Do I Write To Please You Or Because I Must?

From the time I was in 3rd grade I have been a writer. This of course includes the fictional tales about flying in the clouds, and the “notes” to Marletta Miller. She never returned any so they must not have had the impact I wished for.

About the same time reading took hold of me like gang busters. It started in the 2nd grade as I tried to keep up with, who else, Marletta. She was a fast reader and I was determined to meet her at the book table each time she went up. Somehow this almost seems like the infatuation Alfalfa of Our Gang had with Darla, who for the most part ignored him.

So reading nearly became an obsession. I was so enthralled with the stories that I could easily put myself into, that I just had to try and write like those amazing storytellers. I ended up spending more time reading than writing.

As time went on, I practiced writing letters to a steady girlfriend, that were laced with some rather “hot” sentences I had read in some novels leaning to the obscene literature corner. They definitely had an impact, more so on her mother than on her. I was called to account, so my glib tongue and proficient vocabulary I had also developed from copious reading came into play and saved my bacon.

In the ‘70s we were living in Ecuador, and I was sending “reporter at large” type snippets to my hometown newspaper, that had a circulation of roughly 1000. Word processors were popular then, and it was a new medium I preferred far more than pen and paper. At least I could read what I wrote.

As PC’s became affordable in the ‘90s I now had an even better place to keep my journals and such. That has continued to this day even with disc crashes and changes from 4MB hard drives to 500GB hard drives.

Websites have been created with 400+ pages, and 100’s of essays written and stored. I write because I have to. If I think it, chances are I will write about it, and I think about many things.

So I don’t write to please anyone but me. Attempts have been made at writing for others. There have been experiences where my words have been changed to please someone else. That’s not why I write, so that has come to an end.

No particular niche’ has been uncovered, as my interests and talents are multiple. From making bread and doughnuts to building recumbent bikes and fairings. Oh, and writing eBooks.

Then there are life experiences to write about, such as 12 years in the mountains of Ecuador, Vietnam, 13 grandchildren, 46 years of wedded adventure, life threatening infections, learning about coffee from the bean to the cup in a coffee producing country and more. 

This is just a random sample of what I write and why. It seems more random than intentional, but maybe that’s how it should be when it’s totally original and not purely for entertainment.

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Alan Written by:

Alan is retired and resides in Quito, Ecuador. Writing is a passion which has resulted in two eBooks thus far, with more in the works. Married 47 years with four sons and 13 grandchildren, provides potential grist for the mill! Alan is a charter "Boomer", a Viet Nam veteran, committed to roasting his own coffee and writes about whatever pops into his mind. He loves to build and ride recumbent bikes, play racquetball, writes almost daily, travels Ecuador, and talks to anything that does not move fast enough! The twinkle in his eye is a combination of the sun, and an active sense of humor. His desire to encourage others to write is being answered through his articles on the Internet.