Are The Clouds In Your Life Dark Or With Silver Linings?

Who walks under a dark cloud? Isn’t this something everyone tries to avoid? Are there those who actually look for “dark clouds” and feel uncomfortable without one? Does that remind you of anyone?

Watching the clouds play with the mountain peak.
Watching the clouds play with the mountain peak.

Speaking for myself I don’t go out of my way to look for things to darken my day, clouds or otherwise. Do they come? If by that do I mean obstacles, difficulties, things I have to deal with that I would rather not? How about they arrive on a regular basis.

Over the decades I have become a survivor by nature. What that means is I have a low threshold with trust, so I learn how to deal with every situation that arises in a way that allows my survival mode to continue and thrive.

Are there consequences to that? I would be the first to say that on the outside it appears I am a very outgoing, friendly individual. That is a learned behavior. Yet under stress that friendly nature becomes very controlling and dominate! That tends to rub others the wrong way and gives the impression of aloofness and arrogance.

So what color are my clouds? I would have to say they are not black or gray. Maybe a little beige if there is such a thing, and a reasonable part of the time snowy white.

One of my favorite pastimes is taking photos of sunsets and sunrises. Now there are some amazing colors the sun can paste on those clouds. Colors I swear I’ve never seen before. Like a kaleidoscope some of the patterns seem similar, but it just never happens. There is always a slight difference with each turn of the tube. Clouds certainly fit that description, as do the colors that paint them.

And what is it about those puffy white accumulations of moisture in the air that has the tendency to make us feel good, positive, even happy? Well the happy part decidedly comes from within and is a choice. So how are the other two emotions accounted for as it relates to white, puffy clouds?

Are they somehow being related to whipped cream or cotton candy? The obvious association with two foods that are both sweet and enjoyable to most would not be a hard thing to accept.

Now when you put that spin on clouds, why would anyone want to ever go looking for the menacing, threatening black ones? Well, that’s not me so why even go there?

Clouds seem to have the ability to make me feel good, creating a positive feeling. I think the reality is that they always follow the storm, being a sign for the end of turbulence, the nearly overwhelming concussion of thunder and the threat of a lightening strike on your person.

It gave me cause to create a music poem, with spontaneous thoughts in league with musical inspiration. Instead of writing the words, music was played and the words were inspired by the sounds. It’s been added to this post so hopefully you will find it enjoyable.

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