Is It Your Idea Or Someone Else’s?

A light bulb moment! The one that we always use to refer to that great, million dollar idea. It seems like it came out of nowhere. Just a flash of inspiration and it’s like it was all there. In detail.


Sure, you had been thinking about this for some time, most recently with a little more intensity. Then boom! There it was, like the blueprint was magically handed to you, just waiting for you to make it.

Let’s say you actually put action to the idea and make it. Then rush to get a patent to protect your brainchild. Then comes the shocking surprise, that someone has already filed a patent. How could this be? The surprise is almost too much to bear. What is the explanation?

Scientific studies, in one instance from MIT, would claim that brainwaves are too weak to travel far, and could never compete with radio waves for example. Another article* dealing with the “ether” and “speed of thought” offers sufficient material for consideration to the contrary.

Many studies have been done during the last 30 years that continue to offer substantial proof of the power of thought. One of the best sources I have found citing many different experiences over many years can be found here.

So what is the point? Thoughts, ideas, travel, and not just in circles inside your head. They are not just weak signals as compared to radio waves, but are received both consciously and unconsciously at great distances. While current experiments have been done using computers to help translate the message to the brain of participants from India to France, those using no such mechanical means are some of the most interesting.

So what is the possibility of picking up random thoughts of another, never realizing they were not 100 percent your own? Consider the conscious effort involved thinking intently about a particular project, idea, or challenge. Is it possible the more concentrated those efforts are they could attract similar thoughts?

Many experiments have been done with telepathy, transmitting thoughts from one person to another over short distances with success. Mind reading has normally been relegated to parlor tricks, so is not seriously considered in truly transmitting thoughts from one person to another.

Some will have a hard time relating thoughts to prayer or anything spiritual. For many a prayer is a conversation with God. No special words or phrases were ever necessary, and in fact Jesus clearly stated that those who did nothing more than call on his name would be given an eternal life with him.

So it seems all this could be boiled down to intent. In whatever mode it is intended, through prayer, a spiritual effort, a sincere desire, shamanic rituals, as an old saying goes, it’s the thought that counts.

There will always be the “naysayers” who refuse to accept anything that doesn’t have some logical explanation. These surely are the distant offspring of those who claimed the world was flat, of those who poisoned such as Socrates for bringing about change.

Go ahead and laugh, shake your head, but be careful what you’re thinking because you never know where it could end up. Whoever coined the phrase, “A penny for your thoughts.” was trying to get off cheap! At least in some cases where there was actual value involved.

Since it has also been proven that most hide out in thoughts of past history, which being in the past are as dead as the doornail, thoughts of value are in the big minority. So it can be said that the possibility of capturing that million dollar thought may have odds of say…a billion to one?

I’ve got some serious thinkin’ to do.


Article link to sped of thought

Is Your Life Satisfying Or Just Bearable?

How many people are actually satisfied with their life? Happy to a fault, looking forward to every minute of each day with gratitude, seeing positive opportunities in abundance. Is this you? Can you relate to feeling this way?

Asking this question to a mix of people with no agenda other than to discover what the average person on the street is thinking, would likely provide some not too surprising answers. It’s always interesting to Google something like this, just to see how many different answers show up. For the most part, there seems to be a general lack of understanding as to just what “satisfied” is or means.

Some will start off by trying to relate satisfied to happiness, and I find that while they may play in the same sandbox, they are two different emotions. While satisfied may include happiness, one can still be unhappy and satisfied, accepting a not so agreeable situation as the hand they have been dealt, resigned to moving forward in spite of circumstances.

Merriam Webster defines it this way;

:a happy or pleased feeling because of something that you did or something that happened to you

:the act of providing what is needed or desired

:the act of satisfying a need or desire

: a result that deals with a problem or complaint in an acceptable way

As noted satisfied can include happiness but is not dependent on it. So the question still remains, is life satisfying? There’s a good chance, better than even, that when closely questioned a majority would have to answer no to the question. Majority being anything over 50 percent may not seem a fair measurement, but let’s continue along this path to see where that leads.

Why aren’t people satisfied? A better question could be when is enough, enough? Ego will constantly claim just a little more, but a funny thing happens in that “more” is never specific and therefor never enough.

Here again ego is in the mix, that illusion of what we think is necessary to satisfy yet never does. Sound familiar? With more than 90 percent of the world’s population caught up in their ego, obviously some more than others, it doesn’t take much observation to see the signs where people have learned to endure current circumstances, but far from being really satisfied and much less happy.

Ego is not very different from addiction. Once caught up in it’s illusion, breaking free and recovery are just as challenging, and some days are better than others. It is a day by day effort, and no cure as such. As with addictions of all natures, it is learning how to cope more than be cured.

So is being satisfied with life an issue of breaking free of the ego and starting your own recovery program? Is it something as simple as recognizing how hypnosis or even self hypnosis can change your life? Oh wow, I can just imagine that wall which just sprang up out of nowhere!

