Can You Relate To Word Madness?

As I began to review blogs, blogging and some blog sites, I realized I don’t really get the intensity behind blogging. It’s almost like a huge regurgitation of words about anything whether it makes sense or not.

Maybe it’s that very freedom to just put up (or throw up) any verbiage that runs out of the cerebral vortex without any care as to who, what, when, why, how or where.

As I consider this a little deeper, it’s like the world has been given the opportunity to take a chance at their moment of fame, and everybody is talking at the same time. Where a website seems organized, blogging seems to be anything but.

It’s sort of like tracing your thoughts. To me it is amazing how two thoughts can be linked together by seemingly unrelated events or circumstances, yet there is always a connector. Vivid or vague, it’s always there.

It’s almost like being lost in a sea of words, thrown about aimlessly by the waves of content from one thought to another and no firm foundation in sight. All I can think of is “WOW!”

As much as I enjoy writing, blogging almost seems like the insanity of words. The vision of a hoard of ants comes to mind, just growing, covering and devouring everything in sight.20150212_104828

Information is like that as I think about it. We have become addicted to information. The last time I checked, all the information in the world duplicated every 18 months. I don’t think it’s even possible to wrap your mind around that.

I wrote an article some time back that projected into the future what will happen with this unstoppable growth and proliferation of information. The focus was on what would happen in developing something new, and how it would become obsolete during the development process because the very knowledge that was being used would change, not in 18 months, or a year, but in a nano-second! See what I mean? Just try to even imagine that.

Then it occurs to me that there are many out there that are compelled to write. Reading of those words may never take place for many, yet posterity records them none the less. Somewhere in a niche’ on the internet those words hold immortal. Discovery may never regard them as a treasure, yet they bear witness of anothers thoughts about a given topic.

Ramblings with no apparent point sometimes surge to the forefront, along with the horrific distortions of truth on any topic. Just as there are posts out there as described, there are likely as many books that would fall into the same category.

Feelings of pleasure accompany this post, even if none other than it’s author find it interesting to contemplate. But here I am, adding my singular, unique, individual ramblings to the morass of undulating verbiage that is no longer invisible in the ether and frequency of our universe. I’m looking for some higher ground so as not to get swallowed up, somewhat fearful that there might not be any.

Do You Do What You Love Or Do What You Have To?

Getting up excited about the day is where you are? You jumped out of bed knowing what lie ahead for the day, fully expecting surprises along the way. You know you’re capable of handling whatever comes your way.

Cortisol just climbed to high levels with the sound of your alarm. Dragging yourself from the bed to the bathroom is not where you want to be. Those reports are nagging you to get finished and it’s like dragging yourself through molasses to get them done. It’s only “hump day” and you’re already exhausted.

Which of those two scenarios describes you? These days there is a good deal written and talked about concerning doing what you love as opposed to whatever job you can find. Greater yet is attempting to answer the question: If you could do anything you wanted and knew you COULD NOT FAIL, what would it be?

Chances are you have no idea how to answer that question. Welcome to the club. First off, there may be many things that come to mind you have never tried, like being a professional athlete. How many men would give their eye teeth for that sort of opportunity?

Then there are the many things you have done in life, some of which you actually enjoyed and wouldn’t mind repeating. The question comes back to the word, anything. A blank could just as easily be put there, and it would still get the same result. A great big “huh?”

This is similar to having a Genie pop out of a bottle and giving you three wishes, only the first two don’t count. How do you pick that one thing you want to do and could not fail? The thought comes to mind, if I could not fail, then let me be successful at every single thing I try! That has a good sound to it.

Mindset seems to be the key to the question. If I am determined to be successful at something, anything, and willing to do whatever it takes ethically, morally, personally and spiritually, then how could I fail? Believing in myself to that degree would appear to be the most important key. So where does this tend to break down?

I like what T. Harv Eker says, as to how we’ve been trained from childhood by all those in authority in our lives, that we have to fit a mold, educating ourselves as some sort of professional. That is a mold that has been broken for decades.

