got me in more trouble as I was constantly late for things. I think they call that an addiction. As all such habits, that’s one I have managed to overcome. It was about to get rekindled watching Fox News with all this political nonsense. So at this point I recognize the symptoms, and the nearly insatiable drive to watch more and more. That’s it. I’m thankful that one of the things in my life that is a diametric change from my youth, is discipline.

An addiction has one very dangerous characteristic that is unlike a habit. I think even the most ingrained habit does not compare with this one trait of an addiction. It’s also why I can respect the danger of getting caught up in that behavior again. While I don’t recall the technical word or name, it is simply explained like this.

When an addict stops acting out their addictive behavior, it comes at great expense. Second, minutes, hours and days of fighting against the urge are full of the slips, and starting over again. Then when weeks, months and years have been accumulated as being free of the addiction, it might be thought that the temptation is also gone. An addict, say an alcoholic, or any other, is never free. If they should “fall” as the term goes, they don’t start over from the beginning. They pick up where they left off.

It’s not like say, riding a bike. You learn to ride when you are young. The experience is one you never forget. If you should stop riding a bike in your youth, and pick it up again 40 years later, you may be wobbly at first but you never forget how. The same expertise you had as a youth may never be reacquired, but you can still enjoy the experience.

The addict simply steps right back into the addiction where they stopped. It may take several days, a week or a month, but the behavior only progresses. This is why only 10 percent of those coming out of a long term rehab are successful at staying clean. Even of those, other habits are often just a replacement for the addiction and can become addictive. There was no intention to get off on that topic, it just happened.

All this mess of politics has done something that always seems to happen whenever discussing the three taboo topics. Religion, politics and sex. Nearly without fail what may start as an innocent discussion ends up in a heated argument. One of those three may well be credited with the ending of more relationships among friends and lovers than any other. So why in my right mind would I jump into the fray of politics, which may well be the worst?

It may stem from what may be another addictive part of my nature which is that of debate. This may be a reason for being a political Independent with right leanings. Neither “right” nor “left” have shown themselves to be preferable one over the other. Fear not, as I will not go into my thoughts on either. The point is the love of the debate.

It is a contest of intellect to me. Can I conger up enough evidence or content to force the other to submit? That is the challenge. The subject doesn’t matter. Over the years I have always been an avid reader, beginning back in elementary school. So my memory holds a wide variety of topics I can discuss. But the challenge is, no matter how little or how much is known about the subject at hand, it is to convince the other that I know more than I do. So politics and religion are dangerous topics for me to get involved with.

Pretty much since January 20th, I have let myself go, making hundreds of tweets and writing profusely on my blog and Face Book. Challenging others with opposite views to mine. Or just responding when really irresponsible comments are made by those who are only answering what their friends post with no real knowledge. How irritating!

It is beyond frustrating when someone posts an inflammatory or sensationalist article or link. After having fallen for the typical “Atheists are petitioning the FCC to get religious broadcasting banned from American airwaves.” hoax many years ago, I was cured quickly when informed what it was. Since that time any link or article that sounds too good to be true, or just too inflammatory in nature, hits the critical nerve. Snopes is the first place I go to check it out.

The real frustration, is when friends blindly post this type of content that their friends have posted without ever checking to see if it’s really true! More, after being advised it is false with a link to prove it, it is not retracted, removed, or deleted at all. Allowing more to be sucked into the lie! Greater is the frustration after being advised when these are repeat offenders!

So I have found a medium where to some degree my debate(able) talents can find outlet and expression. Writing about the “taboo topics” will be left to those journalists, opinion writers, reporters, analysts and commentators. All of them believe they are above reproach, unbiased and most of all, right. Just a short investigation would reveal how many have suffered heart attacks, strokes, addictions, and shown a bent towards “yellow journalism” and fake news. Their health is what pays the price.

So when it’s time to vote I will review the issues at hand. In the past it has been nothing but empty promises on either side. This one seems to actually be acting out on the promises. But lest I fall back into it, ‘nuff said.

Think I’ll go eat some bread. Especially since it tastes better than “crow!”

Eating bread instead of crow!

First It’s Condemnation And Then Accusation!


Ya gotta laugh at the Dims. They have criticized every effort President Trump’s administration made to create a healthcare plan. Swearing that there was nothing wrong with Obummercare and that it could be fixed. It’s not even worth the effort to pick out the ugliness of comments by both Schumer and Pelosi. They would rather do anything including let people suffer with unaffordable coverage. No choices and deductibles through the roof. Yeah, that’s the way.

But that’s not all.Now that the weight of their fiasco rests squarely on their shoulders, they are trying to blame the GOP! Here’s a comment from one of President Trumps more ardent detractors. “Agent Orange doesn’t give a rat’s patooty about health care for the rest of us.” First they complain against and now they want to complain he doesn’t care. Clearly an attempt at laying the blame for a failed Obummer plan, or better yet Pelosi’s, at the feet of the GOP?

