Do You Believe There Is A Wellness Conspiracy?

What do you know about the relation between the FDA and BIG PHARMA? Just to make certain there is no misunderstanding BIG PHARMA refers to the pharmaceutical industry and of course the FDA is our Food and Drug Administration. The intent of this article is to expose how the organization charged with protecting the public.  From tainted food products. Drugs that have not been tested in accordance to specific regulations. Vitamin and food supplements singled out as falsely harmful and much more.

How has it been possible for harmful drugs like Vioxx to be on the market responsible for 55,000 deaths? Add to that Lipitor, Crestor,Yaz, Lyrica, Humira, Chantix, Ambien, Tamoxifen, Boniva, Premarin, are some of the most dangerous drugs still in the market. Ten years ago FDA listed bone drugs like Boniva, Fosamax and Actonel as being unapproved. Now these same dangerous drugs are being issued with user warnings. All the possible side effects are listed, passing the risk to the public. Most would never imagine the FDA would allow something potentially lethal available to the public. Guess again!

Tamoxifen is made by AstraZenaca. This is the company that founded Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Over the years this has grown to a national campaign, observed in October and recognized by a pink ribbon. Started in 1985 it has grown in momentum. So what’s the dirty secret behind this drug? AstraZenaca is the same company that makes carcinogenic agrochemicals that cause breast cancer! The original safety studies were shown to be riddled with scientific flaws.

Still Doctors, or it might be fair to say “quacks,” continue to recommend this drug to women for prevention of breast cancer! Originally FDA declined the claim made for breast cancer prevention. Now fast forward 10 years and the story changes. It becomes the risk of the customer. Worse yet are life threatening blood clots, strokes or endometrial cancers. Does any of this make sense?

Well it does if you realize that BIG PHARMA and the FDA have figured out a way to deal! By transferring the risk to customers both FDA and BIG PHARMA generally dodge the bullet. You on the other hand are left at risk! Where is that fair? The very government entity under Health and Human Services charged with protecting the consumer, knowingly puts you in the path of danger.

Statement of FDA Mission 

FDA is responsible for protecting the public health by assuring the safety, efficacy and security of human and veterinary drugs, biological products, medical devices, our nation’s food supply, cosmetics, and products that emit radiation. 

FDA is also responsible for advancing the public health by helping to speed innovations that make medicines more effective, safer, and more affordable and by helping the public get the accurate, science-based information they need to use medicines and foods to maintain and improve their health. FDA also has responsibility for regulating the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of tobacco products to protect the public health and to reduce tobacco use by minors.

Responsible for protecting the public, when they transfer the risk to you? That doesn’t work. Here’s the real bottom line between BIG PHARMA and the FDA. Drugs have to use synthetically produced molecules in order to get a patent. Anything natural doesn’t qualify. So to get a patented product through the FDA process the cost is estimated at about $1 billion on the average. That also depends on having the right people in place. Lots of cronyism, spreading money around, making certain studies only show favorable results. All this and more go into getting a drug approved. In other words a huge cost has to be recuperated. It’s all about money.

Who do you think supply all the drugs and medicines to Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Hospitals, Social Security, Military Medical Installations, Obamacare, the list goes on? The Government is the largest customer and has basically set BIG PHARMA up as it’s sole supplier. As such it is in the interest of Gov. to pretty much look the other way. The perception is that there will always be what is termed “collateral damage” that is acceptable. Or so it seems, as lethal drugs are knowingly allowed in the marketplace! There is no oversight on drugs, even though the mission statement for FDA leads you to believe otherwise.

So even though Congress has demanded the FDA tighten up their act, FDA has basically resisted with no enforcement of any demands made. They have been permitted to use the excuse that to divulge information about dangerous drugs and procedures could create panic in our society. Fear of political reprisal has kept Congress at bay.

It might be easier to say what FDA doesn’t do, than what it does. In short, they do not demonstrate anything the represents the best interests of the public. The very things that should never be approved are. The exact opposite is also the case. Things like organic foods and natural dietary supplements should be approved without question for the most part. Instead they are not only denied any sort of approval, even if approved they are then classified as a drug.

