3 Proven Online Product Marketing Tips

Are you shouting to yourself?

It is not necessary to recreate the wheel every time you want to start a campaign to market your products or services. Instead, you can look to the best practices of what other online businesses have done in the past for proven online product marketing tips. You can learn both from the mistakes and successes of other businesses, so long as you effectively incorporate those ideas into your own marketing strategy.

This is buying into the idea that imitation is the greatest indication of flattery. That’s only true when you understand what it is you’re imitating. There is always a great fear when a competitor steps into the ring doing what you’re doing. The fear generally centers around the idea they are doing it better. This should be a throwing down of the glove, challenging you to find a way to improve on what you’re doing. Continue reading “3 Proven Online Product Marketing Tips”

10 Best Social Networking Sites

The great thing about social networking is that it is changing how people communicate with friends, family, businesses and everyone else online, and it is even revolutionizing how people make money online as well. You can target new friends, old friends, family members and even new customers on the top ten best social networking sites.

You can also develop relationships and introduce people to what you have to offer. If you have never looked into social networking then it is time that you did. If you do not know where to start when it comes to social networking, you can look no further. Here are the top ten best social networking sites and what they can offer you.

1. MySpace: This is the biggest general social networking site, and is essential if you want to meet people and facilitate conversations online. There are millions of people using MySpace, are you one of them?

2. Facebook: This is another general social networking site that is similar in nature to MySpace. What it offers is unique in many ways, making it necessary to be a member of both for best results.

3. YouTube: YouTube is a social networking website that allows you to build a channel of self-uploaded videos that you can share with others. This is a great way to build relationships through viral video marketing.

4. LinkedIn: This is a website that allows you to network with professionals in your industry and others. If you want to get to know people with similar business interests, this is the way to do it.

5. Twitter: Twitter capitalizes on micro-blogging, allowing you to follow what your friends are doing and share micro-updates with the people who want to know what you are up to as well.

6. Classmates: Classmates is a social networking website that connects you with friends from your past, allowing you to keep in touch with old schoolmates in order to rekindle friendships.

7. Xanga: Xanga is a blogging community that allows you to share blogs, photos, videos and a lot more so that you can network with people that have similar interests from all over the world.

8. Squidoo: Squidoo is becoming popular really fast, allowing people to create their own personal websites called lenses about any topic under the sun.

9. MSN Groups: MSN Groups is a division of MSN that allows you to network with other people in a variety of different and unique ways to facilitate community and conversation.

10. AOL Hometown: AOL Hometown is similar to MSN groups, though produced by AOL instead. It is a community based division of AOL that allows you to facilitate communication with people from all over the world.

As you well know there are many other social networking sites out there. By understanding the terms of service for each of the above and other adult social networking sites you can become known around the globe. Not just from a social standpoint but also from an internet marketing and business standpoint. Now it’s up to you to leverage your business and social life using the best social networking sites.

What Is The Meaning Behind All Those Inflammatory Terms?


Lately the liberal media and left wing democrats have resorted to all sorts of name calling and term dropping like a bunch of Magpies squabbling over crumbs. These terms come so quickly to their tongues and writings. There’s a great chance most use these terms not fully knowing or understanding their meaning or implication. They’ve just heard others, supposedly authoritative figures, and decided they sounded good and adopted them.

These terms have been applied to most anyone who is conservative, or has a different view from those referred to above. They are weak excuses used in defense or attack rather than having any real impact from convictions in most cases.

Groups of thousands have been trained to use such terms by groups such as Organizing For Action, as they take part in demonstrations of supposed protest, in what are really attempts to simply be disruptive. They will spout what they have been brainwashed to accept as truth, when they have no serious position or understanding of issues to begin with. A pizza, beer or both, will get their allegiance.

Xenophobic-intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries.

Homophobic-having or showing a dislike of or prejudice against homosexual people.

The two terms above have been used to such extreme against Republicans and Independents, perhaps with the idea that repetition will make it true. What is ignored is how events and situations forced on the public against what has been part of the woof and fabric of our society, where social behavior has resorted to being forced to accept things against our will by law. This would include depriving constitutional rights for a business to choose their right to attend to whomever they choose.

That groups made up of those classifying themselves as counter culture, such as the LBGT, are being afforded non-constitutional rights by law to impose their culture and lifestyle on others who do not choose to participate.

Racist-a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another.

