What Good Is Coffee From Ecuador If You Can’t Drink It?

Coffee is absolutely one of my favorite topics as it relates to Ecuador. That is also what this blog is about. Everything! Right? For now let’s decide about a key question as the title indicates. If you can’t drink coffee from Ecuador, what good is it?


Having a cup of coffee from Ecuador in Ecuador!

The real issue is, why can’t you drink coffee from this country? Answer is, because you can’t get it. Get it in terms of there’s no place to buy it, outside of Ecuador. Now is that a bummer or what? So, the question is a good one. What good is it if you can’t drink it?

There’s no question that you can have all you want (coffee of course) by coming to Ecuador. That sorta makes the cup just a little expensive. Some would agree it’s worth the cost, just to discover something most of the coffee consuming world doesn’t know.

If the country where 25% of the coffee in the world is consumed, doesn’t know about coffee from Ecuador, what does that tell you? So how would anyone in the U.S. coffee consuming  population, know what they’re missing? They don’t!

You who are reading this are the ones I’m talking about. So how is this problem going to be solved? Now there’s the question that is looking for an answer.

The coffee supply from Ecuador is not the problem. This rates as some of the best specialty coffee from anywhere. So you have to ask yourself what does it take to get this into the U.S.? There is the big questions that is like the elephant in the room. You can’t ignore it, but have no idea what to do with it.

That’s how it seems with Ecuadorian coffee and getting it into the hands of roasters in the U.S. It’s not likely that someone is going to mount this huge advertising campaign to make this happen. More likely some video will have to go viral to really get attention. Blogs are not a bad medium, they just don’t seem to get that huge viral attention videos do. Then again that may depend on who writes the blog and how well they do drawing attention to their writing.

So maybe that’s what has to happen. A video that has the content which creates that viral response. All for a really good…no. Not just good, but a great cup of coffee. Ecuador has had some challenges to their coffee industry over the last 20 years, and is coming out on the positive side. Really exceptional coffee is the result, and deserves to be known in the coffee world. What tends to be really exciting, is specialty coffee has now become a serious focus, instead of just coffee.

So be sure and ask your favorite coffee shop or roaster about coffee from Ecuador. Maybe they’ll take the hint. Coffee has been getting lots of attention for the last 16 years, especially when it comes to all the medical and health claims. Back in the 1990’s coffee was being linked to cancer, simply because all those who had the disease, or at least a significant number, drank it. Guilty by association.

Today, new studies have been done providing evidence claiming the previous information was bogus and why. So now you can drink your coffee and be healthy too! The kick is, can all coffee make the to be healthy? Like so much other stuff in our food chain these days, there is the question of how safe it is in terms of chemicals used to produce it and the effect on human health.

So in terms of coffee from Ecuador, the good news is as it relates to fertilizers and chemicals to produce it, most of the 350,000 coffee farmers can’t afford such luxuries!

So there is a good deal to think about in your cup! Probably not what you had in mind when you got up this morning and made your brew. Something to “brew” over as you enjoy your favorite fix.

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