BIG PHARMA wants no competition from anything they can’t control, and they can only create “fake news” about something they have no control over. As long as they have control over FDA, it’s not hard to stay in control. Claiming that natural herbs, supplements like Omega3 Fish Oil, and organic anything can have adverse effects on you health. Nearly every drug on the market has a natural equivalent. You won’t hear about it, and the mainstream media won’t report on it.

While supplements have become a big business, they are not without the unscrupulous. What’s amazing is when an entity like  NBC News attempts to make you believe that BIG PHARMA makes all the same Natural Remedies as many buy from brands like Nature’s Bounty or Sundown. As mentioned above, a drug is patented, requiring it to be synthetic molecules. A natural product can not have a patent, which prohibits the insane markups charged for drugs.

When Merck began to get sued for Vioxx, they ended up with settlements of over $4.6 billion. A portion was paid by insurance, so no real loss there. The rest can easily be taken as a tax writeoff. With over $1,429,525,856.36 in sales for 2015 just to the government, what’s a few billion spread out over time. A global company like Merck posted earnings of over $39 billion for 2016, with anticipation of $40 billion for 2017. This is just one.

The top 10 drug companies for 2016 by rank are;

  1. Johnson & Johnson
  2. Bayer
  3. Novartis
  4. Pfizer
  5. Roche
  6. Merck
  7. Sanofi Genzyme
  8. Gilead
  9. AstraZeneca
  10. GlaxoSmithKline

As you can see Merck is right in the middle. So take what they do and simply multiply that by 10. Then consider there are over 202 drug companies worldwide. That’s just those big enough to have articles in Wikipedia, so there are more. How many of those do business in the U.S.? As many as can!

The bottom line is simple. No one is guarding the hen house! Even the CDC treads lightly, using some of the same excuses as the FDA. Public panic. So let’s not get started on such things as vaccines. That’s a whole different story.

Keep in mind when it comes to your health and safety, the last place you want to look is where we have always thought was the only place to look. One place to look for ongoing information about the challenges to your health, is

Is There Really A Super Food Or Just Super Fools?

What is a Super Food anyway? Do they have muscles or can they fly? As a food does it give you super powers? What makes it super to other foods? Is it just a marketing ploy to charge more for it? Can this be yet another example of just hype?

For 40+ years I have searched for that magic potion that would address the physical ills of humanity. It started with Shaklee Products in Texas back in the ‘70s, and includes AMWAY, Tahitian Noni, Herbalife, Melaleuca, Xango,Natures Sunshine, NuSkin, doTerra, Omnilife, Life Vantage, and likely a few more that have long since been forgotten.

In each and every instance I was convinced the health products above all else were the answer. I took them, drank them, swallowed pills, certain I had discovered the answer to human health. If you could swallow it, then it wouldn’t matter that you ate crappy fast food and basically did everything to damage your health. This was the cleanse all, repair all.

In all those years since 1975, I have found one product that actually worked. Or at least it seems to have done what it claimed. I’m still out to lunch as whether of not the product worked, or it was something else. What I do know is I no longer suffer from acid reflux, or the beginnings of gout and arthritic pains. These disappeared wishing weeks of taking a product named Protandim.

I still have to support this product, simply because it is the ONLY one that has been “peer reviewed” over 15 times which can be found in the National Institutes Library of Health Reviews at

I freely admit that each and every time for a short period, these various products seemed to be improving my health. The one I got the most benefit from never phased my significant other. Her diabetes and other health issues remained unchanged. None made my hair grow back or clearly increased my energy level. In fact, at one point some of the Shaklee products actually caused me to become hyper-active. More likely me than the products, but it’s hard to say.

So what’s the point here? Do they work or not? And this is where it gets back to something basic I have covered in other articles. Remember the placebo effect, and how the mind and a persons desire to believe is actually what made the difference? Are these products any different? Is it possible we are really victims of our own minds ability to make the difference and not the product?

Grapes are one of those foods that contain an abundance of what are called antioxidants. These are the rust inhibitors that wage war against the free radicals that with age, slowly rust out our bodies from the inside out. While our bodies produce greater amounts of the antioxidants when we are younger, age begins to reduce this and we all know the result. So anything that can reverse this process has the potential to be the fabled “Fountain of Youth!”