Not an advertisement!

As with so many things in life, that which one really knows nothing about is relegated to rumor, hearsay, urban legend, and all those metaphors that could be applied. I was one of those, until seeing it applied in a most unlikely place in regular everyday life during my residency with the government at Schofield Barracks in the middle of our squad bay.

One Archie Andrews, no relation to the comic book character except in real life, performed several acts on those of us willing to take part. What I witnessed destroyed any doubts as to the validity of hypnosis. At that time we were all taught how to use self-hypnosis to our betterment. I don’t think any of us really knew how to make it as effective as it could have been.

The point remains that today, medical practitioners are using it more and more with patients to reduce pain, depression, asthma, paralysis, and countless other physical and emotional issues.

 Where does this lead in terms of satisfaction with life? Quite simply that anyone can freely, easily, safely and effectively indulge in self-hypnosis to learn how not only satisfaction with life can be achieved, but a level of happiness never before experienced.

Do I endorse it, recommend, embrace or take advantage of it myself? The answer is really not important as it relates to the reader, since every one is distinct, unique and individual. Choices are always yours to make, and should never be based on what another has experienced.

Research is always recommended. There are books galore by respected authorities and sources. Those who choose can be convinced by the Bible itself, or books such as Think and Grow Rich, with it’s amazing secret, that whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

Thinking that neither has anything to do with hypnosis, simply fail to understand what hypnosis is. In simplest terms, it is the ability to determine how one wants to live life, the faith to believe it will happen, and take steps to make it so.

Most often referred to as autosuggestion, it is defined in these terms; The theory that if individuals can suggest a belief to themselves, they will come to believe it.

Also defined as; The process by which a person induces self-acceptance of an opinion, belief, or plan of action.

There’s a good chance that some might even attempt to view this as “brainwashing.” And why not? In effect, it is reaching the subconscious part of your mind, housed within the brain, and bringing about change through clearing or cleaning out thoughts and beliefs detrimental to success in many areas of life, based on fear of survival the subconscious mind operates on constantly.

Here’s the point. Anyone can be satisfied with status quo, following the crowd, or simply giving in to the path of least resistance. As a rule this does not bring the unbridled joy, thrills or adventures life has to offer.

Have you discovered your mission in life and your purpose? Is it to be satisfied, or is there more to it? Do you know? Is it a scary proposition to ask yourself such a question, for fear of not having an answer? Is there more to life than what you have been willing to extract? Is life stopping you, or is that something you have engineered yourself?

Many sit around looking for answers to sort of magically show up, rather than taking the necessary steps to dig in and find those missing pieces to the puzzle. Your puzzle is far from complete, and won’t be until you become that final piece, which will signify the end and the beginning.

Since our bodies were created with the ability to heal us, I’m going to see how to convince it to grow hair on a bald head!

Do You Know Who You Are Or Just Think You Do?

How do you describe yourself? What words come to your mind when you hear that question? Alphabetical listings of  adjectives rush to your rescue as you discover it isn’t as easy as it might seem. Could it be knowing who you are is one of those things in your life that gets taken for granted? Let’s see where this goes.


Describing who you are and what you do seem to get tangled up for most. There is quite a difference when taken into account what you do for a vocation or career, don’t tell the whole story. Working as an accountant, being an ace with numbers, may describe what you do but doesn’t mention the fact that you are a raving conservative. Maybe a contrast of words but there it is.

Seemingly a recluse at home is the hot shot salesman. Gambling at Las Vegas as an invited guest is the ordinary housewife, risking hundreds of thousands with little to back it up. Who is she? Housewife or gambler? Where might addict or deeply disturbed and dysfunctional fit in?

Tremendous amounts of time and money are spent in the effort to keep who we are well hidden for the most part, while creating this other persona we display on the outside for all to see as the “real” us. Notice the inclusive “us” as there is no hiding the fact as part of the human race “I” must include self.

The only difference is a lifetime has been spent in search of the who and what. Enough issues in younger years surfaced to the degree that facts could hardly be ignored as to not being normal. While others may have just acquiesced to thinking to the contrary in their lives, others were just not satisfied accepting things at face value. After all, were we not part of the “hippie” generation, where authority was questioned along with anything else that seemed to be too controlling?

Certain aspects of this search for the “who” could nearly be classified as obsessive, but only nearly. The testing that has been voluntarily taken, seeming scores of personality and temperament evaluations, page upon page of definitions of who I am that seem more like some strange person I didn’t know.

Swallowed up in all this was the inkling of truth, that this was really me and I had been ignoring all the signs for decades. Now truth was having it’s day but not without resistance. Whoever is the author of “truth will set you free,” conveniently left off that it would be painful in the process.

Now, where does all that leave you? I’m sharing a little of my “who” to give some insight as to how you may be hiding from yours. About this point is where that river so often referred to begins to flow, known as “denial.”

