Is It Your Business Or None Of Your Business?

“None Of My Business?”

“Once I asked another person what they were doing and they told me it was none of my business. Considering that for a scant moment, the fleet winged thought crossed my mind of the infinitesimal possibility they might be right.

Had it not been for all the trouble pursuing that thought to it’s logical conclusion would have caused, I would have let them have their way. Prudence being the better part of valor, shouting “Cops!” proved to be the wiser solution, as efforts to relieve me of property were quickly discouraged.”

As I reread this, another thought arose. Did I write this, or is it a short piece copied from elsewhere? Must be, as there is no memory ever of any such confrontation. What’s more interesting, is whether or not I would have ever yelled “Cops!” Corporal action of some sort would likely have ensued…maybe running?

Now can you imagine yourself in a similar situation? Maybe a perpetrator is holding a knife, more threatening than actually up against your jugular. What do you do when the demand to hand it over is made? Do you meekly do so? Does fear reign to the extent you’re paralyzed, unable to make the slightest move, petrified what may happened?

Is there any move on your part to avoid the situation, such as running for your life? Would you stand there and yell, “COPS!” at the top of your lungs? Here’s a good plug for pepper spray. Got any?

Has it happened to you yet? Chances are it has to someone close to you. Remember how they related the incident in such fine detail, you could feel the fear and panic? So here you are faced with a similar event. What next?

How many times do these scenarios get air time in our noggins? The news is constantly reminding you hundreds of times everyday how vulnerable you are. Here’s where all those defensive moves you were shown by detectives at your workplace come into play. What they really couldn’t show you is the nerve to do it.

When these attacks take place it is usually by surprise, catching you completely in another world and time. Not paying attention to your surroundings, thinking about the latest Cable episode, what you’re going to wear tomorrow, that game of golf at 3 PM, a board meeting where you have to present, and the list goes on.

It’s difficult to say how many assaults would be avoided if the victims were simply aware. According to David Erath Jr. in his book, The Ultimate Guide To Unarmed Self Defense, awareness is one of the key factors in denying an attacker their opportunity.

He offers two chapters to his book for free, so it might be a great idea to see what he writes on the topic.

Knowing that it can happen at the least expected moment, should be a clue to keep constant vigilance, even in those moments where there seems to be no imminent danger. Remembering that looks can be deceiving applies as much to people as it does places.

Without question constant awareness is the hardest for most. This doesn’t imply you should walk around in the parking lot in a karate stance, suspecting anyone and everyone. Being relaxed and aware is the name of the game.

Walking is one of my everyday events, starting at 5:30 in the morning while it is still dark. The walks are 3 miles long in a woods. There is ample opportunity for elephants, rabid Lamas
or squirrels, stray dogs too for that matter, as well as an unseen assailant to pose an attack.

My walking stick made of Eucalyptus wood.

For this and other  reasons I have made a large walking stick that has a pointed tip 2” long.

20160522_145915 - Version 2
Notice the 2″ tip!

It also does a great job with balance and traversing the mountain bike trails over very rugged and uneven ground.

This can be brought into action quickly and effectively in hands that know how to use it. More importantly it is a deterrent, at least to any human element. The elephants and squirrels don’t exist so that just leaves Lamas, dogs and humans.

 Point being it is an element that provides security, along with constant awareness. You will find that staying aware will become a habit. Strangely enough that could be a bad thing, as once habits are developed they become subconscious, meaning you go back into a state of unawareness.

Do a check on yourself about awareness. See how long you can stay focused on your surroundings, without your thoughts going off on a tangent somewhere. Chances are you won’t last more than 10 to 15 seconds in the beginning. It proves a point, and that is the purpose.

Fooling around for someone to tell you it’s none of your business, could be costly!

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Alan is retired and resides in Quito, Ecuador. Writing is a passion which has resulted in two eBooks thus far, with more in the works. Married 47 years with four sons and 13 grandchildren, provides potential grist for the mill! Alan is a charter "Boomer", a Viet Nam veteran, committed to roasting his own coffee and writes about whatever pops into his mind. He loves to build and ride recumbent bikes, play racquetball, writes almost daily, travels Ecuador, and talks to anything that does not move fast enough! The twinkle in his eye is a combination of the sun, and an active sense of humor. His desire to encourage others to write is being answered through his articles on the Internet.