Take a look at all the Masters degrees, Doctors, Attorneys, MBAs, Engineers, Accountants and others, who are floundering. Are you one of those? What were you told  at seven years old you could never do? Maybe again in you teens when you demonstrated a talent for something out of the mainstream, like being a radio broadcaster, or inventor with way out of the ordinary ideas an creations that actually work.

When this came to the surface you were made to feel stupid, immature, unwise, irresponsible, to name just a few of the comments made to intimidate you into thinking there was no possibility that you could have an inkling what might be best for you. Are you nodding your head recalling such moments in the past?

With these labels carried throughout life that jump out from the subconscious mind to haunt and repudiate everytime we dare to test our fear factor, what are the chances of ever rising above unbelief? Effort to overcome those labels and that fear take work and commitment, which translate to change. Now this, change, is the name of everyone’s favorite topic.

Can you say, “been there, done that, got the poster and T-shirt!”? Then you will want to follow this series of articles dealing with how that change comes about, as I go on that journey. I’ve been to the mountain top once, and rolled down the other side, bruised and beat up in an environment that only added to my insecurity to attempt anything like I had just accomplished.

On the Cuicocha Trail around the lagoon!
On the Cuicocha Trail around the lagoon!

At a point where most would be ready to hang up the gloves, there is still too much to accomplish, and no reason not to do it. Age certainly is not a factor, so it’s time to beat down all the things that have been allowed to rule up till now.

Writing about the experience may encourage another to do the same, as for once that determination and commitment is right where it needs to be. Join me on this journey, or be a bystander. Whichever suits you at the moment.

Are You A Friend Or An Acquaintance?

Do you have acquaintances? Those who you know socially, who you really don’t know. There’s and interesting word, as it applies to getting beneath the surface of someone’s personality, and that mask we all wear.

In Spanish there are two words for “know.” Saber and conocer. One means to know of, while the other implies an intimate knowledge of something or someone, as having been to a place, or knowing details of someone’s life.

Knowing of seems to hint at a superficial knowledge of something. I may know of the Grand Canyon, have seen it from the air, but have never stood on the cliffs around it looking down at the Colorado River, or experienced it’s grandeur close up.

So I have many acquaintances in my life. I speak to at least 10 people everyday while out walking. None get by without an enthusiastic “Buenos dias!” Some I can call by name, shake their hand, giving just a few a warm embrace as well. They are in that category of those I have a superficial knowledge of. I may even know what they do or where they live.

Then there are the ones I know. We have shared meals, confidences, laughter, lots of laughter, a few tears, secrets, where an intimacy exists, most of all trust. Mix it all together and it comes out love.DSC_0031

Some have been friends since infancy, while others are in the childhood of friendship. There are those in between where our relations have been separated by miles, but the heart never fails to span distances. All it takes is the nudge of a thought out of nowhere, a message, seeing something that jogs the memory, the aroma of brewed coffee, sensing their spirit, music loved by both that stirs the soul.

Faces do not flood my mind, instead a trickle of those few hover momentarily, as one fades into another. As I reflect on how some of these friends came into my life, there seems to be no fixed circumstance or occasion. A chance conversation on a plane flight, singing in an ensemble together, meeting in a work environment, looking for a place to give something away, growing up together. It seems that no two came about in the same way.

Contact occurs in various ways. There is an ebb and flow unplanned, stronger for some, more distant with others. Never forced, enjoyed fully in the moment, always knowing even in prolonged silence the connection is still there. As life changes so must each of these be given space.

As a tree grows the roots spread in what seems a random fashion. Water flows where it will. Wind finds no barrier. Light constantly exposes darkness and clouds find no form. Friendships are like that. I believe it is impossible to apply a definition.

That may well be the appeal of a friend. There is no need to put them in some neat little compartment. They just are what they are. No possession allowed, since none came with a price, instructions or conditions. Valuable beyond measure.

Letter To Self!


This is long overdue, and it’s about time we set the record straight on many issues. So let’s do this.

First of all, while it’s true you still feel like you’re 25 there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Age is a number, and you are only as old as you THINK you are. Just because you may be older, doesn’t mean you have to act and think like it.

