Can Coffee Aroma Have Stronger Impact Than The Brew Itself?

Coffee aroma is the most important part or characteristic of Specialty Coffee. You may not realize it, but there are over 800 aromatic compounds present that can affect aroma. Even though you may be totally unaware at a conscious level of any of these compounds, your tongue, and nose are fully in the game!

Even Instant Coffee has flavor nuances, but they are drastically reduced to somewhere around 150 compounds, because of the process the coffee goes through on it’s way to becoming the end product.

“Wake up and smell the coffee,” is considerably more than just a cute advertising slogan. Proof of that may come from a study done recently and some interesting discoveries about that “coffee smell.” Read on.

Can you imagine that just the smell of coffee in the morning can act like an alarm to your brain? Not a bad way to wake up, and not a drop of caffeine in your system yet.

A recent study tried testing on how drinking and smelling coffee might impact proteins and genes in the brain. Now this has yet to be tested other than in theory on people, as sleep deprived lab rats were the subjects. It may be cause to consider if they even like coffee?

So the idea was to test this out on rats that were stressed, compared to other stressed and non-stress rats, and see if this provided any clue to positive effects. While the study showed there were varied levels of activity in 17 genes, plus some calming activity, it doesn’t seem to imply much else. Read the results on the study from WebMD.

So what’s the take here? Does it or doesn’t it have some sort of positive impact on our brains? I can imagine there are many who might choose to sniff the beans in the morning to avoid caffeine intake.

I’m sniffin’ AND drinkin”!

There are many things you could sniff that might perk you up better than coffee, but most of them are illegal. Not only that they tend to get very expensive and are more habit forming than the brown brew. It is doubtful that trip to the coffee machine or local coffee stop/shop is going to disappear in favor of sniffing the stuff. Some things just never change. But didn’t they say the same about things like video games and iPods?

One thing is for sure. That aroma nearly always succeeds in provoking the need for a fix! So if the smell doesn’t do it go for the gusto. No not beer, as that term tends to imply. Caffeine has many friends, and the delivery method is far more pleasing than most.

Consider all things associated with coffee, as to where you get it, the atmosphere, flavors if you like, pastries, a perk you up, a great chance to get someone to remove the earphones and actually talk. This brew above all else tends to be a great starter of conversations.

Now I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time imagining going to a coffee shop, or even brewing some automatically first thing in the A.M. just to see if I can get bouncing from the aroma alone. That to me could classify as a sinful waste to not drink it!

So give your brain credit for knowing what’s good for it, and encouraging you to follow those instincts. Drink it, smell it, or both.

I wonder if ground is better than whole bean?

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