So There It Goes Again!

Contactos Barbara JarrettLooking at the beauty of your face constantly brings a sensation impossible to describe with mere words. Seeing that sparkle in your eyes is intoxicating when it locks fully on to my gaze. Just as the wonder of it all crosses my mind, leaving me with no words I realize, so there it goes again.

What’s past is past and shall never again revive.
Every moment is new leaving behind something less than what it replaces. Instead of comparing with what is gone we need to grab what is here and now. Squeezing to render the very last drop of joy and bliss, so often followed by a kiss. Ahh…so there it goes again.

Shuffling through the sand on a beach, having lunch at a quaint restaurant, taking in the beauty of sun-tinted clouds creating one more celestial masterpiece, holding hands through it all. When did we get to this point, of knowing the extreme ecstasy of now? Wow…so there it goes again.

Far too deep for explanation, some things simply defy all attempts to apply words. Maybe that’s why those who try find constant frustration. Even to define a person is impossible as constant change is taking place. You have never been simple or easy to define and that’s as it should be. It’s the constant remolding of ourselves that creates what is, and there it goes again.

It can’t be called love, as that would attempt to define or limit this indescribable sensation. It is joy, excitement, pleasure, contentment, happiness, tenderness, gentleness, patience and more, all pulsating with their respective energy. A constant panorama presents itself that allows us to know it’s presence. Rarely do we catch it in the moment but we know, so there it goes again.

Here we are, fully enrolled in our sunset, where the colors seem more spectacular than before. There’s the sensation of oneness that grows stronger daily. The final release to grey becomes you, enhancing your beauty in ways beyond your ability to see. Approaching those moments longed for beyond decades, to give that final measure of completeness creates a radiance about you seen by all, especially me, and there it goes again.

What lies ahead is not shared, rather fully lived. The expectations of the past have turned to be those of anticipation. Excitement first soars then ebbs, then soars again as we know what comes, where change is now a known guest. Fighting against the unchangeable to absorb with gratitude what is. Witnessing enhancements by the heart, and there it goes again.

Knowing that each sunrise introduces a bare canvas to become a new creation to dissolve at sunset into dreams, spreading out to heavenly bodies lending more sparkle. Our time will come to join that energy, lending our light to those gazers below, dreaming great and romantic visions. Our spirit is everywhere, dismissing all limitations of space and time. A moment will come in the life of a searcher, and they too will say, so there it goes again.

What Really Defines Success Or Is It Just Money, Possessions And Fame?

A Story.

Axel was just a hard working guy. Education had not really been his strong suit as far as school was concerned. He was literate enough, but his real strength was reading. Books or the usual things one relates to reading, couldn’t hold a candle to Axel’s ability to read people.

Standing 5 ft. 10 inches tall, slender of build, muscular, weighing in at maybe 160 lbs., dark complected with traces of Latin or African American, penetrating eyes, a rugged completion lined with experience, skin very porous adding to that tough, masculine look. Hair cut almost to the scalp resembling a Brillo pad, clean shaven every other day.

First glance would make one think he might be sad, but only until he spoke. A million dollar smile which immediately transformed his face into the kind soul he is, caught all newcomers off guard. This is what kept them coming back.

He was an enigma. It is like the mystery of the moth that just can’t stay away from the flame. It keeps coming back until it is consumed.

As a leather craftsman Axel was very good. Perhaps not the best, yet in every way he was a true craftsman with his work and creations. One of his best customers had also become a friend. The opposite of Axel, in terms of social and financial position. Benjamin seemed to have it all.

The two became friends years ago when Benjamin was looking for a wall hanging made of leather for his father. He had been referred to Axel by a very satisfied customer. The resulting leather piece had not disappointed, and hangs in the patriarchal home to date.

A family of five, Axel has two daughters and a son. They have been raised on respect and love, knowing the difference between the value of material goods and that of relationships.

Benjamin has one son, who has wanted for nothing. Yet there is the typical strife of one who has known no boundaries, yet who’s behavior constantly demonstrates a crying our for limits.

Axel has noted for some time the stress and unhappiness in Benjamin’s eyes. Knowing the challenges with his son, he clearly understands the origin, yet also knows his boundaries with his friend.

Not certain what to do, Axel is inspired with an idea he believes will touch Ben’s heart with the truth, while staying within the limits of friendship.

All other work is put aside as Alex feverishly works on creating what may be his best work in leather. His passion to touch his friend in a way words couldn’t drives him. For days on end he is consumed with his project, setting aside all other work.

As Axel senses Ben is nearly at his wits end with his son, the project is finished. He invites Ben for a cup of coffee. While they have been friends for years, they have never met socially, so Ben is somewhat surprised at the request.