The human spirit is hard to define, and while you are far from having a good grasp on yours in terms of knowing it, actions do far more to define that spirit than words. So keep in mind no one else knows your spirit better than you. Personality, and all the other traits that go along with that do not define spirit. Behaviors yes, just not spirit.

It’s about time you face the fact that you have yet to maximize your many talents, and you have been blessed with more than the average person. There is nothing average about you, yet much time has been wasted thinking about what to do rather than just doing it.

Nearly anything you have ever WANTED to do you have done. Sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish between something you really want to do, and something you only THINK you want. Whatever you have ever set your mind to, has been done. Right now, you have stopped short of deciding what’s next.

Let’s get past the so called “period of adjustment” that you have gone through, and begin doing instead of just thinking. While you have no need of a “job” someplace, even if it’s volunteering, staying active and stimulating those brains cells of yours is necessary. Use ‘em or you may loose ‘em!

Over the last decade you have become quite cynical, and not the positive minded person you pretend or want to be. While you know all the ways and talk of someone positive, with the head knowledge, you have allowed yourself to gravitate in the wrong direction. Being cynical is a choice, and so is being positive. One can be as much a habit as the other. You know how habits are formed and addictions broken, so you know what has to be done.

Most importantly, your relationship with your wife. There have been tremendous stresses with retirement, moves, loss of a father, leaving behind sons and grandchildren, which have had a huge effect on her state of mind and health. In your heart you know that while you have been supportive, it has not been enough.

She looks to you as her “rock,” and there has been more gravel than rock! While it’s true some of her health issues have been beyond your control, the stress issues are dead in your lap! You and you alone can make tremendous headway in reducing those things that are stressful for her, such as your driving.

Being contentious and defensive is reverting back to those self esteem issues from the past, that you know full well are rooted in ego. Face it, and deal with it again.

These are daily issues and not just once in a lifetime. Ego hangs around everyday, looking for ways to build those illusions that keep you out of the present and in the past, or maybe even “Never Never Land!” Being aware is where you need to be again.

Gotta stop and smell the flowers!
Gotta stop and smell the flowers!

I’m glad we had this communication as it was way past time. I’ll make certain you don’t ignore me for so long again by intruding on your thoughts sooner!

Bye for now

Your Conscious

Is There Perfection Or Is It Humanly Impossible To Know Perfection?

“When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.” ~ Buddha

Admit it. What do you see as perfect? Is there anything perfect, and if it was how would you know? Who are we as imperfect humans, capable of knowing anything as perfect, when we see with imperfect vision?

Arriving at the possibility that everything is perfect as it is, might be a startling revelation to many, or in fact most. It begins with the mindset in the first instance as to whether or not you believe in a divine creator. There’s a pretty good file of scientific evidence that would dispute the “accident” theory many would prefer to embrace.

How could anything be perfect that was an accident in the first place? I’m curious if anyone can provide data of an accident producing something perfect? There again comes the distinction of an imperfect human or humans, declaring anything perfect, which they have no idea what that is.

So the declaration of Buddha seems to be as close to perfect in it’s declaration as it can get.

photo credit: <a href="">Budai - Laughing Buddha</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">(license)</a>
He’s laughing at the sky! ( Courtesy of

I love being imperfectly perfect! I am exactly what I am supposed to be. Any idea someone else has of all the what’s, who’s or how’s about this life of mine is just no concern for me at all. There was a time thinking was like that, until I wised up. Noone has the power to create me, which denies everyone any right to determine my value.

Being a piece of all that is perfect and knowing that, is all that matters. How’s that for being free! Hey, that might be a great quote! Will that give me some authority for being original? Tell me about it writers.

Is What I Think About To Write None Of Your Business?

At the very least that title should have gotten your attention. Thoughts perhaps of, “Who the heck does he think he is saying that?” I can only imagine some more colorful thoughts laced with stronger words.

Recently in response to a writing challenge I find myself really doing what I have needed for decades. Consistent writing on an everyday basis. That challenge was over a month ago so it may be safe to say a habit has been formed, and quite honestly I have no desire to break the momentum.

A couple of my posts have been made about writing that sort of touched on why I write. Still as I sat gazing out my window at the clouds, thoughts began to enter that were a little more profound and not at all superficial, as I suspect the posts I made may have been.

