Does Flavor Add More Than Just Taste To Your Food?

#everydayinspiration Day 4

Whether or not it’s true, pictures do provoke words. The number has notoriously been pegged at 1000, but I’m betting the numbers are much higher.

In the accompanying photo, color is bright and varied. This was taken at an open market in Otavalo, Ecuador. The subject consists of a variety of spices. For the life of me I could not begin to name all of them. My eyes were captivated by the bright, vibrant colors, of what turned out to be edible things. DSC00064 - Version 2

To think that these are put on our food tends to make you stop and think. Some of these would certainly change the color of whatever you’re eating. Others are bound to change the temperature inside your mouth!

This was so impressive to me that I eventually made it into a poster. Those colors just could not stay buried in my photo files, as they were popping to get out! The adage about eating with the eyes, in this case would seem more about appreciating.DSC_7892

Familia by Ximena Cardenas! Quito, Ecuador.

Still more, looking at this photo in poster form just adds so much color and brightness to my day, and perhaps yours as well. An artist friend here in Ecuador created a piece for me, that certainly speaks to color, and is right down my alley.

I do enjoy color, especially bright ones, as they just tend to liven up everything around them. It’s interesting to note that in many Latin cultures, especially when celebrating festivals, color is a huge part of that. Such has definitely been the case in Ecuador, for the some 25 festivals celebrated throughout the year involving parades and costumes. That is just those that are on any sort of calendar, as in the Pueblos there are many others unique to their location.

So images and color spoke to me on day 4 of everyday inspiration.

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