By not agreeing with someone of another culture or ethnicity, is grounds to be accused of being racist. Of course there are those who defend such a position of victimization by claiming there is no such thing as reverse racism. It’s never seem as being two sided, as though such an action can not have the reverse effect. This is never used as a manipulative tool.

Reverse racism-is a term used to describe acts of discrimination and prejudice perpetrated by racial minorities or historically oppressed ethnical groups against individuals belonging to the racial majority or historically dominant ethnical groups. In other words, it is reverse discrimination based on racial criteria.

Demagogue-or rabble-rouser is a leader in a democracy who gains popularity by exploiting prejudice and ignorance among the common people.

There are many who fit this term on the left, as there is constant upheaval with inflammatory and often empty accusations or claims, always of supposed irregularities by the opposition. Naturally this is always in ignorance of and in denial of true occurrences of irregular even illegal doings mounting up in their wake.

Bigotry-intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.

Clearly shown on moment by moment actions, and evident by the obstructionist efforts of the DNC in Congress.

Prejudice-preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.

This perhaps is the greatest of all, since more has been invented where words can be twisted and distorted to disguise actual events than real ones. Fake News, misrepresentative photos, anything that can be distorted all based in prejudice. Not based on reason or actual experience. Rather words or actions totally twisted out of context. False propaganda. Just like the claim of the liar trying to deflect attention off themselves by some outlandish happening, that in the end proves false.

The false claim is always easy to make, and the undoing to get to the truth never results in wiping away the smear from the innocent. The DNC has become expert at smear tactics, innuendo, false accusation, unjustified claims, along with the Mediocre Smut Muckers attempting to whitewash themselves of any misleading reports or so called journalism. Yup, this is a broad brush because the ones who do it right don’t call the others out!

The right of free speech is hotly defended, whenever accusations of libel, yellow journalism or misrepresentation of the facts comes to rest at the keyboard of the press. They bathe in the morass they have made of free speech. Then there is the dare to contradict the monster we, the public, have allowed to take a firm hold as being a purveyor of truth. There is a new definition of truth and for some reason it closely resembles a lie! Surprised?

So when these activist or protestor types begin spouting off their learned slogans or showing posters someone else made, it’s just noise for the most part. Most have no idea what they’re really doing other than causing trouble. They seem to think that is democracy. Since a country without borders has nothing to defend, none of them have to do so, especially in an armed conflict. Just let a few firecrackers go off and watch how quickly they disappear!

Then they can take their xenophobic, homophobic, prejudiced, reverse racist, rabble rousing, bigoted no account selves to get their pizza and beer. Do I fit any of those maligned terms? Not those. Just try Vet, voter and conservative that has earned the right. At least I know what I believe, what it means, and what it cost!


Affiliate Marketing Programs – The Importance of Developing a Relationship With Each Of Your Prospects!

Sometimes extremely valuable information can seem a little dry, even boring. Yet this is so essential to any affiliate marketer if you are to have a successful experience. So read on.

When it comes to a successful marketing plan, there is no greater tool for converting potential prospects into long term clients than developing a relationship with each of them. You may be able to offer potential business prospects the best quality products and service. So unless they see you as something other than an impersonal web page or catalog, there is little else to keep them loyal. When another clever advertising campaign comes along, guess what will happen?

Does this mean you have to become best friends with every new prospect you meet? Of course not. If you tried, you’d not only come off as insincere, you’d never have time to get any real business done.

Then point here is to try to convey to your prospects that you see them as real people, and not just merely another ka-ching in your cash register. Everyone likes to feel that they matter, and this is what you will try to establish by developing a relationship with each of your prospects.

In Order to better understand what “relationship” means, here are some helpful tips.  For developing a relationship with each of your prospects based on positive approaches, both online and off.

Present Yourself At Your Personal Best Both In Person And On The Web 

No matter how rough of a work week you’ve had, when it’s time to meet with a prospective client, don’t skimp on your appearance. Most likely you’ll be meeting over Skype, streaming video or any number of digital or VOIP means of communication, so look successful!

Does your website look professional? You don’t need green and hot pink flashing lettering to get a prospect’s attention. Your website should instill a friendly one-on-one tone. Make sure your website is clean. Easy to navigate for even they newest web browsers and really spells out what you’re selling. Invite a dialogue with prospects and answer them in a friendly, positive tone as promptly as possible. Inspiring confidence is the first step to developing a relationship with each of your prospects.

