Is Stubbornness, Rebelliousness And An Independent Nature A Troubled Mind, Or Genius?

The more I think about it, the realization that the mind is a powerful thing has eluded me for awhile. It gets taken for granted, and the only thought that comes to me as a reminder, is observing someone who has lost theirs. By that it refers to those who may be suffering from Alzheimer’s, senility, or have just sort of retreated into the past with no thought of the present.

There are those who seem to possess all their mental faculties, that seem to be in a sort of disarray. A laugh builds up internally as the contemplation surfaces wondering whom may have the same thoughts about me. At least there is awareness of that possibility, which quickly gets put to rest with the realization it is in fact, their problem.

Huge differences seem to be apparent when considering a Stephen Hawking with myself, which causes a wonder as to why. Is the same capacity present in everyones gray matter, just not developed? We are all different in every aspect, save the human configuration. Minute to be sure, but decades of research show that the capacity of the brain, not the mind, is not easily understood.

Developing artificial intelligence has not been a simple task as might have been thought. While robots are getting more and more sophisticated, thought is something that appears to be the greatest challenge. While extremely advanced programs have been developed, creating one equal to a brain might take some doing, as we humans still have not figured it out. How do you develop something still not 100% comprehended?

For decades an attempt has been made on a regular basis just to figure out what makes me tick. No doubt siblings and acquaintances would show delight with an opportunity to offer theories, that are bound to be muddled with memories of the past rather than the present. Focusing on such as the DISC Personality Test, it has varied slightly over the last 40 years. However this is a personality test and not one to measure brain power.

Perhaps the greatest shock at an early age was right after graduation form High School. Circumstances required taking a College Entrance Exam, as a scholarship had been unexpectedly awarded. No preparation had been made for college, as it was intended to let military service foot the bill. So the test was taken.

Imagine my surprise when not only was I accepted, but with “honors.” Being placed in courses such as “Honors English,” when there had been no preparatory classes such as writing essays, I was dumbfounded. Comments from the person reviewing my scores only further added to my surprise and confusion. Suddenly the discovery I was not just considered intelligent, but that I was more than average nearly blew me away!

Always learning something new. Shelling dried coffee the old fashioned way!

The messages I had heard for years were that I was never going to amount to anything. My argumentative, rebellious, determined, stubborn, and lackadaisical nature brought out this declaration as a youth. The sudden discovery that I was smart and not necessarily destined to be a homeless bum was shocking. It’s fair to say after so many years of hearing messages to the contrary, even harder to accept. So my actions were that of turning away from the obvious to take comfort in the untruth. In the Army I wouldn’t have much of a challenge intellectually, and for the most part that was true.

Roughly 8 years after graduation, while living in South America, another incident occurred that really got my attention, but still the awareness of it’s importance escaped me. In short it involved filling a vacuum in the food chain with doughnuts. The first effort failed due to complete lack of any business knowledge. However another opportunity availed and the market was still open. Three years later a monopoly was born by the name of Rico Donuts.

A product for which there was no formal education but some training, led to an incredible and unforgettable experience. The creativity involved, as equipment specific to the product was not available, again showed an intelligence surprising and unexpected.

Flashbacks to the days of constant invention with my Erector Set gave me some insight to this suddenly discovered mechanical ability. Still, no connection was made to intelligence as it was seen more as what the Army referred to as “field expediency.” Another might be “necessity is the mother of invention.”

Years later as preparations were being made to return to the U.S., part of that involved my first experience with an in depth assessment of the DISC Personality Test. Now I was seeing things that started to click, and a belief that I actually had a mind that was functioning far above average finally sunk in. Drastic changes did not occur in my behavior, but the level of insecurity began to slowly dissolve.

Over the years since, dozens, if not hundreds of books dealing with varied themes on the mind have nearly been devoured, in this need to know more of what makes this mind work, how to fully appreciate and utilize it. Many refer to that as discovering purpose. For me it may be more peace of mind.

Writing may be my ultimate form, expression, contribution, offering a glimpse into my mind which may spark recognition for another into theirs. That prospect is fascinating! Many found in those books, and some at conferences in person, are those heroes in my life. Among those Zig Ziglar, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Og Mandio, Dale Carnegie, and more recently Lynne McTaggart, Dr. Ben Carson, Gary Smalley, Brian Tracy, John C. Maxwell, and many more.

So what was seen in my youth as worthless intentions, has developed into something quite the opposite. Then again, that may depend on who you ask.

I think my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Edith Bell, would be hugely proud of my writing, as she was one who encouraged me all those years ago. She knew my gazing out the window in class was not just daydreaming. I was writing stories in the clouds!

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