Leading readers exactly where? Why would you want to go down this path to dig in some areas that have been nicely ignored for decades, thank you very much? Other than the fact it is immensely freeing to stop the hiding of the real self, out of fear and possible rejection, it may be difficult to give a genuine reason.

It’s another example of how we have been conditioned all our lives that the “real you” isn’t quite up to par. Look no further than the nearest T.V. to get that message, or the latest photos of those we are led to believe lead lives we hunger and thirst for, seen everywhere on the Internet.

Constant dissatisfaction bombardment may become a new neurosis for the psychiatric shamans to probe into those dark recesses of your overstimulated thought centers.

So consider pausing for a second to go back in your memory, electing a moment in time where life was an absolute “bowl of cherries!” We’ve all had them. Shooting that hole-in-one at the local putt-putt golf course that won the prize. Unforgettable dining at that 5 star restaurant where you experienced food and service like a king or queen.

Dazzling sunsets of that vacation that could not find enough colors in the palette for description, where Piña Coladas were abundant and the beaches truly tropical. Moving into the house of your dreams, pinching yourself to make sure it is not of your imagination, but real.

Now close your eyes, and see all of that event in it’s splendor. Feel it, listen to any voice that may be audible, aromas, the wind, tastes, experience the remembrance of all there is from that moment. Make certain you are looking through your eyes at this event, and not as though you were standing off to the side observing yourself. This is important.

After you have seen yourself in this memory, at the very height of your feelings, open your eyes. Touch your thumb to the second joint on the middle finger of your right hand. That may sound silly, but in doing so you create what is known as an anchor.

This is just one example of how you can take a moment where you may be feeling down, and simply by touching that joint as indicated it will bring back a moment when all was right with the world, helping to replace those less than positive feelings.

Repeat the process several times to make it strong. Then recall it the next day and see if you notice an uplifting sensation. You can also do the same for other moments of similar significance. Point is this is just one of many exercises to retrain your subconscious that controls 95 percent of all your activities.

What does this have to do with knowing who you are? Consider what it means to have 95 percent of your daily activity controlled by your subconscious mind, and then ask yourself if you know who you are! Who’s in control?

You have the power to change many things in your world, but not until you learn how to reprogram your subconscious. Many have tried without having the real understanding of how it’s done. You’ve done the drill, if New Year’s Resolutions come to mind. That’s a small example, but it’s real.

There will be more on this. Feel free to comment on your thoughts. I think I’ll see about reclaiming that slim physique of my younger years!

Are You Caught Up In The Hoopla Or Watching What They Don’t Want Us To See?

Slight of hand is alive and well, or at least what passes for the same when it comes to the Liberal Media. As if it wasn’t bad enough trying to listen for tidbits of truth from politicians, speech taken out of context, out and out lies from sources most don’t even recognize.

There are several issues at hand when it comes to what has been labeled “News” these days. Headlines are written in such a way as to be just short of libelous, in an effort to create the scandal, character assassination, or any ruse that will garner more viewers or advertisers.

How many times have we heard news making a claim, that on closer review had no foundation at all? That, or a deliberate distortion of the facts, which according to some sources media outlets claim the FCC ruling over broadcast of false information is only a ruling, but not a criminal offense, therefore giving them the right to broadcast the news in any way they see fit.

Whether or not the last part is true, based on the proliferation of fake news sites, and misrepresentation of statements and comments made by public figures, it has gotten to the point now more than ever in the past, where news media is in the majority, untrustworthy.

Below is a list of the top, not all, fake news sites constantly spreading outright lies and distortions, some admittedly and others not so, by


National Report
World News Daily Report
News Examiner
Empire News
Naha Daily
The Stately Harold
The Reporterz
Empire Herald
Satira Tribune
NC Snooper
Associated Media Coverage

Following is wordage found on the FCC site as it relates to broadcasting false information. This just seems to give more leeway to those who are inclined to create faux news sites to further fill social media with their trash.

*The FCC’s rules prohibit holders of broadcast licenses from broadcasting false information concerning a crime or a catastrophe if:

the licensee knows the information is false; and
the licensee knows beforehand that broadcasting the information will cause substantial “public harm.” (a great deal is assumed here, as how easy is it to claim no knowledge of the impact beforehand)  The public harm: (1) must begin immediately and cause direct and actual damage to property or the health or safety of the general public; or (2) divert law enforcement or public health and safety authorities from their duties.


If a broadcast licensee uses a disclaimer that clearly characterizes the program as fiction, and the disclaimer is presented in a way that is reasonable under the circumstances, the program will be presumed not to pose foreseeable public harm.*

Here is a link that supposedly deals with false or information that misrepresents information over any broadcast media. Notice the broad characteristics of the supposed penalties, and the ridiculous monetary amounts that would be paid. This is of special interest when taken into account how a broadcaster could benefit well beyond the supposed penalty or fine by way of advertising revenue and such.

So here we are as a public, assaulted by so much trash that tries to pass as news, you have to wonder what is going on behind the scenes? For such a laxness in regulating the media in general, it seems this is used as a shield to hide whatever is really happening that we don’t see.

