Do You Know What Happened After The Jailbreak?

There was a flood! Yup, you read that right. There’s a good chance you thought it was about people breaking out of jail. Right? There might be a resemblance to people if you use lots of imagination, because words describe people. Are you still with me?
So ok, a little liberty with the jailbreak. Maybe more with the flood, but I’m talking about a flood of words. The jailbreak is about hundreds of files of content that have been stored for decades, just waiting to “bust out’ into print for all to read.
Granted, there is always the question in every writers mind as to who may want to read those words and thoughts that many times seem to jump right off the tips of my fingers to the letters on the keyboard. How the readers mind is affected as the eyes scan down the page, absorbing those morsels of wit and wisdom.
Today it may go unappreciated until my passing, and only then the possibility that scores will lament the missed opportunities of engaging in person the author. I sure wouldn’t be the first. Being a step out of time gaining recognition while breath still finds it’s place on a daily basis sounds good to me.
At this very moment, it occurs to me that I seem to be writing new, fresh, honest content without worry or concern of organization or perfection. While it seemed those were always my intent when writing, I sense a difference.
Recently I read a small book that suggested tossing all the “writing rules” out the window and just write. While that idea has always appealed to me, somehow it kept most of my words at bay. The thought of some editor changing my words to suit their idea of what may be grist for the readers mill just got my rebellious nature in gear.
It seems people today want to read what they want, and not something that has been contrived to fit some pattern of palpable drivel a great majority have become accustomed to.
So to this end I have jumped into the fray! Of course the only measure how successful I’ve been will be feedback from those who have entered into that fray with me by reading these posts.
So there is your challenge, to determine with your “likes” and comments if this “jailbreak” has made an impact. Here on Face Book and on Word Press you will find That’s me, and the intent is adding to these pages on a regular basis.
What will I write about? Will it be centered on one topic or theme? All the experts say I should center on a theme that will become identified with my style of writing. That may be similar to a musician like Michael Buble who is a crooner, or Caleb Johnson who is a rocker.
Then there is “Weird Al” Yankovic, who has an amazing ability to imitate other vocalists and their styles. Well, I’d say his name, or at least the “Al” part, sorta says it for me. Give me the potpourri of writing themes, from war to romance, humor to just the facts. For me it’s like having a banana split with all those different flavors mixed together. So take a chance and make your thoughts known in the comments.

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Alan is retired and resides in Quito, Ecuador. Writing is a passion which has resulted in two eBooks thus far, with more in the works. Married 47 years with four sons and 13 grandchildren, provides potential grist for the mill! Alan is a charter "Boomer", a Viet Nam veteran, committed to roasting his own coffee and writes about whatever pops into his mind. He loves to build and ride recumbent bikes, play racquetball, writes almost daily, travels Ecuador, and talks to anything that does not move fast enough! The twinkle in his eye is a combination of the sun, and an active sense of humor. His desire to encourage others to write is being answered through his articles on the Internet.