Where Will They Hide? What Will They Do When The Party Is Over For The Libs?

Being led by the Piper

It’s pretty obvious the “liberals” want to eliminate all the opposition to their lawless agenda. They have been responsible by their very actions for the removal of more than 45 million potential adversaries over the last 44 years. Actions that support putting in place non-elected bureaucrats. Who uphold choices by these liberals to make certain this action continues to favor efforts clearly directed at the destruction of any conservatism in our society.

It has now degenerated to the point of an absolute depreciation of any semblance related to the values this nation was created with. The constitution is viewed as a relic of the past and basically worthless in the view of liberals. There is proof of this in the tenets undone as it relates to the sanctity of marriage for one man and one woman as an example. Acceptance of the deplorable abolition attempt of Christian values and institutions.

Worse yet is the hate engendered by these liberals directed at a clear choice to return to the very values they have done their best to destroy. A complete debasement of the intent of first amendment rights, along with distortion of the meaning of the fourteenth amendment. Disregard for the sovereignty of this nation. The attempt to tear down our borders and support of illegal aliens. Complete defiance no matter what immigration laws stipulate as they clash with the leftist agenda.

Ignoring the facts of a previous administration rife with corruption, deceit, lies, disregard for any decorum. Clearly bent on the debasement of this nation as a world power. A Cesar-like figure continually washing hands of any involvement in the death of those thrust willingly to their deaths at the hands of our enemies. Spying on those who dare to speak out with first amendment rights voicing truth of malfeasance. Denial of flawed decisions by an attorney general of delivering guns into the hands of drug cartels.

Like a dog gone mad, frothing at the mouth, with only a single demented action to complete. One aimed at annihilating any obstruction in sight as a diseased, sick mind takes reign over any civilized behavior. However, it only stands to reason considering actions over four decades. During that same time period when approximately 828,929 murders were committed. None for the most part could be attributed to liberals, directly that is. Yet the same could not be said for the more than 45 million lives. Knowingly, deliberately, cruelly, with consent and intent were butchered, clearly making the Holocaust seem pale by comparison.

Laws were created and passed in the attempt to whitewash this act. Heartbeats did not constitute life. Yet in many cases even the breath of life in those instances where crushed skulls, or chemicals were not enough to impart death, it was insidiously delivered outside the womb. A liberal agenda claims women’s choice to murder defenseless, innocent lives as a right. Yet the 14th amendment clearly speaks to the right of life and a states obligation to defend it. Liberals have seen fit to overrule this, in favor and protest of those criminals guilty of taking life sentenced and adjudged to death. Ambiguous? To say the least.

Face these liberal cowards with the truth. Cries of “racist,” “misogynist,” “homophobe” are nothing more than attempts at changing the dialogue to some emotional tune they want everyone else to dance to. They can’t stand the fact that conservatives are idealist. They actually believe in something, like the original wisdom of the constitution. Not trying to change something that doesn’t need modification, rather grinding and polishing the gem long ago discovered still unfinished.

They’ve been given too much freedom. The Pied Piper cried “change,” playing his tune for all those entranced with what they thought was an aura introducing a new era. When the tune ended, faced with the stark reality like an addict in recovery, was encountered with a desperation for return to the fantasy. As with most addicts, only a fraction actually recover. So it is with liberals. They have willfully indulged in the toxicity championed by power mongers. Enticed by the steady illusion of a Brigadoon and a freedom ideal of some global entity. The gold at rainbow’s end. Seeming to have that within their grasp, only to have it snatched away. Like stealing an addict’s stash.

As a person in the control of an external force, any effort is considered fair to satisfy the need out of control. Violence, hate mongering, avoiding truth for fiction, lies, personal character attacks, inciting false claims, all to attempt support of the habit. Always pointing fingers, ignoring the greater number accusing in return. Every addiction can lead to demise. Is that how this plays out?

Social Media Dims And ‘Flakes!

Dims and ‘Flakes On Soapbox!

Social Media has given everyone a free platform from which each can mount their soapbox to spout words. Mind you it doesn’t matter if it makes sense, or even has merit. It is simply those exercising their first amendment rights of free speech. Well, there’s a whole lot to be said about something that’s for free. It’s easy to stand up and spout off, when it didn’t cost anything.

It wouldn’t even be interesting to see how many would still be willing to stand up and be counted if they had skin in the game. Snowflakes melt well before real heat get’s to them. They literally fade into nothingness. A little dampness at the best. Not too many fires put out by snowfall on record.

There are these voices cryin’ “WAR!” Most don’t have a clue what war is. It’s something they read about in a book, or saw on a video. Maybe they even played one of the many War Games on PS1. It’s a safe bet most have never fired anything other than a digital weapon of mass destruction. The sound of a real gun being fired would probably send most running for cover. Even if it was on a firing range.