What laws are being passed in congress that goes against the public interest, that even when reported gets pushed down to the level of unimportant events. Headlines that aren’t drastic or scandalous enough, to get our attention and by design.

How many times have you been embarrassed by forwarding or sharing an email or urgent message from someone that was proven to be a hoax or just completely fake? Fess up, because you’re not alone.

People that should know better have fallen victim on occasion, as well as the generally naive. So following is a list of the top three “myth busters” where you can get down to the facts about anything that sounds too good to be true, or just too outrageous.

These were discovered on a site listing the top 10 sites to help debunk the junk! Check this out for more information on the various sites and their reliability.

Scandalous, outrageous information is what a negative mind feeds on, rather than what’s true, honest, uplifting and just plain good. No, I’m not preaching here, and even many of those today resort to the previous. Want some good news? Then check out for information that will make your day better. If it doesn’t, then you need what Zig Ziglar calls a “checkup from the neck up!”

I think I might go fry some pickles!

Do You Do What You Love Or Do What You Have To?

Getting up excited about the day is where you are? You jumped out of bed knowing what lie ahead for the day, fully expecting surprises along the way. You know you’re capable of handling whatever comes your way.

Cortisol just climbed to high levels with the sound of your alarm. Dragging yourself from the bed to the bathroom is not where you want to be. Those reports are nagging you to get finished and it’s like dragging yourself through molasses to get them done. It’s only “hump day” and you’re already exhausted.

Which of those two scenarios describes you? These days there is a good deal written and talked about concerning doing what you love as opposed to whatever job you can find. Greater yet is attempting to answer the question: If you could do anything you wanted and knew you COULD NOT FAIL, what would it be?

Chances are you have no idea how to answer that question. Welcome to the club. First off, there may be many things that come to mind you have never tried, like being a professional athlete. How many men would give their eye teeth for that sort of opportunity?

Then there are the many things you have done in life, some of which you actually enjoyed and wouldn’t mind repeating. The question comes back to the word, anything. A blank could just as easily be put there, and it would still get the same result. A great big “huh?”

This is similar to having a Genie pop out of a bottle and giving you three wishes, only the first two don’t count. How do you pick that one thing you want to do and could not fail? The thought comes to mind, if I could not fail, then let me be successful at every single thing I try! That has a good sound to it.

Mindset seems to be the key to the question. If I am determined to be successful at something, anything, and willing to do whatever it takes ethically, morally, personally and spiritually, then how could I fail? Believing in myself to that degree would appear to be the most important key. So where does this tend to break down?

I like what T. Harv Eker says, as to how we’ve been trained from childhood by all those in authority in our lives, that we have to fit a mold, educating ourselves as some sort of professional. That is a mold that has been broken for decades.

Take a look at all the Masters degrees, Doctors, Attorneys, MBAs, Engineers, Accountants and others, who are floundering. Are you one of those? What were you told  at seven years old you could never do? Maybe again in you teens when you demonstrated a talent for something out of the mainstream, like being a radio broadcaster, or inventor with way out of the ordinary ideas an creations that actually work.

When this came to the surface you were made to feel stupid, immature, unwise, irresponsible, to name just a few of the comments made to intimidate you into thinking there was no possibility that you could have an inkling what might be best for you. Are you nodding your head recalling such moments in the past?

With these labels carried throughout life that jump out from the subconscious mind to haunt and repudiate everytime we dare to test our fear factor, what are the chances of ever rising above unbelief? Effort to overcome those labels and that fear take work and commitment, which translate to change. Now this, change, is the name of everyone’s favorite topic.

Can you say, “been there, done that, got the poster and T-shirt!”? Then you will want to follow this series of articles dealing with how that change comes about, as I go on that journey. I’ve been to the mountain top once, and rolled down the other side, bruised and beat up in an environment that only added to my insecurity to attempt anything like I had just accomplished.

On the Cuicocha Trail around the lagoon!
On the Cuicocha Trail around the lagoon!

At a point where most would be ready to hang up the gloves, there is still too much to accomplish, and no reason not to do it. Age certainly is not a factor, so it’s time to beat down all the things that have been allowed to rule up till now.

Writing about the experience may encourage another to do the same, as for once that determination and commitment is right where it needs to be. Join me on this journey, or be a bystander. Whichever suits you at the moment.

So There It Goes Again!

Contactos Barbara JarrettLooking at the beauty of your face constantly brings a sensation impossible to describe with mere words. Seeing that sparkle in your eyes is intoxicating when it locks fully on to my gaze. Just as the wonder of it all crosses my mind, leaving me with no words I realize, so there it goes again.

What’s past is past and shall never again revive.
Every moment is new leaving behind something less than what it replaces. Instead of comparing with what is gone we need to grab what is here and now. Squeezing to render the very last drop of joy and bliss, so often followed by a kiss. Ahh…so there it goes again.