While it’s true that I have been writing, or maybe better said journaling, for years, there was never a thought as to the why of it. Recording thoughts about events in life, creating a poem, building pages for my websites, being amazed at the depth afterwards discovered still amazes me. Fascination may be an even more descriptive word when rereading something written several years ago, or just months.

I have had to ask my wife on occasion, “Did I really write this?” On many of those moments she could indeed confirm. Yet I am left with, “Wow, I really did that?” Chances are it only amazes me and my wife. That seems confirmed by two eBooks I have out there that have not exactly caught fire with the reading public. Many explanations, not the least of which is promotion, could be the greatest reason.

Will that keep me from writing? Not a chance! Persistence not aimed at public acceptance in the first place has much to do with that. There are hundreds of files on my hard drive that have never see publication. It’s likely most never will.

The question at the beginning has not been ignored, rather I felt a little background might ease into that thinking.

Writing is a way of talking to myself silently, that examines those thoughts constantly emerging from my mind. Not common thoughts such as movie reviews or grocery lists. Deeper and abstract at times, which makes it impossible to create meaningful conversations with most.

One of my favorite games is to catch a thought at any point, and trace it back to it’s origin. While at first there seems to be no connection, excitement is finding there always is. The progression puts me in mind of the synaptic  transmission connection shown in various explanations through video or animation of how the brain works. photo credit: <a href="">I'm Not In Love no.156</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">(license)</a>

Not many are ready for discussions that could center around such topics. More superficial musings tend to be prevalent, centered around sports scores, fantasy football, the latest video game, soap opera or movie. To me, very little brain power is required discussing such. Not an ego trip there, it just is what it is.

Thoughts have power, the harnessing of which is no easy feat. There’s a good bet that right now you may be thinking I have entered into some sort of fantasy. Scientific studies will prove me out with nothing more evident than the “Placebo Effect.”

Thoughts centered around a belief that something has taken place so strong, that even surgical procedures have shown to be slightly less effective over time than when there were none. A phenomena that has yet to be fully understood, for which the medical profession would prefer to ignore! Imagine people thinking themselves well, without a doctor. They would probably get burned at the stake!

The power of thought has shown it’s effect in my life over the years, so it is no mystery to me that it is real. Indulging in my thoughts then would seem to be somewhat understood if not acceptable or comprehended by others. There are those who may choose to label this as “crazy,” or even something as drastic as “schizophrenia.” Well, as stated in the title, what I think about to write is none of your business. Who really cares about what I think? Desiring to read it is a different story.

So there’s the challenge. Reading thoughts put to words not motivated by what the public wants to read. Rather ideas, musings, random wandering through the quagmire the mind can be, completely original offerings with more than just an intent to put things on a page. You get the chance to see deep inside, if you dare. I don’t know, but that sort of transparency could be scary for some, or many.

I’m gonna go watch some more clouds.

Is Stubbornness, Rebelliousness And An Independent Nature A Troubled Mind, Or Genius?

The more I think about it, the realization that the mind is a powerful thing has eluded me for awhile. It gets taken for granted, and the only thought that comes to me as a reminder, is observing someone who has lost theirs. By that it refers to those who may be suffering from Alzheimer’s, senility, or have just sort of retreated into the past with no thought of the present.

There are those who seem to possess all their mental faculties, that seem to be in a sort of disarray. A laugh builds up internally as the contemplation surfaces wondering whom may have the same thoughts about me. At least there is awareness of that possibility, which quickly gets put to rest with the realization it is in fact, their problem.

Huge differences seem to be apparent when considering a Stephen Hawking with myself, which causes a wonder as to why. Is the same capacity present in everyones gray matter, just not developed? We are all different in every aspect, save the human configuration. Minute to be sure, but decades of research show that the capacity of the brain, not the mind, is not easily understood.

Developing artificial intelligence has not been a simple task as might have been thought. While robots are getting more and more sophisticated, thought is something that appears to be the greatest challenge. While extremely advanced programs have been developed, creating one equal to a brain might take some doing, as we humans still have not figured it out. How do you develop something still not 100% comprehended?