Anyone and everyone who has never had to risk anything feels compelled to chime in. Strange that the ones who have “been there…done that…got the campaign ribbon” are the silent ones. All except for John  McCain that is. For the first time in…let’s see, 76 days, both he and Graham actually had something positive to say. It must have felt very strange, especially as they listened to all the sound bites echoing their words. Probably won’t happen again anytime soon.

It’s certain all the pundits, left wing liberals, never Trumpers, Doves, OFA’s, ACLU, will be screaming “foul” or some sort. Something like President Trump ruined perfectly good missile launching sites, or damaged millions of gallons of jet fuel that contaminated already contaminated ground. You know, the ridiculous, absurd, meaningless, pointless claims that are really just clanging cymbals and sounding gongs.

What continues is the warpedness. Liberal minds twisted out of shape. Unable to recover from their unbelievable loss and unwilling to accept what is. Equally with tunnel vision unable to see what actually is beyond the narrow confines of what was. Resistance being the war cry of a battle already lost. Wake up Dims and snowflakes, because the train has already left the station to wherever you thought you were goin’!

Gotta go relax with a cupa!

me-and-a cupa-on-the-terrace-in-cuicocha
Me and a cupa on the terrace in Cuicocha.

First It’s Condemnation And Then Accusation!


Ya gotta laugh at the Dims. They have criticized every effort President Trump’s administration made to create a healthcare plan. Swearing that there was nothing wrong with Obummercare and that it could be fixed. It’s not even worth the effort to pick out the ugliness of comments by both Schumer and Pelosi. They would rather do anything including let people suffer with unaffordable coverage. No choices and deductibles through the roof. Yeah, that’s the way.

But that’s not all.Now that the weight of their fiasco rests squarely on their shoulders, they are trying to blame the GOP! Here’s a comment from one of President Trumps more ardent detractors. “Agent Orange doesn’t give a rat’s patooty about health care for the rest of us.” First they complain against and now they want to complain he doesn’t care. Clearly an attempt at laying the blame for a failed Obummer plan, or better yet Pelosi’s, at the feet of the GOP?

What a joke! These people, the DNC affiliates, are deranged! Worse yet they still haven’t figured out why they lost the election. Oh sure, they continue with the smoke and mirrors of “Russiagate.” It was all because of the Russians the DNC lost the election. It had nothing to do with the fact that the public was tired of the corruption, deceit, lies, attempting to turn our country into some “Global Community” orchestrated by George Soros and others of his ilk. With Obummer as his puppet and other willing actors like Clinton it nearly happened.

No matter that more jobs are being created, that illegal immigrant criminals are being deported, that relations with our Allies are greatly improved despite what pundits would claim. We are facing the problem with Iran and N. Korea head on rather than ignoring and allowing it to fester and grow. The DNC has nothing to say about any of that, right along with the “obstructionist party.”

So show the American public what you really are. Against the “Republic that stands, one nation, indivisible, under God, for liberty and justice for all.” Where babies have a right to be born instead of murdered. Where unelected bureaucrats determine and attempt to create laws. Instead of the elected officials we choose to man the legislature and senate where laws are made.

Where government was of the people, by the people and for the people. Rather than the political elite and cronyism of special interests groups siphoning off our tax dollars for programs that blatantly threaten our health, safety and freedoms. That’s what this pack of insurgents to our way of life promote.

We have the choice to change what havoc has been reaped on our society. The freedoms we enjoyed of not having to recognize same sex marriage as normal. Not having our Christianity become restricted in favor of cults or beliefs. Where the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason is still intact. Where sub-sets of society are given more rights that are in direct opposition to the mainstream. Lifestyles that are in conflict with biblical standards. Cultures that threaten our sovereignty.

Every effort has been made to damage and create something totally different than what we have enjoyed for generations. Now it’s at stake, and the DNC would destroy it if we give them the change. It’s a sad state of affairs that this element exists in our society. Slowly but surely we have surrendered freedoms and rights. Now it’s time to get them back.


Browbeating President For Wiretap Tweet By Dims Backfires!

It is maddening that so many are more than ready to claim there is “no evidence” about the claim by President Trump in relation to the surveillance or “wiretap” tweet. What’s so maddening is by the same token, NO ONE can show any evidence to the contrary either! Hello! But how quick everyone is to condemn, ridicule, jump to conclusion, and discount the incident like some juvenile prank.

Schiff, Comey and most of the rest keep using the word “wiretap” and that the claim is Obummer is the one who did it. None have the guts, apparently, to realize or admit that regardless of who did whatever, Obummer is at the top of the heap and responsible for whoever in his administration may be responsible.

Of course none of the Dims are going to admit any such thing. It is clear from the condemnation by Schiff because Nunes didn’t come to the committee first, they are going to find every way possible to downplay and attempt to discredit the information and the investigation. A useless and pointless investigation in the first place as it relates to Russia and Trump. Confirmed already, it is without any merit whatsoever. Yet the Dims continue wasting taxpayer resources when their constant effort is baseless. There is no evidence, never has been and by all accounts never will be!