Establish Common Ground

Resist the urge to jump right into they hard sale. It’s a turn off and will hamper developing a relationship with each of your prospects. When you first meet a potential new client, don’t be afraid to make some small talk to draw them out a little.

This doesn’t mean that you should go into the week’s weather report detail by detail. Again, you would come off as insincere. But if you happen to notice a family photo on your prospect’s desk or mantel, don’t be afraid to ask some polite questions about how they children are. Share a little relative info on your own children if you have them.

Don’t fabricate facts. Honesty is always they best policy. Ask a few lightweight questions about anything your prospect brings up that actually interest you. This way you won’t have to strain to have an actual conversation that is about more than just what you’d like to sell them.

Selling on the web is little harder, since you don’t have a physical presence. Most of your correspondence will be through e-mails and the occasional phone call. Words mean things so make yours count. Once again, be friendly in your responses. Make them remember you.

Answer any questions or concerns they might have about joining your affiliate program. Then throw in something a little more personal. It can be that you were watching one foot of snow fall while you answered this e-mail.

You just got back from a vacation or you’re about to take one to XYZ place (if they prospect has been there, they’ll let you know- people love to share travel stories). Or just drop in a tidbit of your day and tell them you’ve had one of those “Southwest take me away kind of days!”. Everyone can relate to a stressful day.

The key to developing an actual relationship with each of your prospects is to find some common ground that will help establish an immediate rapport between the two of you.

Soft Selling and Listening 

As mentioned before, a hard sell will turn off many potential prospects. Far better to begin your sales pitch by inquiring about your prospect’s needs. Give them a chance to tell you their own thoughts about what questions they have about your affiliate marketing program. People like to feel that someone is willing to listen to them. Businesses don’t listen, people do.

This technique will actually help you to pinpoint their items you should be presenting first, and is indispensable to developing a relationship with each of your prospects. Your potential customer will become more relaxed with you when they realize you are not ready to pounce from the word go To sell them something.

Follow Up After The Sale

If you’re fortunate enough to have made a good first impression and made the initial sale, your follow up is crucial. You don’t want to leave your new client feeling like a bride left at the alter. So within one week, send a personal note of thanks for the opportunity to do business with them.

Reiterate that you are always available to answer their questions or concerns. Then be available if they do happen to call or e-mail. If you’re not in they office, then return their message immediately. This lets your new client know you still care about them after they have joined your affiliate marketing network.

Developing a relationship with each of your prospects is impossible without this kind of personal care after the sale. You are trying to establish yourself in your client’s eyes as not merely a sales person with a great affiliate marketing program, but a real person, and a darn nice one to boot.

Side Benefits For You

There are other benefits to developing a relationship with each of your prospects. Sometimes something goes wrong and it’s out of your hands to bring a quick resolution to your client’s problem. Perhaps there is an unavoidable delay in shipping, or a computer glitch is making everything run late. If you’ve established a friendly trust between the two of you, your client is far more likely to stand by you during the difficulty if you’ve been there for them all along.

You’ll also find that it’s actually far more pleasant doing business with someone you’ve come to know a little. Developing a relationship with each of your prospects will do that for you, and you’ll come to love your job that much more.

In a world full of impersonal online business transactions, there really is no substitute for developing a relationship with each of your prospects if you want to win and maintain their customer loyalty with your affiliate marketing program.

There you have it. This is part of what you’ve signed up for. You may be working from home, be your own boss, and enjoying income you have honestly earned. You customer has only one interest and your business is not it! It’s still and always will be, WIIFM, and you know what that stands for.

Discover If You’re Thinking Or On Cruise Control!

Up against a tree before being UP in the tree!

If you’re crusin’ then you’re loosin’! That’s one way to look at what happens if your grey matter is not fully engaged. So what’s going on up there when you’re just sitting, passively contemplating…nothing in particular? Have you ever noticed how your thoughts resemble popcorn? Thoughts jump randomly from one topic to another with no obvious connection. It may even seem like some sort of serendipitous place to be, as it rarely leads to the negative. How can that be known? Ahh…well personal experience of the writer is a great place to start.

Consider how many things you do on complete auto pilot? Are you thinking about your driving on your way to work, or shopping? How about the way you fry eggs, or toast bread? A good case can be made that the subconscious has taken over when you’re doing those things. That allows your thoughts to actually wander. The question is what happens to your thinking? You know, conscious thought? Yeah, that stuff.