Shuffling through the sand on a beach, having lunch at a quaint restaurant, taking in the beauty of sun-tinted clouds creating one more celestial masterpiece, holding hands through it all. When did we get to this point, of knowing the extreme ecstasy of now? Wow…so there it goes again.

Far too deep for explanation, some things simply defy all attempts to apply words. Maybe that’s why those who try find constant frustration. Even to define a person is impossible as constant change is taking place. You have never been simple or easy to define and that’s as it should be. It’s the constant remolding of ourselves that creates what is, and there it goes again.

It can’t be called love, as that would attempt to define or limit this indescribable sensation. It is joy, excitement, pleasure, contentment, happiness, tenderness, gentleness, patience and more, all pulsating with their respective energy. A constant panorama presents itself that allows us to know it’s presence. Rarely do we catch it in the moment but we know, so there it goes again.

Here we are, fully enrolled in our sunset, where the colors seem more spectacular than before. There’s the sensation of oneness that grows stronger daily. The final release to grey becomes you, enhancing your beauty in ways beyond your ability to see. Approaching those moments longed for beyond decades, to give that final measure of completeness creates a radiance about you seen by all, especially me, and there it goes again.

What lies ahead is not shared, rather fully lived. The expectations of the past have turned to be those of anticipation. Excitement first soars then ebbs, then soars again as we know what comes, where change is now a known guest. Fighting against the unchangeable to absorb with gratitude what is. Witnessing enhancements by the heart, and there it goes again.

Knowing that each sunrise introduces a bare canvas to become a new creation to dissolve at sunset into dreams, spreading out to heavenly bodies lending more sparkle. Our time will come to join that energy, lending our light to those gazers below, dreaming great and romantic visions. Our spirit is everywhere, dismissing all limitations of space and time. A moment will come in the life of a searcher, and they too will say, so there it goes again.

Is It Movies On DVD Or TV?

As I sit here typing away listening to the instrumental version of Music In The Night from Phantom, it brings to mind the DVD of that musical. Here go those thoughts again, as that jumped to which do I prefer? Actually for me it’s a no brainer.

I will watch a good movie on DVD 10 times and get far more enjoyment than from 1 hour of TV. A collection of some 300 DVD’s occupy space near the big screen. Now I’m exposing my preference, but not my other half’s.

Imagine what that implies, when there is a choice. That 40” screen is great for watching about anything in HD color, and not so much on my 21” monitor. Still, with headphones I can get right into the story.

Admittedly Westerns and Musicals would rank as my favorite. Les Miserables with Hugh Jackman, Ann Hathaway, Russel Crowe and Eddie Redmayne would rank right at the top. For me the fact that all the vocals were live and not in studio, added tremendously to the emotion and realism of the performances.

After that would have to be Phantom, followed by Mama Mia, Fiddler on the Roof, Evita, for some of the more recent ones. Well, I guess Fiddler isn’t all that recent, unless you consider West Side Story, Brigadoon, South Pacific, Oklahoma, Funny Girl, and Wizard of Oz are even older.

Commercials are non-existent on DVD’s. Other than previews at the beginning that’s it. Not so on cable. Every hour of broadcasting has 30 minutes that is advertising. It ruins the flow of a movie. Plus I can stop a DVD at any point without missing a thing.

There are movies that have been watched countless times, such as Sweet Home Alabama, Return to Me, Under the Tuscan Sun, Hope Floats, Hoosier, Monty Walsh, Dancing With Wolves are some of those. What’s special about these? A good story, without all the verbiage and X-rated scenes prevalent in so many movies today. Believability is another factor that makes them special.

Somehow it all boils down to a feel good moment. That’s not the same for some others like Love Story, Last of the Mohicans, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Dead Poet Society or Midnight Cowboy. While there is an underlying message of hope, if you’re willing to look for it, the endings don’t leave you feeling happy.

Movies that are fun, like Wedding Planner, Maid In Manhattan, 50 First Dates, Pretty Girl, Sleepless In Seattle, Driving Miss Daisy, are a few that come to mind.

No, by no means is this a plug for any of these. An opportunity to just share some of those things that appeal to me is what it amounts to. Should you find that we share some similar interests, wouldn’t that be interesting. It’s just as likely some may scratch their head with very contrary thoughts. Isn’t that what makes life interesting?

Reading a good book is another favorite past time, one that has been sacrificed in order to write. The movies created by books definitely rival the silver screen, and I have yet watched a movie supposedly inspired by a book I have read, that could come close to the one I saw in my mind.

So I’ll take a movie anytime over the TV, but a good book lasts longer! I just need to make some popcorn.

Are You A Friend Or An Acquaintance?

Do you have acquaintances? Those who you know socially, who you really don’t know. There’s and interesting word, as it applies to getting beneath the surface of someone’s personality, and that mask we all wear.

In Spanish there are two words for “know.” Saber and conocer. One means to know of, while the other implies an intimate knowledge of something or someone, as having been to a place, or knowing details of someone’s life.