All the major no-news opposition party have vomited out their bile and no lack of accusations. Demeaning, discrediting, ridiculing our President and anyone who dared to agree with his claim of surveillance. It now has all the appearance to not just be simple surveillance, but the revelation of the names of private American citizens.

Investigation seems to be leading directly to the Obummer administration, as this occurred during the transition of President Trump’s team. As has been pointed out it was not a direct effot at surveillance, none the less the Trump Team came into play, and information was gathered that had absolutely no surveillance value. Yet this was written into reports, spread throughout the intelligence community and names were unmasked against every rule, law and regulation for doing so.

As all pro-Trump people have been saying, this is no small deal, and may well overshadow such incidents as Watergate. Taking into consideration other questionable actions by the previous president, this may be the death nell to hopefully end any influence he may have. This could be his legacy, rather than the one he has been attempting to make so much noise about.

It would be so fitting it the “opposition party” could be sued for libel. For all the accusations that stopped just short of claiming President Trump a traitor or something along those lines. Crazy Maxine Waters would be choking on her impeachment predictions. Probably do her good.

All things considered the Dims are not not even a little happy about the revelation of incidental gathering of information. That it supports President Trumps claim of surveillance even a little bit now does exactly what it should. Makes all the liberals look like the fools they are. Repeated efforts to downplay the claim now are pointless.

Elijah Cummings needs to put his tongue back in his mouth as he dreams and rants about investigating Devin Nunes. Mostly he just likes to make noise, like the so called key Dims such as Schumer and Pelosi. All the Dims have been posturing and puffing out their chest as though they were some sort of savior of liberal ethics, if there is such a thing.

No matter how this information works out, it has definitely taken most, if not all, the wind out of their sails and deflated their communal chests. It should be obvious, as I believe it is, that these people are so full of anger. It’s not just their refusal to admit defeat in the election. This seems to be fostered by the nearby presence of an equally reprehensible former head of our government. The formation of Organizing For Action. Training people how to be anarchist. Not just protesters, but destructionists intent of damaging property and anything in support of the current administration!

So all the indignation of those on the left is just getting in lockstep to put forth a seeming united front. It is agreed that they are united with egg on their faces!

Time to man (or woman) up!

Do You Agree? What They Don’t Say Matters Most!

It’s not what they say, its’ what they don’t say. In the ongoing investigation of any possible ties, or as the words have changed, coordination. Between Russia and the Trump administration, which includes the allegation of “wiretapping” or surveillance.  As to the wiretapping, “no information has been found to support that.

First of all the word wiretapping and not surveillance was used. Second, what was said is no information was found to support that. What it didn’t say is there was no information found to deny that either. But of course, the question was worded in such a way as to allow Comey to respond in the way he did. There was no attempt to correct the question as to wiretapping or surveillance of any kind. That quite frankly is a huge omission!

What’s more bothersome, is none of the GOP picked up on that, including Trey Gowdy. At least on the segments that were live. The DNC has been more interested in attempting to continue asking question that are very specific and detailed, which they know can not be answered. The obvious intent is to air the question for the public to hear. In the way it is asked or stated, guilt or condemnation is inferred.

Beyond that, he said, “I” have no information. That only means he has none, not that it doesn’t exist. It is in the realm of possibility that he could have instructed that such information not be given to him and retained in some department until further notice. That way he can claim he, his person, to his knowledge, literally and figuratively has no information.

In this group of smoke and mirriors such things are simply everyday possibilities. While no claim can be made again, none can be denied either. That has conveniently been disregarded and strangely never entered the conversation, even though it certainly could have been. A statement such as, I have no information to support or deny this claim, would have been more appropiate.

The whole investigation and the questioning of Comey looked to be completely scripted and if anything politically motivated rather then genuine testimony. On several occasions Comey’s answers should have elicited a response like, “are you serious? Give me a real answer!”

Most hearing this form of questioning are likely to treat it the same way as most talking heads. Believable, which is unfortunate. What we have here, is a failure to recognize a setup! The DNC has come prepared for a witch hunt. Our GOP has come expecting a fair fight. It would seem to be more than crystal clear that the DNC has no intention of any such thing. Subterfuge, distortion, innuendo, manipulated questions, hoax, ruse, wile, ploy, stratagem, dodge, bluff, pretense, deception, fraud, blind,

smokescreen, are all tactics put in play by the DNC as a whole. Intent to create what is not there by simple suggestion.

As mentioned before like the individual who casts aspersion at another. Even though the justice system claims an individual is innocent until proven guilty, that only works in court. In public it tends to be the opposite. The thinking is no one would make such a defamatory claim if there were no grounds. As has clearly been shown time and again, it isn’t so.

