What Happens At A 15,953 Foot Altitude With 16 People?

Altitude Sign At Jose Rivas Refuge on Volcano Cotopaxi 2017

One more Bucket List item, or sorta, removed. Since the Ecuadorian Volcano, Cotopaxi, is considered in an eruptive state, scaling to the top is still off limits. No, there is no actual eruption, at least in the sense of lava flowing from the top. No huge molten boulders flying Continue reading “What Happens At A 15,953 Foot Altitude With 16 People?”

Is Mt. Cotopaxi Volcano A Threat Or A Vision?

No threatening smoke billowing out of this ancient landmark in Ecuador. No ash falling on cows or crops. Masks of just a few months ago no longer needed. Sounds of internal explosions have abated, and the dreaded threat seems to have subsided…for now.

Fatal Attraction comes to mind as this draws attention for it’s obvious natural beauty, while inside there is always the smoldering lava seemingly anxious to burst forth to show it’s dominance over all that surrounds it.DSC_1498

Today, the morning Sun plays with the peak, also showing off the atmosphere embracing this colossal. As I look out once more on a stunning view that belies what was seen just a few months prior. Angry fumaroles billowing forth, reminiscent of a snorting bull ready to charge at any movement within it’s sight._MG_4634

Now, it could be seen almost like a purring cat, quiet and complacent within it’s surroundings. All this could change in an instant, like neighbor Tungurahua, endlessly showing and flowing with it’s fury.

Reality must not be ignored, which is the beauty that is part of the landscape of Ecuador and her mountains. Just as I see the warts and wrinkles when accepting others as they are, the same must be said of the cracks and crevices, lagoons and peaks of the  face created here eons ago.

Surveying the surroundings high up in the stratosphere, many could surmise at some point this becomes commonplace, no longer drawing the attention like those witnessing for the first time. Perhaps that can be said for some, who did not miss rising of a morning to be greeted by such visions. That would not be me.

Thirty years of absence only make the heart and eyes grow fonder, determined to not waste moments. Like one who has survived a death sentence and given a reprieve, determined to live every single moment as the last, to this end are my intentions to view and embrace each and every moment of beauty presented as an offering.

Many are the sights that have been captured of the past to compare with the present. These may even give some hint of the future, to what may disappear from view. Buildings rise in places where mansions once reigned. Views that encouraged thousands of words now obstructed by concrete and rebar, uncaring, unconscious of the damage inflicted.

Still care must be given to acknowledge new visions of grandeur can not be denied provided from these imposing structures. Once jealously protected views only visible from the skirts of surrounding majestic slopes, now upstaged by rectangular vertical protuberances like so many weeds thrusting up from the ground.

In my mind it presents itself like the aging of a face, that with the passing of days begins to show the unforgiveness of time. yet the mountains seem to change not at all. Observers of all that passes into oblivion. They were here before us, and are likely to be afterwards as well.

I’m going to go capture more unforgettable, unrepeatable moments.