If the mind is not actively engaged this simply means you are unaware of what’s really cookin’ in life. Lost in the past, possibly in the future, but hardly in the present moment. It could be said you are out of touch with reality, and that would be correct. Not quite the same as if you’ve lost your mind…not quite.

Then comes the sudden stop in traffic where the subconscious reacts and warns you of impending danger, jerking you into an alert state of mind. Sort of like taking a video off pause as you barely escape a serious fender-bender! The adrenaline is flowing, heart’s beating faster and your mind is present and accounted for. But what about those moments where it was absent from the present? How dangerous is that?

What might be a little more disturbing to the person who actually explores this, is the affect on life in general. If you are disconnected in the present, or as some would say not in the moment, what are you missing? How boring is life when you would rather be disconnected? You’re not even aware there are roses to smell.

Do you think this is rare? If you are actually engaged reading this without letting your thoughts wander, you will begin to recall people you know that always seem to be in somewhat of a daze. Sure. Stop and think for just a moment who they might be (just not while driving thank you). Got one in mind? Would you say this is a person you are likely to spend significant time with? There’s a good chance the answer might be in the negative, because they are very uninteresting.

Could you even be in a relationship like this? Now that may be hitting a little too close to home, but consider if it applies? Do you ask your significant other what they’re thinking? Or is the potential answer a little too frightening? Especially if it’s not about you. Then again, what do they think about you? When was the last time both entered into a serious, thought filled discussion about likes, dislikes, disgusting habits or favorite ones?

Over the years things change. Unfortunately couples get into the habit of finding a comfort zone where both can co-exist in some semblance of what appears to be peace. The one fine day one or the other explodes as that comfort zone suddenly is not so comfortable. Instead it has been a breeding ground for some minor dislike to fester into a life threatening wound. There is a quote that claims, “A comfort zone is a wonderful place, but nothing ever grows there.” As to anything positive, that may be a very true statement.

So get in the “brain game!” Start using yours for something besides a place to house your favorite baseball cap. You might be surprised what a deliberate effort to stay in the moment will change in your life. Allow yourself to stay focused of your surroundings. You be the one who captures that viral moment on your cell phone to go on youtube! Notice the ones walking towards you in the corridor or on the street that look you in the eye…and smile. How many of those have you missed? What a difference one smile can make in your day. Be that smile for someone else. Are you smiling?

Listening to Al Hirt, thinking about how hard it was to play trumpet when you don’t practice!


Secrets About Major Retailers Closing Multitudes Of Stores!

Are Major Retailers like Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, and others really in trouble? If you pay any attention to the news, the are. Why? Because they are closing down stores, and in the case of Neiman Marcus, supposedly putting themselves up for sale. However no concrete claim is being made just yet.

What is hitting the news is that this is all about a “soft economy.” Is it really? Are we just being introduced to another “flame” geared to scare the daylights out of all of us? Well, here’s a no nonsense look at what has been coming for some time, or at least as I see it.

Where did you do half or more of your shopping last year? How about for Christmas. Did you go to the Malls? Or did you go online to Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Macy’s, or any number of other major retailers? Of course you did! Why is that?

Tell Me It Ain’t So!

From a purely utilitarian point of view, all the hassle of traffic, bodies, items sold out, would be just a few of the logical reasons. Add to that, who can be unhappy having UPS, FEDEX or any delivery service showing up at your door with any of the items you’re looking for? Really!

Sitting at your computer, viewing a full color display of any item you want, with the ability to even comparative shop prices. In addition the chance to read and sift through customer reviews about the items you are interested in. Discovery that returns are heavy, not as advertised, smaller than the ad photo, among many other comments save you the “return” hassle after the fact.

Then there are the potential returns. Have you had the experience of having those same delivery services pick up your return at your door, or simply taking the box of goods to the nearest drop off point with no questions asked? Once more, avoiding lines in the store, the traffic, and the relief of doing it in comfort. So do you think this has any impact on sales in the Malls? That’s sort of asking if you like Pizza…which by the way gets delivered to your door!

Wake up people! Is this really due to a soft economy, or simply a big change in the way we shop? Haven’t we seen this coming? Is it really a big surprise? Ice Cream from Cold Stone might continue to be sold on location, or taken out for home consumption. Don’t think they can’t figure out how to make that compulsive purchase just as appetizing online for home delivery as Pizza! The greater question might be what can’t be done online? Auto repair?