Knowing of seems to hint at a superficial knowledge of something. I may know of the Grand Canyon, have seen it from the air, but have never stood on the cliffs around it looking down at the Colorado River, or experienced it’s grandeur close up.

So I have many acquaintances in my life. I speak to at least 10 people everyday while out walking. None get by without an enthusiastic “Buenos dias!” Some I can call by name, shake their hand, giving just a few a warm embrace as well. They are in that category of those I have a superficial knowledge of. I may even know what they do or where they live.

Then there are the ones I know. We have shared meals, confidences, laughter, lots of laughter, a few tears, secrets, where an intimacy exists, most of all trust. Mix it all together and it comes out love.DSC_0031

Some have been friends since infancy, while others are in the childhood of friendship. There are those in between where our relations have been separated by miles, but the heart never fails to span distances. All it takes is the nudge of a thought out of nowhere, a message, seeing something that jogs the memory, the aroma of brewed coffee, sensing their spirit, music loved by both that stirs the soul.

Faces do not flood my mind, instead a trickle of those few hover momentarily, as one fades into another. As I reflect on how some of these friends came into my life, there seems to be no fixed circumstance or occasion. A chance conversation on a plane flight, singing in an ensemble together, meeting in a work environment, looking for a place to give something away, growing up together. It seems that no two came about in the same way.

Contact occurs in various ways. There is an ebb and flow unplanned, stronger for some, more distant with others. Never forced, enjoyed fully in the moment, always knowing even in prolonged silence the connection is still there. As life changes so must each of these be given space.

As a tree grows the roots spread in what seems a random fashion. Water flows where it will. Wind finds no barrier. Light constantly exposes darkness and clouds find no form. Friendships are like that. I believe it is impossible to apply a definition.

That may well be the appeal of a friend. There is no need to put them in some neat little compartment. They just are what they are. No possession allowed, since none came with a price, instructions or conditions. Valuable beyond measure.

Do You Think It Or Believe It?

I was lying face down on a linoleum floor, attempting to lick something up with not very much luck. In a flash, I regained consciousness only to find myself indeed on the floor, and the only thing being licked was my face!

Really? No, but it seemed like a good opening line for this article. Not being one for routine and rules, it just sorta came to mind so I decided to put it down.

Capitalizing on a particular theme in writing has yet to reveal itself for me. There are such a number or interesting topics that wave from the box of hands, excitedly jumping up and down vying for attention. Choosing just one almost seems boring.

Randomness of thought has always intrigued me, or what seems to be an undisciplined process of connection. Yet when time has been taken to trace them back carefully, connection is always there. How that could possibly line up with the opening line I have yet to discover, but things are just getting warmed up.

Walking my favorite trail the other day had me sprawling on the ground after a careless moment, and contact with my boot on a small tree root. Mentally having prepared myself well before hand of such a possibility, rather than planting my face in the ground, it was landing on my shoulder and rolling onto my back.

The jolt was likely as great as the surprise. Had the root been unavoidable, the event would have more understandable. Such was not the case as I have walked this trail and passed this root on numerous occasions. Perhaps the only difference was going the opposite direction.

As mentioned earlier, a careless moment. The good news is what could have been more serious, simply ended with some really good aches in my shoulder and hip the following day, along with a few abrasions. No stitches required, and band-aids sufficed to cover the affected areas.

Is there a point here? Since the focus is on thoughts I distinctly recall mine were wondering at the moment of contact between boot and root! Wondering if my “rabbits” (a pair of walkers I used to challenge myself) were close behind and how much of a lead I had, was going through my mind instead of paying attention and being in the moment.

Now it occurs to me this may be a perfect example of what happens to others that are rarely in the moment, constantly finding themselves with a myriad of difficulties to deal with. Constantly unaware of the moment might work with driving, as subconscious reaction takes over. Normal events of the day take on a significant difference as there is rarely anything predictable such as in driving.

Relate this to details. With a strong aversion to instructions on how to assemble anything, the challenge has always been to be more intelligent than that paper. On rare occasion, those numbered steps have been clear and concise, while other occasions totally useless creating that sense of victory and false superiority.

Discovery of just how the synapses of the brain function in such a way as to seemingly and randomly jump from one thought to another, only to realize it has not been so on review is amazing. Comparison to the most intricate of jig-saw puzzles seems close .

What do you find yourself thinking about most often? Money? The opposite sex? What you should have said in the last discourse? What you’re going to say to justify your raise? The latest scores? That dream vacation? How to pay your taxes? Do you have lettuce in your teeth?

Follow that trail if you will. Within a split second all those could course through your mind. Which one or ones will actually get your attention? The hand with the red glove among the white! Priority has been pre-established in your hierarchy of thought so chances are it could be a tossup between money or sex.

While psychology is not my profession, even though much reading has been done on the topic, this would have to classify as pure conjecture making it all the more interesting. There is probably about as much truth here as in a fictional novel. Strangely that makes the truth part a majority.

