Do You Play The Change Game Or Just Do It?

“It’s Easy To Change. It’s Just Easier NOT to!” Dr. John Morgan

I don’t know if this is original with Dr. Morgan, but it appeared on the marquee outside his Chiropractic office one morning at least 20+ years ago.

John once played with one of the NFL teams and to have a quote like that in his back pocket would not be unusual. This quote has stuck with me for all these years, and served as a reminder on many occasions just when a change was coming with the choice of do or don’t.

Change always seems easy, until faced with the realities. Rarely does change not involved stepping outside one’s comfort zone. Right there is what makes huge differences in acceptance. Change is fine until faced with being, doing, performing in a way contrary to our habits.

Ahh, there we have the real problem. Compare driving on the left side in England, or many other countries. How much of an adjustment has to be made? Speaking a foreign language, even though it may have a multitude of similarities to English such as Spanish.

Amazing what happens with a little banana juice!
Amazing what happens with a little banana juice!

Perhaps as a female working in a male dominated culture where you MUST submit to some indignities, such as not being included in meetings. Going from a secure job to being self employed. Possibly a favorable situation until faced with all the responsibilities of providing direction, creating revenue streams, sourcing supplies, all the things done by others in an employee scenario.

Most never have an idea what’s involved in running a business. They may have a great idea, but have never taken the time or made the effort to source out the necessary details of the idea they have in mind. Results show quickly within months in most cases, evidenced by closed doors and For Lease/Rent signs in the window of vacated locations.

Others by sheer tenacity tough it out, determined to do whatever it takes. Working 20 hour days, sleeping 4 hours in two hour shifts. Using personal transportation to personally go and pick up supplies, then to turn around and go make deliveries of products to customers. Collecting checks or excuses, basically surviving from one day to the next on the days receipts.

Everyday presents a new twist. Raw ingredients have suddenly become scarce because providers hemmed in by subsidized prices have decided it’s time for a raise, creating false shortages to force the issue.

A critical piece of equipment breaks down, throwing production to a halt. Drastic measures must be taken to get things up and running. Electricity goes out due to a storm, and stays down for hours. A driver for a delivery route shows up late. Key personnel call in sick. What do you do? Punt!

Change is easy, except when you have to! Dreaded by most, welcomed by few, just possibly the most feared occurrence in life. Chances are the greatest way to overcome change and the fear of it, is to just do it! There’s no question that Nike may have popularized that quote, still it’s also possible no truer words were ever spoken.

So the next good quote may be, “It’s easy to change. It’s just easier Not to. Just do it!”

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