What a joke! These people, the DNC affiliates, are deranged! Worse yet they still haven’t figured out why they lost the election. Oh sure, they continue with the smoke and mirrors of “Russiagate.” It was all because of the Russians the DNC lost the election. It had nothing to do with the fact that the public was tired of the corruption, deceit, lies, attempting to turn our country into some “Global Community” orchestrated by George Soros and others of his ilk. With Obummer as his puppet and other willing actors like Clinton it nearly happened.

No matter that more jobs are being created, that illegal immigrant criminals are being deported, that relations with our Allies are greatly improved despite what pundits would claim. We are facing the problem with Iran and N. Korea head on rather than ignoring and allowing it to fester and grow. The DNC has nothing to say about any of that, right along with the “obstructionist party.”

So show the American public what you really are. Against the “Republic that stands, one nation, indivisible, under God, for liberty and justice for all.” Where babies have a right to be born instead of murdered. Where unelected bureaucrats determine and attempt to create laws. Instead of the elected officials we choose to man the legislature and senate where laws are made.

Where government was of the people, by the people and for the people. Rather than the political elite and cronyism of special interests groups siphoning off our tax dollars for programs that blatantly threaten our health, safety and freedoms. That’s what this pack of insurgents to our way of life promote.

We have the choice to change what havoc has been reaped on our society. The freedoms we enjoyed of not having to recognize same sex marriage as normal. Not having our Christianity become restricted in favor of cults or beliefs. Where the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason is still intact. Where sub-sets of society are given more rights that are in direct opposition to the mainstream. Lifestyles that are in conflict with biblical standards. Cultures that threaten our sovereignty.

Every effort has been made to damage and create something totally different than what we have enjoyed for generations. Now it’s at stake, and the DNC would destroy it if we give them the change. It’s a sad state of affairs that this element exists in our society. Slowly but surely we have surrendered freedoms and rights. Now it’s time to get them back.


Fish Oil Fact: There’s A Benefit With Omega 3 In Fish Oil Supplements For You!

Omega3 Fish Oil Soft Gels

You can find information about the benefits of Omega-3 fish oil supplements just about anywhere. There is a discussion about health that nearly always includes it, especially on the Internet. And the fact is when it comes to helping to improve your health, it’s true. It would be hard to find one other natural source that you can use to help your body in so many different ways. Here’s how it could help you.

High LDL cholesterol is one of the major causes of heart failure in the United States. You have a 1 in 3 chance of having it if you’re over 20 years old. This happens from eating foods high in animal fats which contain Omega-6 fatty acids. This fatty acid is a necessary ingredient in your body, until it gets too high. The typical diet has 10 to 20 times more Omega-6 than Omega-3, when the ratio should be 5:1!

Sources of Omega-6 are common. These are found in oils such as that derived from corn, safflower, sunflower, and cottonseed. It’s also present in processed food. Hot dogs, hams and other luncheon meats are a huge source. Others foods with Omega-6 are grain fed meats, poultry, dairy products, and farm raised fish.

Processed foods contain what is known as linoleic acid. Your body converts this fatty acid into another called eicosanoids. These in turn increase blood clotting leading to stroke and heart attack. They also suppress the immune system which leaves you open to infections. Think about that for just a second. Consuming those foods increases your chances for what? Health? Blood clotting! Stroke! Heart attack!

For over 30 years countless studies have been conducted

For over 30 years countless studies have been conducted. The purpose was measuring the effects and benefits of fish oil supplements. Efforts were directed at results for reducing cardiovascular diseases. Also auto-immune and inflammatory diseases. These studies were looking for changes due to the Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. It is a fact that fish oil and the supplements can lower LDL high cholesterol. Soft gel capsules are one of the best sources. This is just 1 of 50 different health issues due to a deficiency of Omega-3 in your diet.

Also reducing the risk of cancers

The benefit with Omega 3 in fish oil supplements is protecting yourself from cardiovascular diseases. Also reducing the risk of cancers. It improves the breakdown of blood sugars for diabetics. And helps to reduce the inflammation in diseases like rheumatoid arthritis. A simple soft gel capsule with 1 gram of fish oil taken twice daily can have this effect. Will you be able to feel it right away? While it may not be apparent where cancer and other aspects are concerned, a reduction in arthritic discomfort may show up in short order. Just that will make itself known. Better memory cognition, softer skin, and a more positive mental attitude are other signs.

Well, it could be worth your life

Now, you may be wondering what such an incredible health resource like fish oil is worth? Well, it could be worth your life. What price do you put on that? How’s that for a benefit? Get yours now.