Back to the case in point, is the continual repetition of connection between Russia and the Trump administration and or it’s people. Time and again the same comment from the intelligence sources has been the same. There is no evidence of any collusion…period. You would think that would be enough to put this to rest. The horse isn’t dead enough yet!

As said by another, if they didn’t have this to harp on, what would they talk about? The ACA? All they have helped accomplish for the constituents they supposedly represent? The continual obstruction that keeps our government from operating at full force? The charade continues as much as anything to keep focus off the DNC, and all that could be directed at them once the GOP gets people in place. They are definitely doing all that’s possible to avoid the cleanup!

Of greater curiosity is the very people in a position to know about this claim of collusion. The various parts of our intelligence community, have repeatedly made a very clear, concise, simple statement. There is no evidence of any illegal activity. Yet the ones who keep insisting there must be something are the very ones who know nothing, and have dirty laundry to hide in so many areas. It’s what they don’t say that could be most condemning.

A wild goose chase. The intent is to keep on suggesting with the hope a repeated untruth, or lie, will eventually be believed. The DNC is frantically trying to build a fire. All they have accomplished is a smoke screen and not even sparks. Sort of like trying to get an oily rag to burn, or green wood. Smokin’!

Can you imagine any greater desperation than a bunch of rats on a sinking ship? Translate that to a swamp drying up. Maybe you’ve seen what happens on the Discovery Chanel in the Kalahari Desert in the dry season. All the life is affected in drastic ways to survive. How about when there is a forest fire? What happens to all the wildlife? Let that image be somewhat what may well happen with those against the current administration as they are weeded out. That includes a bloated justice system harboring judges that believe they make law rather than interpret it.

Juan Williams of Fox News, tries to make a case of Comey stating the investigation into Hillary Clintons crimes was being reopened just days before the election was and no mention of that about the Trump administration. What Williams, an avowed Liberal, didn’t say is that Clinton had already been convicted of crime, lying on repeated occasions, and nothing of the kind could be said about then candidate Trump! An obvious slanted view, as expected, by Williams. It’s what he didn’t say.

We listen to politicians and what they say. Unfortunately listening carefully they generally say a lot of words without ever being committal. Words like perhaps, possibly, maybe, there’s a good chance, odds are, if, assuming, potentially, on condition, it could, and many other such conditional words and phrases. They must become adept at making this sound natural and sincere. “Just like I sincerely want you to understand how good the odds are you potentially understand this.” What do you think was just said?

“There is no information that supports that.” Is anything really being said in that phrase? No! It leads you to believe there is no proof, or no information at all. What is missed is what it’s answering. In this case as it relates to “wiretapping” by and directly related to Obama. It DOES NOT cover whether there is any information pertaining to surveillance. In particular in the broad sense. This could include, eavesdropping which is not the same as wiretapping, such as with a “bug.”

A piece of malware attached to email correspondence that can give access to stored information or worse. Electronic or digital monitoring, that does not come under the exact classification as wiretap. So the choice of words is so key to everything we hear from politicians.

Other means of tracking include Data Mining which is the practice of examining large databases in order to generate new information. Also Data Profiling which is collecting statistics or informative summaries about that data, and the process of examining data available from an existing information source. A skilled analyst can discover facts about a person that they might not even be consciously aware of themselves. (Wikipedia)

Now it gets real when you consider the digital and electronic age we are in. Now it’s not just a paper trail. There is a “social trail,” and many other types of digital trails such as that left by a credit card. Once a pattern of search on Google is uncovered, a particular website can store a cookie on the searcher IP address. Our own Homeland Security clearly states it uses “data collected from consumer credit and direct marketing agencies—such as Google.”

One that is far more difficult to detect yet exceedingly effective is “the Mole.” Also known as “informants,” “operatives,” or “informants.” Another is satellite imagery which can be used to observe the activities of U.S. citizens. The comes “Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips that are as small as a grain of rice and inserted under the skin. Of course one of the easiest may be the cell phone. Smart, up to a point.

Granted these methods of surveillance are not word centric, rather device. It’s when a statement is made as it refers to a specific type of surveillance, all the rest is left out. The leaves open a multitude of surveillance methods that can and likely were used against the GOP campaign. It also does not cover the fact that the President of the United States has the authority to order electronic surveillance by the NSA on any person in the USA without suspicion, probable cause and without a warrant.

Now this was strongly denied by Comey in the investigation taking place as it concerns possible ties between Russia and the Trump Administration. What is even more interesting, is because the CIA and NSA have access to a warehouse of all digital records of any kind in the U.S. All Obama had to do was request this information, and it could never be tracked since it was not actually invasive as most of the previous methods would have been.