Scientifically years and lives have been dedicated to discovering such a product. Protandim has been studied by the best making every effort to disprove it’s seeming ability to do what no other has.

I was talking about grapes, and how they possess the same antioxidant quality found in a pill. The only problem is you would need to consume about 18 pounds of grapes everyday to equal the amount of antioxidants in this pill. That many grapes on a consistent basis just isn’t going to happen.

So is it the pill, or the peer reviews? Is it the amazing combination of 5 herbs into a pill, or the powerful impact of seeming proof that it can do what is claimed? This information, much like that given to a group involved in a double blind study where placebos are involved, could be strong enough to convince the mind to do the work instead of the pill.

This idea has not escaped the medical profession nor manufacturers of drugs and OTC cures. Recent studies have exposed that a huge majority of patients diagnosed with depression, have been receiving placebos, and their depression is held in check. The medications are not cheap, and the pharmaceutical companies will stop at nothing to keep that away from public knowledge.

So here’s another example of the mind being used against us. The questions is, are there really super foods or just super fools? There are many foods that we should be eating, and none of them are processed or pasteurized! Maybe the real super foods are simply those that are natural and organic. Although “natural” has been horribly misused, and even organic has lost it’s value now that the USDA has become the so called watchdog and certifier. They aren’t a watchdog and they don’t follow up on certification inspections.

So what has happened. Once again it comes down to a question of convenience to consumers, looking for the fast fix. It’s just easier to swallow whatever, instead of taking the care and time to eat right. So business paid attention and we have health in a bottle.

That allows the end user to believe it makes no difference when they eat all the foods which make them unhealthy. The feeling is that the “pill” will magically reverse unhealthy trends happening in the body, but it doesn’t.

So you are the resource that makes the difference. However you use your mind, it always works according to the input.

Are You Really Sick Or Just Think You Are?

You’ve read about all the latest illnesses, viruses, diseases, and for every one there is a drug. The media uses every resource to inundate your mind, first with the sickness, then with the “cure.” Pretty soon every time you sniffle, have a stomach cramp, a headache or nausea, you start wondering which of those problems you have.

Does it occur to you that maybe you’re not sick with anything at all, other than the imagination of a brainwashed mind? Companies pay billions for advertising, and for what? Just so viewers see pretty pictures and anything from cartoons to classy 30 second productions? Which by the way, have no impact on the viewers according to Ad companies trying to dodge bullets that their ads are corrupting young lives or responsible for dysfunctional behavior.

James Vicary added subliminal messages to a movie titled “Picnic” in 1957. It suggested “Hungry? Eat More Popcorn. Drink Coca Cola.” Supposedly sales for both items rose substantially. Then in 1962, a startling confession was made. Here is the quote.

“In 1962 Vicary suddenly confesses that he fabricated the results of his experiment… Why would someone discredit himself in such a way and lose his dignity and credibility? It’s obvious that he was paid to do so by those who use subliminal messages to manipulate you. Remember the quote from “Usual Suspect” : The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist… That’s exactly the trick they are trying to pull, I.E. convincing the world that subliminal technique does not work.” Read the rest on this item here.

Time has proven it does. Here’s another link to some interesting facts about this source of manipulation. It’s no joke, but you’d think it was as the general attitude by viewers is it doesn’t work. While statistics can be manipulated like any other report, sales of particular products following such advertising have always been followed by increased sales.

Convinced yet? Read on.

The idea here is to help you understand how you are allowing your thinking to be controlled and manipulated to do, think, feel and act in ways that are programmed. A logical, reasonable, thinking person would never knowingly, willingly allow themselves to be manipulated the way multitudes are today. What is happening is worse than the tale of the Pied Piper! Political ads are some of the most devious. Food ads spend more money than any other product, and the U.S. has the obesity to prove it!

So let’s take this back to health, mental as well as physical. Whether you believe it or not, you are being told what to eat, how to get sick, and and the way you should live your life. The average viewer watches 5 hours daily, and is submitted to roughly 281 ads during those 5 hours. Add that for the 7 days and it comes to nearly 2000 brainwashing exposures weekly.

