Can You Go Coffee Free From 3 Cups To “0” For 30 Days?

Is coffee really addictive? Is caffeine as addictive as say, nicotine? What about alcohol? Can people addicted to coffee break the addiction? How hard is it to detox from caffeine? Would someone wanting to have detox caffeine have to go through a rehab program? Could this be you? Well…could it? Yours truly is going to take on a 30 day detox, so read on!

So how’s life sans coffee you ask? Well, you haven’t asked but I’m going to tell you anyway. You’d be surprised to say the least. Now obviously I can’t speak for anyone else that has ever done this insane challenge (better not let my wife see that) but for me it has been a breeze.

So far 15 days without that daily infusion of java! I am as calm as anything you could imagine, such as an iceberg, or a mountain. No heebie-jeebies, shakes or biting fingernails because I’m having caffeine withdrawal. That was rather mild by comparison to previous experiences.

So once again it is this weird sensation that I don’t need this like there was an addiction. That’s always the way it has been in the past as well. That’s sorta refreshing to know, that this is a take it or leave it scenario. There is an adamant determination to return to my fav beverage once June 1st shows up on the calendar!

In fact I just could make a big todo about it, like shooting off fireworks or some such activity to celebrate. Setting off the car alarm would surely draw some attention in the neighborhood. Of course they have no idea what I’m doing. Maybe I could drum up some support (as though I needed it) for my solitary endeavor.

I really feel like my cartoon character created for a website I had called “I Gotta Have Coffee.” I’ll post the photo of the drawing, or better yet the logo as it is much better. Ben was having a real problem without the “bean!” I really can’t relate, but I’m sure there are those who can.

Usually there have been some rather uncomfortable aches for a day or two in the past when detoxing, but the only thing experienced this time was an unusual muscular ache in my upper chest. Yeah, I know what you’re thinkin’ and it wasn’t angina, or anxiety pains! It kinda had me wonderin’ too, but then it occurred as to what it was.

What has been the most interesting through all this effort to bring my blood pressure under control naturally, was a huge change in our food regimen. It has nearly gotten to a vegetarian status, but what that means in the end is maybe 12 ozs. of any meat per week.

OK, I know what you’re waiting for and here it is. Today my BP was 147/74. It has been averaging over 150 for systolic and the mid 70’s for diastolic. The diastolic had been climbing up to the high 70’s and over, so it’s still “out to lunch” as to what things will look like at the end of the month.

So here it comes. The good news is…IT AIN”T THE COFFEE! Or at least it doesn’t look like the culprit at this juncture of things. Oh there is joy in Mudville today! My name will be “mud” if this doesn’t turn out the way I expect, and there will be no “mud” in my cup! Because the Dr. wants to put me on medication to bring the BP under control. His challenge is that I refuse medicine!

So for all those hanging by their fingernails, anxiously awaiting to see the results of my singular experiment, it’s lookin’ good for the coffee! Stay tuned for the next installment!

OK, next installment.

My BP was not significantly affected by one month of no coffee. That comes as no surprise as there has never been any significant study that could relate the two. Many have tried, and there have been many flawed studies that made that claim, only to not hold up in the end.

So if I were to leave it there, some of you wanting to know about the BP and if anything worked, I’ll bring you up to date.

In 2014, after moving to the mountains, we both went on a new food regimen. No carbs, no dairy and no processed sugar. Fair to say this was under a Dr.’s suggestion, not orders…per say. Now for someone who loves fresh baked bread this was a real challenge, but complete abstinence for life was not the issue.

This also included no coffee (again?) for the duration of this change in food. Being borderline diabetic there were two challenges here. Lower BP and lower A1C. Long story short, both intents of lowering the numbers, not to mention weight, were totally successful.

Now, does that mean I could go back to my coffee? Absolutely! While the Dr. never had an issue with the coffee other than it prompted the desire to eat, it was not the culprit with any of the issues at risk.

The good news is I have completely cut rice, potatoes and pasta out of my diet. Don’t miss them at all. Coffee is back to three or four cups daily. BP is still under control and A1C which is just under the magic number of 6.

The main thing is the detox that came along with no coffee, again, was nearly non-existent. I kept waiting for the familiar symptoms of detox, but there was just nothing. No headaches, no muscular discomfort, just nothing. I have no idea if it had something to do with walking two miles plus daily at an altitude of 10,000 ft. or not. All I do know is it was painless.

So what’s the objective of this story? It was mainly about detoxing from coffee and whether or not the “coffee/caffeine” addiction was serious. By now it should be apparent that it depends.

Some people have less tolerance fro caffeine than others. Drinking a cup of coffee just before bed would keep some up all night, while others would not be fazed at all. The latter would be me. So as always, everyone is different.

Most importantly, caffeine is hardly as addictive as those other items mentioned at the beginning of this article. Yes the detoxing for some can be uncomfortable for two or even three days, but then it’s over.

The “empty cup” is the best cup because now it can be refilled!

Doing the coffee detox is really a good thing, as it allows your body to rid itself of any unwanted toxins. Is caffeine life threatening? Not according to the most recent health studies. That’s something your need to evaluate for yourself.
So enjoy your coffee guilt free. Know that you’re not harming your body, rather again, according to current studies, it’s quite the opposite! Here’s lookin’ at the bottom of the cup!

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