So back to the statement, “There is no information to support that claim.” For wiretapping, but not for gaining access to digital information captured and stored by NSA. Call it covert, or any other name you want. It was never ordered, which is the “key” word here. Since it was already captured and stored, it was just a matter of “review” of data already on file with the NSA, and maybe CIA as well. Theres a good chance HLS has access to it too.

It’s what they don’t say. No one has asked about these digital files the NSA has on had, and whether they have been reviewed specifically by Obama prior to the election directly on Candidate Trump or his staff. Whether or not someone will finally wake up and force an answer to that information will be interesting. I think I will suggest this as a potential story for Fox News, especially since Judge Napolitano has already hit on this in a video back on March 19th.

Becareful as you listen to this video, because he very carefully makes suggestions as to how even the NSA could have been bypassed, by the possibility of using a foreign intelligence service friendly to the U.S. potentially having or given access to those digital files. On translating the digital information to a readable English document, this could then have ben given to Obama with no trace whatsoever.

While the British Intelligence service was “suggested” as a possibility, Great Britain has strongly denied this. While the suggestion of possibility was made, it’s not certain a charge of actual cause ever occurred. The response none the less created some immediate action from our ally across the Atlantic.

So imagine instead that a foreign intelligence organization interested in doing harm to the Russians, sees an opportunity to arrange some sort of a reciprocal agreement for information of use to them in exchange for obtaining similar content from our NSA data. It doesn’t take much to consider the strong possibility when taking into account the massive files our government has.

Think I’ll go check for some cookies to eat…on my cell!

Cookies on my cellphone!


Weather Alert: Snowflakes Inundate California!

It’s really sad that California and it’s residents may become known as the Snowflake State. In turn it’s residents become known as “snowflakes.” Now if there is any difficulty understanding what the term means today, here is a general definition of the word as a term, rather than a noun.

“Generation Snowflake, or Snowflake Generation, is a term used to characterize people who became adults in the 2010s as being more prone to taking offense and less resilient than previous generations, or as being too emotionally vulnerable to cope with views that challenge their own.”

It would seem that California has been in the “snowflake” business for decades. It has never been more evident than now. The rebellious attitudes abound. It has never been more evident than with the attitudes expressed by cities such as Berkley, San Jose, San Francisco, as it relates to protecting illegal immigrants and criminals.

Of course it is no secret that California profits from the lion’s share of illegal immigrants, so it’s really all about profit and greed. One has to wonder how this affects other workers in California. Maybe seeing the way the state was headed accounts from the exodus and downward trend for current population decline in the “Snowflake State.”

There have been many things good about this once thriving state. While always being on the edge. As it relates to a bent seeming to thumb it’s nose at anything smacking of convention. Whether music, healthy eating, the “Hippie Movement” or “Beatnicks” of the ‘50s and ‘60s. Add the enclaves of Hollywood and Silicone Valley to the mix, for a very eclectic society. California was always one of those places many dreamed of going to live the rather lazy, laid back, free and adventurous lifestyle. It seems that in the blink of the eye it has all changed.

With nearly 3 million illegal immigrants that earn substandard wages, pay little or no taxes, abuse social benefit programs, it’s obvious why this state is against anything that might upset such a money-mongering “apple cart.” So to eliminate sanctuary cities for example, would drastically cut this cheap source of labor. Chances are it’s more about this issue than the people themselves.

With nearly one third of the population being immigrants, the majority from Mexico, it begins to be clear why this state is against secure borders, elimination of sanctuary cities, deportation of illegals, the Wall, reduction of block grants, open to anarchists, embracing physical abuse to pro-Trump groups, believing themselves immune to the law of ICE.

A state of Snowflakes, and not just those who became “adults” as it relates to the age of accountability in 2010. That is one thing, whereas being responsible is another. Nothing that relates to even patriotism, as several cities and the state are making noise about wanting to secede and become a sovereign nation unto themselves.

This does give rise to thoughts about the potential gain should that happen. The state would loose a tremendous number of military bases and income, affecting their GDP and state budget. The anger that emanates from this state seems to indicate insecurity with the changes in government. Typical of Snowflakes as the inability to deal with the challenges they find contrary to their own. Imagine how life would change as an independent nation where there was no one to blame for the things they don’t like. How would it be to even be at odds with all the neighboring states?

The culture that caught hold in California in the 1800’s, with José Andres Sepúlveda, Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo, Pablo de la Guerra, and others from old Mexico, was one of prestige and privilege. They called themselves Californios. Securing massive land grants, raising cattle to supply beef to the east coast and tallow for candle factories in South America was their way of life. One of comfort and opulence.

The culture of the Californios included no manual labor. This was only done by peons and servants. Money was seldom used as barter and trade were the instruments of wealth. This eventually was the undoing of the Californios, as the influx of Eastern businessmen soon changed the entire business climate of the state.