For decades an attempt has been made on a regular basis just to figure out what makes me tick. No doubt siblings and acquaintances would show delight with an opportunity to offer theories, that are bound to be muddled with memories of the past rather than the present. Focusing on such as the DISC Personality Test, it has varied slightly over the last 40 years. However this is a personality test and not one to measure brain power.

Perhaps the greatest shock at an early age was right after graduation form High School. Circumstances required taking a College Entrance Exam, as a scholarship had been unexpectedly awarded. No preparation had been made for college, as it was intended to let military service foot the bill. So the test was taken.

Imagine my surprise when not only was I accepted, but with “honors.” Being placed in courses such as “Honors English,” when there had been no preparatory classes such as writing essays, I was dumbfounded. Comments from the person reviewing my scores only further added to my surprise and confusion. Suddenly the discovery I was not just considered intelligent, but that I was more than average nearly blew me away!

Always learning something new. Shelling dried coffee the old fashioned way!

The messages I had heard for years were that I was never going to amount to anything. My argumentative, rebellious, determined, stubborn, and lackadaisical nature brought out this declaration as a youth. The sudden discovery that I was smart and not necessarily destined to be a homeless bum was shocking. It’s fair to say after so many years of hearing messages to the contrary, even harder to accept. So my actions were that of turning away from the obvious to take comfort in the untruth. In the Army I wouldn’t have much of a challenge intellectually, and for the most part that was true.

Roughly 8 years after graduation, while living in South America, another incident occurred that really got my attention, but still the awareness of it’s importance escaped me. In short it involved filling a vacuum in the food chain with doughnuts. The first effort failed due to complete lack of any business knowledge. However another opportunity availed and the market was still open. Three years later a monopoly was born by the name of Rico Donuts.

A product for which there was no formal education but some training, led to an incredible and unforgettable experience. The creativity involved, as equipment specific to the product was not available, again showed an intelligence surprising and unexpected.

Flashbacks to the days of constant invention with my Erector Set gave me some insight to this suddenly discovered mechanical ability. Still, no connection was made to intelligence as it was seen more as what the Army referred to as “field expediency.” Another might be “necessity is the mother of invention.”

Years later as preparations were being made to return to the U.S., part of that involved my first experience with an in depth assessment of the DISC Personality Test. Now I was seeing things that started to click, and a belief that I actually had a mind that was functioning far above average finally sunk in. Drastic changes did not occur in my behavior, but the level of insecurity began to slowly dissolve.

Over the years since, dozens, if not hundreds of books dealing with varied themes on the mind have nearly been devoured, in this need to know more of what makes this mind work, how to fully appreciate and utilize it. Many refer to that as discovering purpose. For me it may be more peace of mind.

Writing may be my ultimate form, expression, contribution, offering a glimpse into my mind which may spark recognition for another into theirs. That prospect is fascinating! Many found in those books, and some at conferences in person, are those heroes in my life. Among those Zig Ziglar, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Og Mandio, Dale Carnegie, and more recently Lynne McTaggart, Dr. Ben Carson, Gary Smalley, Brian Tracy, John C. Maxwell, and many more.

So what was seen in my youth as worthless intentions, has developed into something quite the opposite. Then again, that may depend on who you ask.

I think my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Edith Bell, would be hugely proud of my writing, as she was one who encouraged me all those years ago. She knew my gazing out the window in class was not just daydreaming. I was writing stories in the clouds!

When Is The Last Word The Last Word?

The absolute determination to make a point only seems complete when whomever is on the other end of the discussion has no retort to make. It is assumed they have run out of ammunition. The debate, or “discussion” has been won! They have run out of arguments or positions. Silence ensues, and that fleeting moment of ecstasy is yours.

Now the question. Was it worth it? Here again is one of those illusions the mind plays on us, that having the last word makes us superior. It never occurs to add at what cost. Winning or defeating another never ends up being a “win.” Another form of domination over another is what happens. Remember the last time that happened to you?

How did you feel? Someone took you to the cleaners over something that wasn’t even that important, and you felt lousy afterwards. Licking your wounds is never a fun thing, and generally ends up reviewing the incident to figure out where you went wrong. So here you are, focused on that which you can’t change, ignoring all that’s going on around you.