Well, in reality with mobile mechanics willing to come to your door or office location to do the work, even that is in question. Ahh…I have it. Dry cleaning. Wait…they pick up and deliver! What is it that can’t be delivered? Maybe a funeral service, but no bets there.

When you can cut out the overhead of a brick and mortar location, all the expense, where merchandise can be produced from a warehouse, food from a commissary, and all the fancy fixings required in a store simply aren’t necessary, imagine the cost savings.

Huge brands have been created online, and continue to grow. If you have any doubts, check out the programs on WOBI, short for World Of Business Ideas. They also have a Face Book page, https://www.facebook.com/wobi.en/, and a webpage, http://www.wobi.com. They offer a series of programs about startups, entrepreneurs, and so much more. The bottom line is you will see the change that is happening.

So I’m thinking that this is just another way for the “media moguls” to grab some headlines. There’s a chance the younger set won’t be too surprised. As to the “Boomers” and others it might initially shock their system. It’s just another change that even they may have been trying to ignore, subconsciously aware it was coming.

So there could be some prime real estate up for grabs, but who wants it? Unless of course it can be converted into warehouse space, or a giant commissary. WOBI clearly states that the percentages of people going into business for themselves from home, is climbing at not too surprising rates. Are you one? Will you be next? Are you ready?

Where Will They Hide? What Will They Do When The Party Is Over For The Libs?

Being led by the Piper

It’s pretty obvious the “liberals” want to eliminate all the opposition to their lawless agenda. They have been responsible by their very actions for the removal of more than 45 million potential adversaries over the last 44 years. Actions that support putting in place non-elected bureaucrats. Who uphold choices by these liberals to make certain this action continues to favor efforts clearly directed at the destruction of any conservatism in our society.

It has now degenerated to the point of an absolute depreciation of any semblance related to the values this nation was created with. The constitution is viewed as a relic of the past and basically worthless in the view of liberals. There is proof of this in the tenets undone as it relates to the sanctity of marriage for one man and one woman as an example. Acceptance of the deplorable abolition attempt of Christian values and institutions.

Worse yet is the hate engendered by these liberals directed at a clear choice to return to the very values they have done their best to destroy. A complete debasement of the intent of first amendment rights, along with distortion of the meaning of the fourteenth amendment. Disregard for the sovereignty of this nation. The attempt to tear down our borders and support of illegal aliens. Complete defiance no matter what immigration laws stipulate as they clash with the leftist agenda.

Ignoring the facts of a previous administration rife with corruption, deceit, lies, disregard for any decorum. Clearly bent on the debasement of this nation as a world power. A Cesar-like figure continually washing hands of any involvement in the death of those thrust willingly to their deaths at the hands of our enemies. Spying on those who dare to speak out with first amendment rights voicing truth of malfeasance. Denial of flawed decisions by an attorney general of delivering guns into the hands of drug cartels.

Like a dog gone mad, frothing at the mouth, with only a single demented action to complete. One aimed at annihilating any obstruction in sight as a diseased, sick mind takes reign over any civilized behavior. However, it only stands to reason considering actions over four decades. During that same time period when approximately 828,929 murders were committed. None for the most part could be attributed to liberals, directly that is. Yet the same could not be said for the more than 45 million lives. Knowingly, deliberately, cruelly, with consent and intent were butchered, clearly making the Holocaust seem pale by comparison.

Laws were created and passed in the attempt to whitewash this act. Heartbeats did not constitute life. Yet in many cases even the breath of life in those instances where crushed skulls, or chemicals were not enough to impart death, it was insidiously delivered outside the womb. A liberal agenda claims women’s choice to murder defenseless, innocent lives as a right. Yet the 14th amendment clearly speaks to the right of life and a states obligation to defend it. Liberals have seen fit to overrule this, in favor and protest of those criminals guilty of taking life sentenced and adjudged to death. Ambiguous? To say the least.

Face these liberal cowards with the truth. Cries of “racist,” “misogynist,” “homophobe” are nothing more than attempts at changing the dialogue to some emotional tune they want everyone else to dance to. They can’t stand the fact that conservatives are idealist. They actually believe in something, like the original wisdom of the constitution. Not trying to change something that doesn’t need modification, rather grinding and polishing the gem long ago discovered still unfinished.