Now repetition is powerful. Don’t think so. “Just do it!” “Got Milk?” “Tastes great. Less filling.” “Good to the last drop.” “Melts in your mouth, not in your hands.” Those are just a few and chances are you know everyone of them by heart. So don’t say it doesn’t work. If you habitually buy any of those products, then the point is made.

So is this starting to sink in, or do I need to repeat it some more? The question is, are you sick, or just think you are? Sounds silly, right? How about diabolical? Can you make yourself sick? Better yet, can you “think” yourself sick?

An earlier article reveals the power of the placebo effect. What is the placebo effect other than the mind’s ability to strongly believe in something? If because of repetition you begin to strongly believe you are sick, what do you suppose is going to happen? If you also strongly believe due to repetition that the drug related to your illness is going to make you better, what happens next?

Now here’s the billion dollar question. What would happen if the opposite were true? You were getting constant repeated messages that you are healthy, happy, peaceful, content. These messages were greeting you 2000 times weekly. How would your life be different? Is this getting through?

Your mind, mine, have all been subjected to hijacking. Some are more susceptible than others. Others are just too stubborn to let the messages come through. But wait! Are those the ones who are healthy? Think about the ones you know to be somewhat rebellious. There may be a hint.

One of the most amazing accounts focused on the power of the mind and thought, is a book titled “The Intention Experiment” by Lynn McTaggart. 51bxPCmxwCL._SX316_BO1,204,203,200_Perhaps the most flabbergasting  part of this book are the scientific experiments, to show the power of just thought. You may not become a believer, but it will definitely give you a feast for thought.

In the end, whether you choose to think yourself sick or otherwise, it will be your thinking, or someone doing it for you. What do you willingly choose?

I wonder what hidden messages are really in the instrumental music I’m listening to in the background? Since it is on more hours of the day than the shows, they must be good. Maybe music really is what makes the world go round! No wait, I think that was love. They are both in my mind. What’s in yours?

Does “Shake, Rattle And Roll” Not Relate To Music?

A good thing about moving is you never really stop and think about the work involved. It seems like you’re just going to pack a few boxes and the rest will be a cinch. It always sneaks up on you! You know, the hours of packing making certain nothing rattles. Bags and bags of “peanuts” along with lots of tape and foam wrap.

Some OCD’s will even add the bubble wrap around that! You could probably drop such a box off the roof and it wouldn’t get damaged. Sorta depends on where the roof is, but under normal circumstances that would work for most houses.

The key here is to make sure when you jiggle that box, it doesn’t jingle back! Silence is golden in such instances. That sound normally means that whatever’s in that box of breakable items is going to get where it’s going with everything in one piece.

It was a Saturday night right around 7 PM. We were watching one of our favorite musical programs, relaxed for the evening. We had spent the last two weekends wrapping and packing a seeming unending number of breakable items to be stored in our warehouse. This weekend we were taking off as just a few furniture pieces were left to wrap in blankets and plastic wrap.

The room started swaying and jerking back and forth. The T.V. went off momentarily, and we knew what was happening. This continued for over a minute and gradually subsided. EARTHQUAKE! The worst we had ever experienced in all our years in Ecuador.

It was like we had gone to a nightclub to dance, only the building was making with the moves while we looked on as mesmerized onlookers! Being on the 3rd floor by the time we came to our senses it was over.

People had run out of the building in a panic, nervously standing in the streets. If the building were going to collapse, which none in the mountains did, we would have never made it out. Some of those in the street had sprained ankles and other minor injuries while we were tucked away all comfy cozy in our room.

A few pictures on the wall askew, and believe me it had been a real good movement. Strange as it may seem it was more of an undulation than a shake, and that may have been because the epicenter was over 100 miles away.

Measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale made it one of the worst ever in Ecuador’s history. It was felt the worst on Ecuador’s coast, due in large part to poor construction using sand with sea salt. While that may not seem like an important factor, keep in mind the force felt in the mountains was just as great. Not one of the bridges, 12 and 18 story buildings were damaged. A few cracks here and there, and that was pretty much it.

On the coast the devastation has been epic! Worse than a hurricane or tornado! The destruction comes with no warning and only lasts a minute. The aftermath will last a lifetime for many, and put an end to scores of others. The only structures on many parts of the coast that endured, were those made of bamboo! Go figure.