As they sit down at a table with their various brews, Ben notices the rather large package Axel has brought with him. Curious, Ben is more interested in the occasion than the package. He has no idea that Axel is up to anything.

On various occasions Ben has met Axel’s children at the shop, always impressed with the maturity, respect and love shown to their father. Jealousness has never been a part of their relation, yet a heavy heart for Ben as he has wished for a son that would be after his own heart.

As they sipped coffee and talked of superficial things, Ben finally sensed there was a reason for their meeting, and pressed Axel as to why.

Anxious for the moment, not a word was spoken as the package was handed to Ben. With some suspicion and surprise, Ben first searched his friends face for clues as to what might be in this package.

Carefully, he unwrapped the brown paper covering. The aroma of treated leather met his nostrils, as he took in the most amazing leather work he had ever seen. A message was hand tooled into a finely tanned work of art, set in a frame equally ornate yet appropriate.

Tears began to appear, as Ben read, then re-read the message. It was simple, yet full of all the meaning needed. It  said, “Love never fails! So now faith, hope and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.”

The one thing that was missing in Ben’s life was now being clearly demonstrated by Axel. All the material possessions, position, things, could not give the one thing Ben didn’t even know was missing, until this exact moment. It was at this very point he realized what was the key to reaching not only his son, rather all those in his life.

While the story is fictional, the point is not. Success was measured in love, not in things. Are you successful?

Is Positive Emotion About Something Enough Reason To Write About It?

Love for bread can be addictive. Passion about anything can hasten someone towards extremes. There seems to be a hard time distinguishing between love for things and people. Perhaps it’s just an economy of words to say something is “loved” instead of “I really feel strongly about fried pork skins!”

I enjoy debate. Another way of saying that is I love to argue. There’s that word again, and it still says the same thing with the first comment. So if I were to say I love Ecuador, the truth is I am passionate about Ecuador, and thoroughly not only enjoy being here, but want to be here. Is it Shangri-La? Nope, that only exists in novels and fantasy. Is it better than something else? For me…yes.

So is my “positive emotion” about Ecuador a good, even great, reason to write about those things that are meaningful to me? If so then the hundreds of pages I once had on a website should be good to republish.

It seems to have been reason enough to write two eBooks, so why have I stopped short of writing several more? A question with no apparent answer, other than I am still learning how to organize the content. That’s an excuse but not a very good reason. Guess I’m all out.

Perhaps it has to do with, is there an interest to read about Ecuador? At one point there was a fair amount of daily traffic landing on the site. Nearly as quickly as they got there they were gone, so not much reading. Usually less than 2 minutes on the average. There’s a good chance I get more people reading this blog than that website. Which is why it looks like that will come to an end, the website not this.

There’s no question that I have finally learned that first I write for me. If it happens to be read by others that’s just a plus. It’s out there for that to happen, but it simply isn’t why I write in the end.

It’s the same as my talking. That happens for any reason or just because. If I see someone, known or otherwise, if they get within about five feet of my person it starts off with a “Good Morning.” Depending on if there’s an initial shock that someone spoke to them, and they slow down, it can go from there.

A strong emotion about anything can swing either direction, with a tendency to let the negative take precedence. So that’s why this is slanted towards a strong positive emotion.

There’s a url out there for the Good News Network, where you can find at least 90% + good news on a daily basis. So just as they specialize in good news, I want to write about topics that are of a positive nature.

The headlines or titles may seem negative at first glance on this blog, but truthfully few are interested at the beginning of any hint of something positive. Sad, but true. So until the reader has read all the way through, only then do they realize it has been on a good note.

There’s way too much floating around out there that’s just garbage. I’ve no intent to be a collector, or the “garbage police.” It’s sort of like a bucket of black paint. The more white you add the lighter it gets. In the darkest night, a light still shines. So my little addition of something light gets added to others, like GNN.

It’s debatable whether I will write about Ecuador on this blog. There’s a chance as it may relate to some current event, such as Cotopaxi Volcano getting real active again, or the next earthquake. The sights and scenes of Ecuador are likely better off in an eBook than this blog.

In the end any emotion for something is a great reason to write about it, especially if it’s positive. There are plenty of amazing books out there like “//“>Who Moved My Cheese” or ” Fish!” Books that will make you remember there’s a reason to keep a positive mindset.

A recent video on TED Talks was about a 75 year study done on how relationships effect longevity. In short, the positive couples that maybe didn’t have the most harmonious relationship, still fared better than those with no relationship at all. That’s something to write about! Sampling The Tea Cup Together

My wife told me that all our bickering takes a back seat to the fact we both know we’ve got each others back. Pretty cool if you ask me. Now that is something to write about!