They’ve been given too much freedom. The Pied Piper cried “change,” playing his tune for all those entranced with what they thought was an aura introducing a new era. When the tune ended, faced with the stark reality like an addict in recovery, was encountered with a desperation for return to the fantasy. As with most addicts, only a fraction actually recover. So it is with liberals. They have willfully indulged in the toxicity championed by power mongers. Enticed by the steady illusion of a Brigadoon and a freedom ideal of some global entity. The gold at rainbow’s end. Seeming to have that within their grasp, only to have it snatched away. Like stealing an addict’s stash.

As a person in the control of an external force, any effort is considered fair to satisfy the need out of control. Violence, hate mongering, avoiding truth for fiction, lies, personal character attacks, inciting false claims, all to attempt support of the habit. Always pointing fingers, ignoring the greater number accusing in return. Every addiction can lead to demise. Is that how this plays out?

Fish Flash: Is Fish Oil On Your List Of Food To Help Lower Cholesterol Naturally?

Omega3 Fish Oil from pristine ocean waters of New Zealand

High LDL cholesterol is one of the leading causes of heart failure today, and heart failure is the cause of death in over 25% of all deaths in the U.S. It’s just possible you don’t want to be a part of that last number, but it’s a 1 in 3 chance you ARE part of the other! Fully 1/3 of the U.S. adult population over 20 have high cholesterol, and of those only 15% have it under control, and half know they have it and do nothing about it!

To have high cholesterol and do nothing about it for many is an economic factor, and the fact that they may be part of the 50 million Americans that have no health coverage. Add to that then the cost of going to a doctor plus the cost of a prescription and the math is not hard to understand.

Sure, it’s possible to begin a diet of foods to help lower cholesterol naturally, but considering the normal diet today that’s high in animal fat promoting the problem in the first place, it’s not very likely. so what’s the answer?

The Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil have been found to effectively lower high LDL cholesterol. The beauty of all natural fish oil supplements is, they are affordable. Even in today’s economy, a months supply of fish oil soft gels runs less than $20. And this is the pure, high quality, fresh and toxin free variety, not some high priced celebrity endorsed brand that may not even come close in quality.

We’re talking here about fish from an area that has been protected from the ravages of pollution, toxins, heavy metals and Mercury. The Southern Ocean of New Zealand is home to the Whiting, also locally known as “hoki.” Because this area enjoys one of the most pristine areas of sea water anywhere, the algae that provides the Omega-3 for the hoki to feed on is pure, and therefore the fatty flesh of the fish is pure as well, making processing much different to obtain a pure fish oil product.

So as a source of “food,” and fish certainly qualifies, you can add this to your list of food to help lower cholesterol. all natural. No drugs. No harmful side effects. No doctors office visits or writs for medicine. It’s as easy as going online to get <a target=”_new” rel=”nofollow” href=”http://www.omega3-health-benefits.com”>fish oil</a> to help lower your cholesterol. Why wait when you can get it today?

Start Your Affiliate Marketing Journey With Me And Internet Jetset!

For 20 years I have looked for that “tool” to create extra income on the internet. Finally in 2004 I created a website, and one of the programs that had just come out was from Google called AdSense. In short, for those who may not know, this program was brand new, and it offered website owners the opportunity to allow Google to post what are known as pay-per-click (PPC) ads anywhere on the webpages the owner selected.

This was a brand new concept. The double intent for Google, was to create an amazing outlet for their Advertisers using the AdWords program. This program was aimed at advertisers selecting specific key words to capture potential buyers for products on the internet. The advertiser only paid when one of the selected keywords was “clicked”.

Google then placed these keyword ads on those websites where AdSense customers were part of the program. In the beginning it was an awesome program and I was fortunate to actually see income almost immediately. After a few months the decision was made to sell the site while it was profitable. Huge mistake, as I was never able to duplicate that success. By the time I created a new website, everything had changed.

When I had been making as much as $250 in a month, it now was taking a year to make $100. Of course, the internet had changed but my thinking and learning had not. No matter how many websites I created, no matter how many pages I wrote, no matter how much I focused on keywords, the income was at best a dribble. Does any of this sound familiar? have you “been there…done that?

I won’t try to list the number of programs I invested in attempting to learn what the secret was I seemed to be missing. A variety of these programs included some information, most of it good just never enough.

The most recent outlined a series of things that I followed to the letter. One of the “extras” included the opportunity to have pages written that were SEO optimized, supposedly by experts. The people responsible did not indicate these pages were going to be written by non-native English speakers.