Does this sound familiar? You bet it does, and those memories rankle as you give space and time to them. Right there is the bigger problem. Why fuss over something from the past? No effort will change it. This classifies as truly wasted time being in the present and living in the past.

Where is it written that getting the last word wins? What if the last words are “thank you.” Does that sound like someone won a debate? What about “you’re  right?” Could this be the last word of defeat, or simply a surrender to come back another day? Why does it have to be any of these?

The times I can remember getting the last word never did measure up to what seemed like a victory. Emptiness would be more like it, unless is was an actual debate by the rules. The idea is to defeat the opponent with any means possible. In an argument there are no rules, and things are said that can’t be taken back, that never should have left the tongue.

So how important is that last word, really? Worth ruining a friendship, starting a war, or worse? How many have been killed by the tongue, or died because of it? What about those who inflicted the telling blow? Is there a chance they would change their actions if they had a “do over?” Are there times you would like to stuff those words back in your mouth, or someone else’s?

No doubt, and it can’t be done can it. And what’s it all about? Being right? Is being right about something really that important? In a matter of life or death perhaps. Leaving the cap off the toothpaste or not hardly classifies, yet this and even less important issues, are once again only about ego.

In attempting to get the last word, much of the reason has to do with the fear of being wrong. Another is feeling that what you think you know is important to the other person, when in fact they likely don’t even care, as they are tuned into their own personal WIIFM radio.

A great quote from Dr. Wayne Dyer made tons of sense in situations like this. “What another person thinks of you, is none of your business.” You could shorten that a little and it may still apply. What another person thinks, is none of your business.

So ok, think about that for just a quick minute. Do you really care what the other person thinks about anything? In fact, aren’t you more wrapped up in what you think about everything? How hard is it for someone to change your mind, unless you are completely open to that possibility?

Open mindedness. Isn’t that an interesting concept, and one most are very unfamiliar with. You pick your side of any issue and don’t let anyone speak against it. Right? It could be as important as when and how to put the BBQ sauce on the ribs on the grill outside. Do you really care how I do it? Even if mine just might have a better flavor…today. Tomorrow they may taste terrible, but the prick to your sense of propriety is at risk.

It may be how you mow your grass, horizontal or perpendicular to the sidewalk. I may do mine at angles just to be different. I don’t like paisleys in any form or fashion. Someone else thinks they’re the ultimate in fashion. This goes on add nasueam. What does it prove?

To a large degree it goes back to insecurity, and a fear of being wrong. We have been trained that being wrong somehow makes us an inferior person. This has been a cultural thing, maybe since the beginning of time. It is seen in the same category as a mistake. Our society has taught us this is unpardonable, yet it is those very things that cause us to find ways to do something better, or find out where we went wrong. Some just decide to cave and give up, deciding to never have an opinion or take the risk of being wrong.

Others would rather die. Many do, from stress related heart attacks and other ailments. So there’s a way to look at being wrong and making mistakes. They are opportunities to learn, and it seems it was intended to be that way.

Have you ever stopped to consider, that the best lessons you have learned were all the result of being wrong or making a mistake? Probably not. Some do, most don’t. Why is that? It is easier to buy in to the illusion of the ego, that it wasn’t your fault, that you’re right no matter what evidence says, and that someday everyone will have to admit it?

I would like to be one of the examples someone offers of how many times I was wrong, compared to the times I was right. We have the examples before us of those who were wrong more times than right, yet they made enormous changes in the world.

Edison, A.J.Foyt, Babe Ruth, Disney, Harlan Sanders, to name just a few. Failures and mistakes peppered their lives, but what do we remember them for? Their successes, even though the failures far outnumber those. _DSC4801

Being wrong, making mistakes, pave the way to being right about what matters when it matters, and learning why along the way. You may agree, that speaks louder than the “last word,” because success needs no approval.

Think I’ll go watch some more clouds.

Is It About You Or Was It Ever?

Selfish? Self centered? Narrow minded? It’s my party or it’s not? It’s about you but really about me? Why should I change to please someone else? Is it possible I’m misunderstanding or just misunderstood? Why doesn’t anyone care about what I want? How could everyone be so mean?