It doesn’t look this way anymore in Bahia de Caraquez!

So “Shake, Rattle and Roll” did not have anything to do with music. The sounds heard instead were the worst imaginable. They will echo for years to come as the recovery, reconstruction and survival demonstrate the resilience and unity of people damaged, but never defeated.

Does Medicine Make Us Better Or The Placebo Effect?

You know what a “placebo” is. During any testing of medicines or drugs for what are known as trials, in order to make doubly certain the results are accurate, a “fake” or harmless substance is used along with what is being tested.

To further insure accuracy in what are called double blind studies, even those administering the tests don’t know which is which. I guess that’s a good way to eliminate confusion.

Anyway, the point is there’s a fake in the bunch and no one knows who’s gonna get it.

What’s really interesting is the impact of the placebo on the unsuspecting particip_DSC4776ants. It needs to be added that this doesn’t just apply for trials on drugs, but even on surgery. Really? Keep reading because this gets more interesting.

Here’s a link you may find interesting as it relates to depression. This is one guaranteed that your Dr. is not likely to tell you about, and almost certainly your pharmacist.

Should we call it the mind or the brain? One of the two is beyond any words to describe it’s power. Even scientists don’t know how to account for all that the “placebo effect” seems able to do. This is not just some trick the intelligent mind plays on the body.

An ability to believe on a positive result to such a degree that it manifests the benefit is the issue here. The “mind over matter’ has been bandied about for years, and has always sounded like so much positive mental attitude palaver. Then when you talk to professional athletes and they tell you that their bodies are always in pain and they simply ignore it, something begins to click.

Over the years in my continual quest to find that “ultimate” product that would create the magic cure for everyone’s health, I have tried so many. There were the Amway products, followed by lessor knowns. Then Herbalife, Tree Tea Oil, Noni Juice, Xocai Chocolates (without question my favorite), Kangen Water Purification System, and there were more.

In each and every case, all failed to provide the “magic pill!” The only one that “did,” was a product called Protandim. In short order, after being on the product for 2 weeks, my acid reflux and arthritis (minimal joint pain in hands and some minor gout in one big toe) was gone. Four years later with no pills it’s still gone!

So is it mind over matter or those pills? Because of the chronicled medical and scientific peer reviews that lend credibility to this product, did it really work, or did I just believe it would? Wouldn’t it stand to reason if the pills made the difference, not taking them would cause the reflux and arthritis pains to come back?

Or is the belief so strong that I have cured myself? A better question might be is my mind that capable? No one in my high school class would ever have accused me of superior brain power. Back then I only had one thing on my mind it seems, and thinking wasn’t one of them.

This is today, and change has been ever present throughout all these years. Indulging in expanding my mind has been constant. Has it been successful is the question? Beyond knowledge, intelligence, understanding, meditation, neural linguistic programing, positive affirmations, self hypnosis’s is about getting to the bottom of the placebo effect.

Who dares to try and understand it? So far, it’s like trying to understand the mind of God. Explanations as to why it works and to what extent have not been discovered.

Lastly, when the placebo effect can work even in surgical situations, it really makes you want to scratch your head in amazement.

Patients numbering 180 at the Baylor College of Medicine admitted for knee surgery were divided into 3 groups. Each group knew they were there for surgery. Of 324 potential participants many declined because of knowledge some would receive a placebo. Surgeries were performed on two groups, and simple incisions were made on the third, but no surgical instruments were used and nothing removed.

Here are the amazing results. This is a quote from the actual study. “During two years of follow-up, patients in all three groups reported moderate improvements in pain and ability to function. However, neither of the intervention groups reported less pain or better function than the placebo group. Indeed, the placebo patients reported better outcomes than the debridement patients at certain points during follow-up. Throughout the two years, the patients were unaware of whether they had received real or placebo surgery.”

To read the full report check out this link.

Is there an answer whether it’s medicine or the placebo effect? This I know…I think. When I had the infectious disease several years ago, I’m not sure my best mental efforts would have cured me, compared to the antibiotics I was given. With a 40% fatality rate I can only say something worked, as I’m here to write this.

What do you think? give me some feedback. Is it medicine, or placebos that make the difference?