Is Your Coffee Really A Diuretic Or Is This False Information?

Do you really believe after all these years of hearing bad things about coffee, that suddenly it has somehow become the “good guy?” How is it that now we see scads of information making all sorts of claims about the positive benefits of coffee? Why back in the ‘90s it was being linked to cancer, and now it’s being linked to help reduce the possibility of certain cancers as well as Alzheimers. So what do you believe. Even more, WHO do you believe?

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Well, as a matter of fact “rust inhibitor” is alive and well in coffee. Ok, so it really means “antioxidants” in coffee are abundant. In fact, there are more of these microscopic warriors against oxidation and inflammation in the body from the husk of the coffee cherry.

The bright red coffee cherry husk has been said to contain as many as 100 times the amount of antioxidants as in coffee itself. As a result, you would think some holistic company would jump all over this and start peddling the coffee cherry husks as a “super antioxidant!”

Sadly, at this time in history, most get used for fertilizer and mulch around the coffee trees. Makes sense when you think about it, since this avoids the need for chemical fertilizer.

The most up to date studies seem to provide strong evidence that at least three cups of coffee daily can have a positive impact in your body helping to defend against several diseases. The only caution here is discovery of who actually has contracted these studies. Those independent of the coffee industry would be the most credible, so due diligence is in order.

Several links have been included for your review to see just how credible this information is according to the relative independence of the study.

Note: *** indicates an interesting disclaimer of the entity contracting the study done by the University of Birmingham in England, and published in PLOS 1. This is a peer reviewed research article, which simply means it has been reviewed diligently in the attempt to refute claims made, which in this case the positive results were published.

Funding: Funding for this study was provided by the Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee (ISIC). ISIC is a non-profit organization, devoted to the study and disclosure of science related to coffee and health. The funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript.

As noted earlier in this information, the study made in 1928 that first made the claim of coffee having a diuretic impact in the body, has been the basis of all claims to that effect since. So this is what has created the interest to see if the facts support the claim.

So it certainly gives cause for coffee lovers to rejoice on many fronts. It also supports why those consumers of several cups of java have really never displayed signs of dehydration, when copious amounts of water were never consumed to supposedly offset the diuretic effect.

As an added testimony, the writer can attest to a daily habit of at least three cups of freshly ground, individually brewed cups of coffee during the last twelve years, with no where near as much water. Furthermore, coffee has been a daily habit during a period spanning nearly 60 years, with little regard for water. It can clearly be stated that the recommended 8 glasses of water daily have never be observed! Consider that for what it’s worth.

Alan indulging his daily habit!

Current health indicates no diabetes, normal levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL, HDL, with a slightly elevated A1C that is now under control and has absolutely nothing to do with coffee. Current weight is 162 for a 5’ 7” frame.

Bottom line, personal experience would certainly seem to support this claim of coffee not being the diuretic as as been claimed for decades. Yet as all physical makeups are different, your experience may be unique.

The real bottom line leads back to the anti-oxidants in coffee, which can now be added to the hydrating aspect as well. Who would have thought coffee could have ever become a “health drink?” Let the facts speak for themselves. It seems they have.

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