Yes, ego is in full swing above. This really leaves no one out because ego is not selective. Everyone has some. It’s just that some who are super insecure go overboard. Were they raised that way? Insecurity happens for many reasons, and possibly no reason at all.

Consider the drop dead beauty who thinks she’s ugly. The genius  that doesn’t think he’s smart. The 6 ft. tall girl who thinks she’s too tall and slouches to be shorter. The “nerd” afraid to show what he really knows. Each one with a huge mental block to the truth.

The opposite side of that spectrum is the super jock who thinks the world revolves around him. How about spoiled rich girl who thinks it’s all about money. Or “know it all” who is obnoxious. There’s the “Drama Queen” who lives to create disturbance and unrest to draw attention to herself for fear she’s really unimportant. More instances of those who try to hide behind a shield to mask their fear of not measuring up.

You know them and so do I. What do you do? Ego is in charge and the illusion of being something they are not overpowers logic, reason and being in the moment. It’s worse especially, if they happen to be family or close friends? Ahh, now this gets down to where the rubber meets the road. The attitudes, and all the other issues create real challenges, many times resulting in estrangements that can last years. In some cases lifetimes, and all over illusions that being right makes one superior over another.

That’s the thing about ego, and the illusion it can create that if you can make someone else appear inferior in your mind, then it elevates you to a higher level. The problem is it’s only in your mind, and since it is an illusion that means it’s not even real. Yet lives have been changed for the worse because of this living in some sort of fantasiacal world that doesn’t exist.

There are those who choose to live in that world rather than in the here and now. The drama is created in each of these lives based on illusions and fantasy, rather than enjoy real life in the real world. Those who number in this category are in the majority as most spend far more time living in the past than present.

Is there a chance they know who they are? In order for that to happen a dose of reality would have to break through the illusion. Then another dose to expose the ego. When one can actually face the fact of an ego, a huge battle has been won, but it’s just the beginning. Once that ego is exposed the lie of it’s power will fight to maintain control.

Being in the present moment is like recovery from an addiction. It’s minute by minute, day by day. Rather than one day at a time it’s one moment at a time. As with most addicts, the large majority will deny there is any issue with ego. Those who do discover they are wrapped up in it, will do what many do. Discover it’s easy to change, just easier not to, and continue living in another world.

I can attest to all of this, having been one of those caught up in that illusion for many years. Breaking free is the same as any addiction, in that it is a daily action to remain in the moment and not slip back to the past.

Have I mended all those holes created from the past? What is past is dead, and only now has the chance to be changed. There is still residue that remains in the present, like something in my eye that obscures my vision I can’t quite seem to get out. Being able to see, just not as well as I could. I’m still a work in progress, of which there is acute awareness.Cuicocha-2013-15 18

So is it about me or was it ever is a fair question. The honest answer is it’s about life and learning how to live it. There seems to be far more time spent as student than teacher. Knowing who, what, and whose I am. Being. In the end, that is the best thing, rather than just existing. There is a purpose for me, and a large part of that is being accomplished writing. So I write, as it helps to keep me in the now.

There are those who have no problem in dishing out the drama, but don’t have the courage to even consider that they have an ego, or that it is their worst enemy. Many have a hard time distinguishing between ego and pride.

Ego is that mindset, the feeling of being superior to others. It starts in the mind, very likely as a protection mode, but has no touch with reality. An example again may be a person who grew up with very basic necessities and was made to feel shame at some point. It may have even been in adult life due to circumstances surrounding being fired from a job, a divorce, an experience that was a jolt to their person.

Such an experience creates real fear when finances or a sense of security are threatened. Some might make a decision that they are never going to let this happen again, and take steps to build a life that is the opposite of what was.

Perhaps they do this by beginning to associate with those who are financially better off. Then there is the imitation of a lifestyle using brand names, expensive perfumes, clothes, restaurants, and affectations such as only drinking gourmet whatever, going to the best concerts or musicals.

Of course none of this matters if everyone within hearing doesn’t know, so all effort is made to make certain names are dropped, brands and labels shown, restaurants named and who with. This is defined as arrogance. Ego can never say “sorry.”

