How To Use An Article To Drive Traffic To Your Internet Marketing Site

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If you are looking to increase the amount of traffic that is visiting your website, then one key is article marketing. Are you looking to attract additional visitors to your website? One of the most powerful ways that you can achieve this is through article marketing. This will allow you to generate a significant traffic increase to your website.

The following article is designed to provide some basic details on how this form of internet marketing can help you attract a steady stream

of potential customers and other visitors to your website effectively.

The first step in the process of article marketing is to develop a clearly written informational article. This article should provide value in some form, and should be written strongly enough that it helps to build credibility. A clearly written article is one that makes sure your readers won’t just skim it. By providing an easy read, you will be able to engage your potential customers, giving them a reason to want more.

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In order to keep the attention of your reader, your article needs to be capable of offering some form of value. At the same time lighten up just a bit to make it interesting. Who wants to read a dry, information only type of article? Sure, there are all kinds of styles and formal formats many recommend. But how far would you read if that was it? So just to make sure the reader is awake and really getting your message, include those points where it grabs their attention again.

These are the basic principles behind the concept of online article marketing. One example of this concept may be to write an SEO-themed article talking about how to write effective title tags for search engine optimization. You know by now just how hungry those ravenous SE’s are for those big, juicy title tags. A well researched article would explain the concept providing numerous examples, giving readers some real inspiration to take away from the article.

The result of a clearly written article providing value is credibility. Credibility is a subtle concept, but absolutely necessary if you intend to drive large traffic numbers to your website or your affiliate products. Here again is a great spot to remind you about relating some of the unusual aspects of your research. There are bound to be some strange title tags used as examples. Share them.

Some of the best ways to build credibility through your article marketing is to inject your experience into the articles that you write. You could provide references on professional studies, offer facts, provide industry expertise, quotes and so on. Find some original and unique examples of how title tags have been used.

Once a compelling article has been written for this form of marketing, weave in some kind of reference to your products or services. Now here is where you don’t want to strike up the band announcing your offer. For your article marketing efforts to be taken seriously you should not have to incorporate a hard sell, because this doesn’t seem to work.

Don’t tell people what to do, what to use, or force them to take your opinions. This is not the same as a 3000 word sales page. Just write a clearly written, informative article, provide value to the reader, and then use your newfound credibility as a way to generate traffic to your website.

By the same token plain vanilla articles don’t separate you from all the other thousands of writers out there. There had better be some reason a prospective buyer, or reader, should feel compelled to read your information.

Now that you have written your article, you can show some expertise on page optimization by using your keywords in your article title. Most of the time titles should be 7 main words. Keywords should also be used in most of your paragraphs, though not every single paragraph is necessary.

At least once in the body of your article you should bold, italicize or emphasize your keyword. This is more for the SE’s than the reader. These text signals tell search engines which phrases are important. It also will create some curiosity for your reader.


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