However the residue of this culture seems to have permeated the Snowflakes. As manual labor, lack of responsibility, with the attitude of entitlement seeming to be primary, links back to a time far removed from reality. The perceived loss of something never attained appears to have infected this population. To such a degree it has created belligerence, dissension, contempt, impudent actions and behavior.

It creates the idea that at some point, government intervention and legal action is going to be met out in reaction. Continuing to push the envelope will eventually go to far. Appearances seem pointed to this as some sort of test of the governments willingness to reel them in. Seeing a bunch of melted snowflakes might be interesting, caught in the heat of their ire!

Think I’ll go order some almonds before I have to import them!

Almost out of almonds. Gotta hury and order before it’s too late!

How To Make Sense Of The Surveillance Or No Surveillance!

Does anyone else wonder why there has been such a complete denial by the GOP that there is no evidence of surveillance by Obummer’s administration? Stop and think for just a minute. The original “news” did not come about because of President Trump. For those who may be scratching their heads, one of the original reports came from the British News site, The Guardian which can and should be read as well.

This surely could be a good “suspense thriller” and would not be surprising if one on this very topic were soon to hit the NYT Bestseller list.

Some of the claims are extremely questionable, and are referred to in that light. So if not reliable, why publish them in the first place? This is a tactic to basically incite rumors, which in at least 99 percent of the cases are only that.

Some disturbing things that are not rumors, is a Dossier John McCain submitted to Comey of the FBI making assertations or claims of some sort of collusion between Trump and Russia. McCain “said he was reluctant to get involved, lest it be perceived as payback for insulting remarks Trump had made about him during his rambunctious campaign.” While he was more than willing to try and dig up some sort of condemning information, he didn’t want to get involved? Really? What a contradiction of actions.

So here’s where an interesting recap of the surveillance issue gets started. It lends strong implications that for some reason, all this information suddenly doesn’t seem to be important. One could almost wonder if it is now being claimed it never existed? Well, read it and draw your own conclusions. If nothing else, you will be scratching your head and wonder what’s going on, and what can you believe anymore.

If you’re really interested, it will take some reading, and following the various outbound links that lead to yet more sources of information. I did take the time to follow those sources. However no claim is being made of any conclusion I’d be willing to share. Other than that of it bears reading for anyone wanting to process and consider the possibilities. As to where the truth lies? That may be the most difficult part to determine.

What has bothered me from the outset, are the reports stemming from those anonymous sources. Everything is shrouded in secrecy, and there seems to be no trail of evidence anyone is willing or able to produce. In that light, what can be believable? What are we left to think? Right there is the issue.

There has been so much mud slung that it has sufficiently disguised and distorted any truth written on the wall. Diluted, misrepresented, misdirected, the majority dependent on the reader to attempt making any sense of it. Sean Hannity of Fox News has repeatedly made the comment, “Journalism is dead!” Others have made a relation to “Orwellian Doublespeak.” Does anyone sincerely disagree?

What has also been noticed is that because of all this bias, as well as confusion it’s too complicated for most to focus on an issue. There are too many segues. Fake news stories are prolific to add more uncertainty to the mix. These get posted to social media and the unwary jump to repost. Way to often without “vetting” the story for fact or fiction. The old adage of if it sounds to good, outlandish, radical, to be true, it’s time for snopes.com.

Results speak loudly to both. It has gotten to the point where we are left more confused than enlightened or educated to the issues. Truth in reporting seems to be totally absent. Conjecture, innuendo, anonymous sources if they really exist, extreme accounts by equally extreme writers, seem to lead nowhere.

Readers are left going in circles, just like the dog chasing it’s tail. Is

Somethin’ is going on in there, but it’s not me!

there is some notion that I’m going to even suggest an answer to all this? Let it be clearly stated that is not going to happen. You get the same opportunity presented to me. An article offering still more questions than answers. Are we having fun yet?

I think something is trying to “hack” my brain! Must be some new gizmo NSA is testing.

Do You Agree Free Lunch Is Inconclusive In It’s Intent?

healthy-bacon-homemade-peanut butter-banana-honey-on-homemade-wholewheat-toast
My healthy bacon, homemade peanut butter, banana, honey on homemade wholewheat toast!

Why should free student lunches fall on the shoulders of the Federal Government? Like so many other programs this needs to be handled by the various states and not Washington D.C. To be included in the 2017 budget cuts, it would be a natural assumption states would pick up the program.

As it pertains to being included in the budget cuts, and comments that the program may not be working as intended creates questions. Is there sufficient evidence of how well this program works? Is this just another “handout” to allow families to be more irresponsible and dependent on government? Is there abuse of the program? Does it fulfill it’s intended purpose? That of improving scholastic performance?

According to some studies, improved performance was noticed. However there has been no substantial proof it was directly related to the free lunch. In fact, depending on the geographic location, the “nutritionally balanced” lunches found a large part deposited in the trash. Kids in Texas or Arizona are not fond of salads and vegetables compared to enchiladas, tortillas or tacos with refried beans and salsa. There’s a good chance those items did not make it on the list of approved foods.