Power of thought is where this really gets interesting. There would have to be the notion that thoughts are just those passing whims of fancy that flash by throughout the day. Yet there is far more to this than most would believe.

Practitioners will use scientific proof on the power of thought and it’s reality. The majority of public consensus will give little credibility to these claims in spite of proof. How might you react to the reality that your thoughts had the power to change your life? Your first thought might be “So what happened to me?”

Enormous effort would have to be made to change from the willy-nilly way most deal with thoughts. Truth would indicate that thoughts are not given much importance at all by most. Fireflies come to mind as a way to describe how most consider thoughts. Just something that’s there and gone.

Previous articles have dealt with the Placebo Effect and it’s power. That can not be dismissed, as it is the very power of thought and belief that create the amazing effects. What if there’s more to this? Could you entertain the thought that you and you alone are the master of your universe?

One of the first books that impacted me was by Napoleon Hill titled, Think and Grow Rich! The key phrase throughout the book is, “Whatsoever the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve.” The key word there is “believe.”

Oddly enough there is a great deal written on which is the more powerful, thoughts or beliefs. Mahatma Gandhi said “Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.”

In essence he was saying that beliefs are more powerful than thoughts, but it is thoughts that lead back to beliefs. Others have stated that although thoughts are not beliefs, they are what can become a belief when there is a will to make it so.

So this gets more interesting as research is done to determine which in fact is the more powerful of the two. And to think that this was going to be simple. Determining whether it was the chicken or the egg that came first might be easier.

Supposedly beliefs are what are formed up to a certain age based on events, successes, failures, humiliations, accidents, encouragements, that are stored in that all to challenging sub-conscious mind. It is further claimed that the 60,000 or so thoughts that roam through our mind daily are in some form reflections from these beliefs.

 In order to change any beliefs, consistent, determined and precise intent must be exercised in a positive state of mind for success.

At least that what those who call themselves authorities on the subject say, and chances are you will find as I did, there are as many on one side as the other as to which is which.

Your challenge, should you accept it, is to type in thoughts vs. beliefs in Google. There’s a good chance you may run after reading the first few links, as it gets deep real quick. More than a few unusual ideas about this topic. Then again you may be fascinated.

It does seem to fall on the side of reason, that when there are 60,000 thoughts roaming through the grey matter daily, that if these formed beliefs then we have more than ever imagined. The next question is, do they change everyday? 

So here’s the next little bit that makes this more interesting. According to studies of those 60,000 thoughts daily, 80% are negative! Of the 60,000 daily thoughts 95% are repeated daily. No matter how you try, focusing on changing negative thoughts is a loosing effort simply because our brains are hardwired towards them.

Bottom line there are any number of “thoughts” on the topic, and you need a strong mind to sort through it with any subjectivity. Maybe more than a strong mind is an open mind with the willingness to consider, if not accept, things that may seem contrary to conventional belief.

After all this hard thinking I may be face down on a linoleum floor licking at whatever. The only safe thing is we have no such floors.

As to thoughts vs. beliefs, it’s hard to determine where the Placebo Effect fits in. Is it a belief or a thought? No one goes in as part of a double blind study of new drugs knowing they will get a placebo or not. In most cases they are not instructed this is a possibility. Most likely for the exact reason so as not to create any influence one way of the other. So it can be neither a thought or belief, especially when 80% of thoughts going in are negative.

The idea that one could be cured of something simply by believing it to be so borders on what most might consider as being in “la-la land.” Still, as has been previously stated and is again part of scientific proof, placebos have a 30% success rate across the board.

So can you think yourself happy, rich, successful, able to speak in front of large audiences, ready to go skydiving? Sure! Most of what it takes is recognizing that the “fear factor” is most of what stands in the way. Constant review of your thoughts will show the fears or reasons preventing any of these actions are a lie. Not believing they are lies is what keeps your where you are.

Is it that simple? Recognizing the truth defies what the brain has been seemingly pre-programed to accept. Any person achieving great things has had to overcome the negativity in the brain. The first challenge is to accept that the brain is prone to negativity. When that is possible to accept, then a daily dose of positive input begins the change.

The Cleveland Clinic of Wellness has a great site dedicated to aiding understanding of stress and how it relates to thinking.

This particular link cuts through all the front page stuff and takes you right to the heart of it. You may find it interesting reading.

So I don’t know what your thoughts are or mine, as how do you sort through even a few? However, since only about 5% change daily maybe there’s a chance. Which end do you focus on? I guess the  best bet is to focus on one area you want to change, or more, and begin discovery of the lies that have kept you where you are.

It’s a bit scary to think our brains work against us instead of for us. It also explains why so many are where they are, as this is simply not common knowledge. Why do you suppose that is? I have a feeling that will lead to the next article, so stay tuned.


It’s time to stress out with a cup of wine.

Are They Crazy Ideas Or Genius?