Pride quite simply is the satisfaction of a job well done. It is the encouraging and motivation factor to seek to do better, never accepting mediocre. The accomplishment is shared, and in humility, never puffing up ones self at the expense of another.

It is all too common that the person who actually is well off financially, never has to resort to such behavior. The one who has the “connections,” usually doesn’t divulge them. It is very likely they are not insecure and have no need. However, it can clearly be seen that wealth is no insulator to insecurity. J. Paul Getty had it all, yet his suicide clearly showed he was not secure with it.

It may be the worst sort of addiction, as it requires somewhat the same efforts to deal with it. The ego requires feeding, and is never satisfied, exactly like a drug or any addiction. Once the ego is exposed there is hope, but that individual must come to the point that they are out of options for satisfaction.

A great book on the subject is A New Earth by Eckhardt Tolle. It’s a great read, and one that has been worth re-reading 5 times. Am I egoless? Probably not, but it doesn’t get fed so is probably starving!

Is Good Enough Acceptable Or Detestable For You?

Good is good enough! There is a world out there that would love to jump all over that, claiming that it is detrimental to the mindset of excellence. They may even offer a world’s view of examples, such as what if Edison had stopped with a light that only lasted for a few seconds and stopped trying to improve. So did Edison reach excellence when he finally found the combination of things that worked? Are we still seeing to this very day that the light bulb continues to improve?

Wouldn’t that seem to answer the contentions related to perfection? If something as simple as the light bulb continues to improve and get better, was it ever perfect for even a nano-second?

The “not good enough” camp has been the executioner of more genius than we will ever know. That “fear of failure” illusion has  always gone hand in hand with the equal illusion of “perfection.”

What has man ever created that was perfect? In the last 100 years, what has man made that still lasts in it’s original form? If it was perfect it would remain the same, and I submit to you there is no such thing.

Is there a state just shy of perfect? Who knows? I dare say not one human being can determine what perfection is, because there is not one human being that is perfect who could recognize perfection if it stared them in the face!

It just possible that the human mind is even incapable of creating anything perfect, simply because it’s never been seen in any form, save that of Jesus or God, and there are multitudes who will disagree on that.

So science, mathematics, quantum physics, one or all, can not provide one single example of perfection because in all their wisdom none know outside of of human application what real perfection is.

It’s possible the one perfect thing is the creation of life itself. There have been many imitations with cloning, test tubes, and who knows what else, but the creation of life from the dust of the Earth or out of thin air has never been duplicated. Life requires that spark that can only come from the perfection which can not be described in man’s terms, and goes beyond the mind of human understanding.

Many would pretend to have the answers, and impart all such to underlings who are ill equipped to understand on their own. The most primitive, unschooled person on this planet can attest to a “source” of life.

The quest comes back to “is good, good enough?” If it allows the freedom to continue, embraces change for improvement, motivates and encourages, induces confidence then how can it be anything but “good enough!”

It gets back to the glass half empty…half full, or at the source of the water. This particular discourse has gone on probably longer than there’s a record of. Is it black or white, or is it two colors of a multitude of choices?

If perfection were ever reached, what would there be to look forward to? If anything, no mater if it’s human, natural, man-made, artificial intelligence, could ever reach perfection, where would things go from there?

Still, there are those, myself NOT included, that seem to feel they are the bearers of wisdom personified, which pretends to be superior to all the underlings in our world, especially as it relates to things spiritual.

The word “spiritual” is deliberately used here as opposed to “religion” so as not to mix things up that are defined by one but not the other.

The intent of this missive is simple. Ambiguity is rampant in every phase of life with the exception of what is of nature and not manipulated. This is most obvious when someone takes a stand on any issue. While the intentions may be to point out an assumed wrong, invariably the author fails to see the fingers pointing back to their source as being fallible.

No claims here, rather offering up some food for thought. Is there any truth contained in these words? It could be argued what is considered truth, as that may assume truth for one is truth for all.IMG_1555

While this may be a good place to stop, even that may be debated as contrary, conflicting or comments in agreement could be added. I’m gonna go watch some clouds.