Studies have shown that there is no direct correlation between the actual food and academic performance. In fact, it could be more of a psychological element than metabolism. The idea of getting something for free, or being treated in a preferential way could have as much impact as food.

The 15 foods that relate directly to being the best for great brain performance are;

  • Acocados
  • Beets
  • Blueberries
  • Bone broth
  • Broccoli
  • Celery
  • Coconut Oil
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Egg yolks
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Green Leafy Vegetables
  • Rosemary
  • Salmon
  • Turmeric
  • Walnuts

Now the question has to be asked exactly how many of these were included with any consistency in school meals? It defies the imagination that no matter how great these are, kids in predominate Latin areas may not be as likely to eat them. The other issue is how well any of these match up to what kids are accustomed to eating in their homes. Just because it’s been deemed healthy and nutritional, is no guarantee they will eat it.

While it sounds great on the adult level, kids are a different story. Unfortunately our society has fallen prey to BIG FOOD, and the incessant advertising for boxed nutrition-less cereals, pop tarts, toaster pastries, prepackaged pancakes and waffles, frozen egg and sausage on a biscuit, and so much more. This is what they are used to, which is the greater problem. Cheap, nutritionless, empty value foods that at best, are filling but offer nothing good to the body. They boast added vitamins, which are all chemical not natural, offering as much value as the foods.

So the free lunches that are supposed to offer such balanced, nutritional value, can only do so when consumed. However one good meal a day is simply not going to be sufficient, especially when the breakfast meal has long been identified as the primary meal to get the day off to the best start.

As always, there are the Pros and Cons, advocates and opponents, critics and supporters with this as any program. Reports are always subjective as much as objective, making it difficult to arrive at any conclusive point. Unfortunately it is a political issue dealing with kids, making it even more volatile should any dare say opinions to the negative.

Current budget cut proposals for the Trump Administration include elimination of the Free School Lunch program re-instigated during the last 8 years. Heated response has surfaced by those opposed, claiming measured results. Investigation reveals no measurable evidence that it is the free lunch that stimulates any improvement in student performance. While some improvement can be found, it can not be directly connected to food. This in turn would seem to give basis to terminate the program.

Of course, it simply gives more fuel to those opposed to the current administration in power. Looking for any tidbit useful for their determination to undermine the administration, all the while looking like a bunch of disgruntled kids that didn’t get their way.

Perhaps a new program could be started. A National Coupon for one free, Friday Night Beer with a Personal Pizza. That way they would have an opportunity at least once a week, for a free meal and something to cry in! Might work. Seems to work for the protestors.

I’m going to go protest pineapple on pizza!


Kool-Aid Quiz/ Do You Really Think Cuts Equal Eliminate?

Time to man (or woman) up!

There is not a chance that any of the proposed budget cuts are going to really offset the bloated budgets each one of these departments has in the first place!

If each one were gone through with a fine tooth comb by a genuine auditor, the reductions could probably be more. The traditional actions of every one of these departments is to make certain every cent of an annual budget is used up, so that an increase for a new budget can be justified.

As such, money is spent on frivolous items or out and out wasted. Worse yet, there is no oversight on how it is spent, unless the attention of the GAO is ignited! We have an example of how well that works by the increased amount of the National Debt from the last eight years.

So the hue and cry of the Dems is just noise, like that one child in the family constantly crying and complaining, creating chaos just to get attention. They can’t understand why all their insults, delays, obstructionism, rumors, exaggerations, personal degradations, unfounded accusations, desire to be despots, globalists, lawless society, abortionist desires, exploitation of women by claiming freedom, elitist attitude towards working class, is so not accepted by more than half our population.

And don’t kid yourself, that the full result of the popular vote reflects the true feeling of those numbers! When there are more than 11 M illegal immigrants, many of which are encouraged to vote, given I.D.s and voter registrations in MANY states, plus Green Card holders that have done the same, only a stupid person would fall for “there’s no evidence!” That or Dems who don’t want to know the truth.

So keep on crying and complaining. That will really solve everything. It’s apparent how well the tactics of the last administration worked. They didn’t! That’s why you’re still crying, and most likely will be for the next 8 years.

It should be clear by now that those in line with the GOP want our country back! We’re not ready to hand it over to those who are not citizens of the United States of America. We’re not going to let other factions in the world bent on terror defeat or rule us. We welcome with open arms those willing to come to this country in the same way many of our ancestors arrived. Legally!

Going through the process. Making the sacrifices necessary. Not stealing our generosity, robbing, killing, raping, and abusing everything like the thugs, and undesirables they are. No, amnesty for those is totally unwarranted. Even to those millions who may not fit that description. To them amnesty is still unfair to all the others who do not need it. Illegal entry to this country should not be rewarded. Period!