No one has asked me where I get inspiration to write, or how do I come up with ideas. So I asked myself and got some interesting answers. Now before this gets completely out of hand, a writer asking such questions is not at all weird or unusual. Talking to ourselves is different from those who also answer.

For me it has to be a vivid imagination. I remember Zig Ziglar commenting in one of his books about the greatest nation in the world. It’s the one named Imagi Nation. That immediately resonated with me simply because I got it.

“Crazy ideas! Don’t you just love them?” A line from the movie,  Under The Tuscan Sun, fits right in there, because so many of those ideas spawn from what appear at first to be dis-jointed thoughts. In fact imagination can likely be defined in many ways. One such summed it up in this way. “New ideas, or images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses.”

Not present to the senses. Out of my mind seems to apply, or not consciously entertaining thoughts in a given category. Unconsciously thinking, sure seems like a contradiction of terms, yet to me that seems very natural. How else could you account for ideas that seem to emerge out of nowhere?

To me the so called subconscious mind is like that. It’s sort of out there in that place called nowhere. See, here I go off on a tangent, fully prepared to discuss the merits of nowhere and how invisible thoughts emanate secretly from that noplace. Now my spell checker put a red line under that word as not existing, but I contend that spell checker needs to get an education.

Is it still difficult to imagine where I come up with things to write about? My greatest desire is to pass along this ability to others who desire to write, but find it next to impossible to come up with the “what” to write.

Fiction is not my thing, or at least I have never really entertained any serious thoughts about it. Still, I do have several “Christmas Chronicles” spread out over a period of roughly ten years. Based on the “Night Before Christmas” story, the idea was to create memories using our sons various events throughout the year and weave them into the story in poetry form, ending with a delivery to the birth of Jesus.

So I guess I can’t really say fiction is not my thing. Better said it is not a conscious thing. It seems to come when my fingers get on the keyboard with no particular thought in mind. It comes from “noplace!” Sorta like these words that somehow get the letters mixed up that are different than what my fingers typed. If I type from it seems to change invisibly to form. I may have a dyslexic keyboard. Hmm…that could be an interesting story.

The mind is a terrible thing to waste, and mine doesn’t stand a chance of that happening. What really is somewhat amusing, is most think it resides inside a skull. All that mushy stuff that works together to make my eyes blink or my lungs breathe. Nope, not the mind.

I contend the mind is simply the brain’s ability to connect to countless thoughts held in the limitless space between quarks. No not quacks such as in ducks, but quarks such as what atoms are made of, or at least what the neutrons and protons that make the atoms.

It’s an infinitesimal space that can contain an equally infinitesimal number of thoughts, that never cease to exist. So how do I know? Well this may be my fiction at work, there may be some truth, or a combination thereof. I do believe that is a relatively simple definition of fiction. Often more truth than fiction as a matter of fact.

So how is this doing so far in convincing you, the reader, that ideas for writing just pretty much can come out of thin air? Just for me? Not a chance. Then maybe it’s like speaking before a group of people. Still one of the biggest fears for the greater majority of people. I’m not one of ‘em! Anyone who knows me will vouch for that in a heartbeat.

The truth is it is a learned behavior, just as going to noplace to discover those crazy ideas that become genius. It takes the “want to” for that to happen. I like what Lisa Nichols says in a recent interview. When asked about her fear to write her first books, she says it this way.

“I hold fear in one hand, and all my commitment, passion and determination in the other.” She led out with the one while holding back with the other. Fear was held in check, while she moved forward with her passion.

I saw it as holding back the fear, while releasing the passion, commitment, desire, determination and belief to move forward. Even an addict can reach the point where the fear of facing the pain of their addiction, becomes less than the fear of staying where they are. So it is for writers.

I saw a post recently of someone who described themselves as a “closet writer.” That resonated with me simply because if my writing has stayed hidden in files on my hard drive, what’s the difference. They may as well be hidden away in a dark file cabinet, or a dark closet.

It was reading a book by Jeff Goins, then another by Bryan Hutchinson, both who struggled with the idea of being writers until the moment came when they could no longer deny it. 
Some things will lie dormant for indefinite periods of time, eventually rising to the surface to no longer be rejected.

It appears this is what has finally happened to me, just as it did to both of them. Jeff and Bryan are published writers, with thousands of books sold. My two little eBooks may have garnered 50 sold over the course of three years. There’s a good reason for that which has nothing to do with the content. Finding a good book has as much to do with promotion as any other one thing. The best book in the world will never be read, if people can’t find it.

Like thousands of others I thought if I wrote it and put it on Amazon/Kindle, why it was there for the whole world to see. That’s true, along with how many millions of others? The ones that get noticed are those with a promo team behind them that starts months in advance of publication promoting the book. Lesson learned.

So for you reading this be aware there is a new voice emerging that intends to be heard. Only because there are those with a need, maybe even a desperate one, to be encouraged that they too have a voice that needs to be heard. Is that you?