Because it was taking an inordinate amount of time for the “experts” to create my paid site and upload the pages, I decided to create a companion site dealing with a similar topic so I could compare the efforts I was paying for, to my own. In short, of the 20 pages I paid for, I had to completely re-write them. Comparing my efforts to the paid site was nearly as bad. To date, the site I created has drawn more traffic than the one I paid for. In short, lesson learned.

I kept researching and reviewing various opportunities centered on affiliate marketing. Over the years I had the opportunity to meet some of those who have actually made the “big money” in this niche. I was determined to at least generate some additional income. Being a millionaire was not so much my idea as simply not being dependent on a fixed income that could someday disappear. I’m speaking of a pension as it relates to Social Security.

So along come John Crestani and Internet Jetset!. It looked like so many others I nearly didn’t bother. Something made me do what I had done before. Look for the “scams” for this particular program to see what I could find.

Over the last several years the words “review” and “scam” have almost become synonymous. Those marketers have captured those keywords and written reviews claiming to review a scam, when in reality they were either promoting the same program, or one of their own.

It didn’t take long before I had found a good deal of positive info, but I knew from previous experience this was no guarantee. John offered the typical 60 day money back guarantee, including the offer that if a program was set up and the purchaser was still not satisfied, their money would be refunded and they could still keep the program.

Having had the experience of getting refunds in the past with few negative results, I knew by this time that as long as VISA was involved I would get my money back one way or another. So I did one more thing which was check out John on youtube. A number of videos promoting his program elements were there, which I later discovered where the same ones being paid for. However, lacking a great deal of the information.

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Can You Name The Health Benefits Of Omega-3 Fish Oil Concentrate?

Do you know that foods which contain long chains of Omega-3 fatty acids are one of the essential components of a healthy diet? You may also not know which foods contain such fatty acids. What are known as cold water fatty fish, such as new Zealand Whiting (hoki), is one of the purest sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. You wouldn’t know how much to eat in order to have the level that is beneficial to your body. So if you are not able to eat cold water fish or you don’t like the taste, there is a way out…fish oil concentrate.

What are the health benefits of this Omega-3 concentrate

1. People who have hypertriglyceridemia can greatly benefit from this. Mainly because there are significant levels of DHA and EPA Omega-3 fatty acids, which help in reducing the level of triglycerides. However, ensure that proper dosage is taken.

2. Patients who have suffered from Crohn’s disease are often recommended fish oil capsules. Relapse of Crohn’s is prevented by taking the concentrate.

3. Patients having Rheumatoid arthritis have been observed to get great relief from the symptoms by increasing Omega-3 fats which are typically missing in this health condition.

4. Fish oil greatly benefits students. Their brain is made up of numerous DHA which needs to be nourished. Its best nourishment is foods that are rich in Omega-3 and DHA.  This justifies intake of food supplements containing the concentrate.

5. Omega-3 concentrate is an amazing product showing very promising results when it comes to combating depression. The supplements help ease the symptoms in some people. Those with depression have low blood levels of a brain chemical known as eicosapentaenoic acid and DHA. And these chemicals are found in fish oil. The best dose comprises of supplements that contain 100 to 300 milligrams.

6. Omega-3 fatty acids help protect heart health, promote weight loss, and even help treating certain types of tumors.

Supplements are the not the only way to get Omega-3 in your diet. Fish high in this natural chemical are new Zealand Whiting (hoki), South Pacific tuna, sardines, mackerel, snapper and trout. Even mussels and oysters contain Omega-3, but in lower quantities. Fish is not considered as a replacement for treatment of various diseases. It may be helpful with other types of medication. More studies are required for determining the exact role of fish oil concentrate in your body. What is definitely a good idea includes having enough of those healthy oils.

Eating enough sea food containing these incredible oils, in nearly impossible. While it is a definite strong suggestion to include regular amounts of fish in your diet, it’s just not enough. Now enter fish oil supplements to the rescue. Above are listed six great reasons to include this as a part of your daily health routine. Weight loss, tumors, triglycerides, depression, brain nourishment, arthritis, Crohn’s Disease, are all health issues Omega-3 can be a part of changing.

Where can you find resource to help you find the best supplement for purity, highest quality and freshness? Well it’s at your fingertips. Be sure to take advantage of it. Remember, it’s your time, your health and your choice. Don’t wait. Do it! Now.