It makes one wonder how it’s possible for those who want to give all that up? Millions have died to defend our right as a nation to exist. Yet there is this element bent on destroying that. Even after seeing the failure of “Open Borders” in Europe, and the terror that came as a result. How could any sane person believe that would work in the United States?

This all started out about budget cuts, and strangely enough it’s all connected. It’s bureaucrats and those who have gone through some sort of brainwashing or personal agenda, wanting to act it out at the expense of the rest of us.

They know no rules, and really have no allegiance to the country they swore to serve. Many believe themselves absolved from accountability. So the traitorous actions, played out in so many different ways, are done with the idea they are isolated from any persecution for such treachery. Justice comes to all in due time.

These budget cuts are just the first step in rectifying the bloated budgets presented falsely over the years. The same will result in personnel filling needless and pointless positions, simply to fulfill perceived or worse, committed obligations to constituents.


Have You Discovered What “Doublespeak” Is?

Have You Discovered Doublespeak?

What is really surprising are comments by those who would claim to be non-biased or impartial, on a fairly consistent basis being in non-agreement with comments from either side of the political issues. An old saying claims “where there’s smoke…there’s fire.” It’s been proven that even when there is no smoke, there’s fire. An example of underground fires in areas with highly volatile soil is an example. Fire can be virtually undetectable until it surfaces above ground.

So at least in my mind after decades of witnessing activities on both sides of the political spectrum, there are right leaning tendencies without out supporting out of hand the Republican platform. Most of the reason was always about promises never kept on either side, and social issues I could never support on the “left.”

Neither the DNC or GOP are perfect, and far from it. Current activities clearly attest to that. Fake News abounds in social media and in nearly any digital format. Emotions as well as attitudes span the spectrum. Tactics of deliberate agitators at Pro-Trump rallies with no other intent than to violently disrupt the events only create more unrest. Nothing is solved by these actions. If anything it tends to exploit the rallies to create more violence supposedly all the GOP’s fault.

Then just about the time you feel you can have a little confidence in some of the News Outlets or Digital Publications, along come those obvious distortions of not just beliefs, but facts. It has turned into such a word game. If this were a game of Yahtzee, or Spill n’ Spell, that might work real well. Unfortunately that is what was termed as “Orwellian Doublespeak” in relation to the latest on surveillance or wiretapping the Trump Campaign. It’s nearly impossible to wade through the deliberate doublespeak, and there’s tons of it. What an amazing defensive measure this is, and we as a public just haven’t been paying attention.

Here’s an interesting point, as mentioned in reference to NSA and what powers they have. Without going to copious information and Federal documents to list verbatim the reach of the NSA, one of the powers is access to anything digital. It seems there is nowhere any of the communication in the USA can be hidden from NSA.

Furthermore, the President of the U.S. has only to make a phone call, after obtaining some sort of certificate, to get access to any of this digital information on anything thing or anyone, without there necessarily being a reliable paper trail to substantiate such actions. This certificate is NOT a FISA warrant, just in case.While it’s uncertain who or what has to provide that certificate, and what information must be included in that application or request, it could be assumed it’s not very revealing as to actions.

So the question is raised how do we, the public, get some answers to this expanded ability to gain access to sensitive information without the usual paper-trails required when the FBI, DOJ or AG’s office is involved? How exposed do you feel? Is this something that needs to be rescinded by President Trump, along with returning back to the appropriate agencies the sensitive intelligence information flagrantly abused by the former president?

I only know how to respond to those things I believe pertinent to a change in the way our nation is managed. If it seems to lean to the positive, not right or left, then until proven otherwise it will get support. The opposite is also true. Support of those who I feel are in support of President Trump is not a question. Necessary research often precedes such support, to try and ferret out what is just inflammatory rhetoric as opposed to really unsupported claims that have no foundation at all.

It has been frustrating with all the meaningless claims made by the DNC attempting to create grounds for total imploding of the GOP. After a disastrous two terms in power there is little wonder the DNC is continuing efforts to excuse all the lies, scandals and subterfuge of their tenure. It’s possible that for most of us, much of what has taken place during that time went in one ear and out the other. You get to the point where the mind becomes numb to all the chatter.

Admittedly, for decades that has been mine. Not numb, just ignoring all of it for the most part. The distinction of ignore to numb may be necessary for some reading this. Otherwise there might be some doubt as to what was numb or ignored. This seems like a good place to end that thought.

So yes, it is difficult to understand those who seem bent on taking what is written with the intent to discredit the meaning or that it has any value. It seems like those thoughts or ideas somehow seem to be a threat. To agree with one is to disagree with another. For the most part it’s like those pundits who seem bent on displaying what they believe to be expertise. Again, a different kind of “word game.”

Think I may need to have some alphabet soup to increase my word knowledge.