Discovering The Truth While Exposing The Lie!

Expose truth in love

How do you expose liars and do it with love? Being impartial is not one of my attributes. As a result I speak, and write, as much as anything from my emotions rather than from an objective point of view. There is no pretense, as I see no middle ground. Trying to straddle a fence is pointless and can be painful.

I can remember years ago in the Army, one of those in my platoon was pointing out his philosophy as it related to layers of feces. You know he used the four letter version of that material so I cleaned it up for those who might be offended. At any rate, he claimed he never bothered to take the middle ground about anything. This came about from a discussion of God.

His belief was there was no God. For him, this signified a layer that was not clogging up his life. He believed that most go through life allowing these layers to build up, until they were basically strangled to death. In other words being so full of indecision that it killed them.

It was not long after that our entire Division shipped out for Vietnam. We were separated before that and I never saw him again to see how his philosophy worked out. But he had a good point, which is how ridiculous it is to put aside any issue with indecision.

Many times it is simply an unwillingness to do what instinctively we know is right. Maybe I should reserve that thought for myself as it assumes others struggle with the same scenario.

I read and post a great deal on Face Book. There are constant posts that are outright false. It is quite an irritant that people are so ready and willing to post the next inflammatory, sensationalistic, too good to be true or real, negative stuff without ever bothering to check it out for truthfulness. It shows a somewhat sadistic bent to continue the “manure” rather than the truth.

At times I feel like I have become the Face Book “truth” police. Worse yet are the repeat offenders who blindly post something from their “friends.” The common thought is that a friend would never send or post something that is false. Or so it seems, since I see it time and again. This even after alerting said repeat poster with links clearly showing it’s incorrect.

I’m not sure if this just makes me cynical or a cynic. Experience has taught me to be suspect of comments and statements that are slanderous, inflammatory, sensationalist, or simply too wild or good to be true. What used to pass for journalism has caved to this type of writing. Why? The reason is obvious. It seems human nature is insatiable for this type of information…or lie.

There are those with “fake news sites” that claim this is just entertainment, and the “market’ is growing at an unbelievable pace. Worse yet it is fueled by advertisers willing to pay substantial bucks because of the growing traffic resulting in income. It seems that this has proliferated greatly during the last  four years, and exponentially during the run-up to the 2016 election.

Worse yet, these sleazy fake sites were employed to write their trash directly pointed at the opposition. In most cases this was at candidate Trump. All bets were off, and any item was taken and distorted in any and every way possible. There was nothing sacred, too indecent or slanderous to say. Since these were fake news sites and many were identified as such. Even though it was hard to find among all the glaring headlines and inflammatory claims. The trash overshadowed the disclaimers, which was the only item saving most from prosecution.

So the original question was how do you expose this with love? Can it be addressed without anger, disgust, or emotions at the outrage over the garbage so may indulge in? The part of me that comes to the surface is a desire to expose the lies, and call out those who are the perpetrators. It isn’t about me rather something much deeper. It seems if there are those so ready, willing and able to promote the ugly and negative, another should step in to expose truth.

It’s no different than how a single light defeats the darkness. It only takes one willing to start something positive. I think what I’m doing is positive, in pointing out those things that are not true or misrepresentative of facts. It has been pointed out to me on several occasions that what I think is not always on the money. Retractions in those moments are made, and fortunately rare.

Some may not agree, but it’s hard to argue with truth. Then again truth is relative to the mindset of every individual. No one can force what to believe on another. The results can prove fatal. Being an expert has never been claimed, as that would seem to imply being near perfect in some category. Knowing more about some subject just means a greater amount of information has been gathered. Some would claim that as expertise, when it is more relative to ego. That has proven to be the greatest enemy of all.

So how to expose in love? I guess the first hurdle to get over is remembering that love is not just some warm, fuzzy thing. It also covers the spectrum as a pendulum swings. It can be painful to see those who over time have been friendly, buy into the untruth so rampant on the internet. Ideologies were not so divisive and or rigid in our youth. They become so like the brittle bones of age. The lines of what was once so clear become blurred like wrinkles of time on the skin. Blind spots are reflected in our age spots. Somehow we, I, believe wisdom has been discovered through it all. Has it?

Does love lash out? If the cross is any example then it does not. If the moneychangers in the Temple being whipped are the example, then maybe. Truth is not supposed to set you free, it does set you free. Often being painful in the process. It seems to be a question of wanting to provide truth in a setting that is not antagonistic, rather one of kindness. No matter how much I may think I have learned, it is far from complete. My human nature simply needs to continue having the rough edges ground off. Truth need not suffer, nor be used as a battering ram. If love exists, it will find a way. This seems to be another beginning. One of many. Surely not the last.