Do You Need A Special Place To Write Or Will Anywhere Work?

Where can I find a place to concentrate and focus on writing? I need peace and quiet. No disturbances. No pets, no noisy kids, outside noise. Maybe a cabin in the woods, or an isolated place on the beach. I’m not near a beach or a woods, so now what? Lock myself in the bathroom or one of the closets? Humm…now there’s a thought. How conducive would either of those places be to writing though?

Isn’t this where determination and desire kick in? Writing is not necessarily a picnic, which means as a writer you do what you have to in order to crank it out.

I clearly recall sitting on top of a bunker on a moonlit night in Vietnam, writing a song poem. You might consider such conditions extreme, but it didn’t stop me from writing. Why? Because I had a “want to.” Putting words to what was going on in my mind at that time was paramount. Denying those thoughts and feelings was simply impossible. Any obstacle can be overcome by a determined spirit!

Now my favorite writing space is probably the same as most others. However there is a strong bet few would define it as such, based on the prompt and suggestions given. For me my most favorite and productive writing space is in my head. That’s where it all starts, and I can be anywhere, fully capable of recording my most immediate thoughts on my cell, or if my iPad is at hand use my remote keyboard to write it down.

Interestingly enough today I listened to an interview with Ray Edwards, author of Writing Riches: Learn How to Boost Profits, Drive Sales and Master Your Financial Destiny With Results-Based Web Copy . A huge take-away was that of “creating” a book as opposed to writing it. He insists during a conference with another writer, who exposed this idea to him, that he was then able to literally create two books in one weekend! Incredible, right?

Not so much when you think about the very basics of it. The key is dictation. Speaking into anything that will record and can be downloaded to your computer. Why? Because you can talk faster than you can type. Mistakes and all! Once recorded then it’s just a question of transposing, either yourself or a service that does it professionally.

Beyond that is the fact this is one less stop to get to your fingers. Not a big deal you might say. Think of it this way. From my thoughts to my mouth and out to a recording device. Or, from my thoughts to my fingers to a keyboard where I type anywhere from ½ to ⅓ as fast as I can speak. That’s with mistakes.

Another thing I notice is that nano second of time between the thought and execution on the keyboard, has been the cause of more than one change that might have been better left to the impromptu thought I had first. “Think long, think wrong.” Something to consider.

So my favorite place to write is where it all starts in the first place. In my noggin. Some may make the comment you can’t write in your head. Thinking for a second they may want to reconsider, as if I can speak it faster than write with a keyboard, that could be because it’s already written in my head and I’m just transposing it.

Anyplace I go is a laboratory to write or dictate. Walking to a coffee shop, walking in the woods, in an elevator, along a busy street, it’s all possible. Mostly it depends on removing the mental blocks about doing something that may seem strange to those around us. After all, aren’t we writers supposed to be an odd bunch anyway?20150212_104833

So right now the T.V. is going in the background, it’s evening when things should be winding down. The street outside my window is busy with loud motorcycles, buses with squealing brakes as they maneuver down the hill, cars honking their displeasure, a dog barking in the echoing hallways of our complex, which most might consider this atmosphere to be the least conducive to good writing.

Excuses for not writing are more plentiful than the fabled Carter’s Little Liver Pills! Any one will do. So your choice is to see this for what it is. A challenge to stop making them! Just write! Writing whatever comes to mind, but just write, for as long as it takes to make it a daily habit.

You be the judge. Your comments will cement how you resonate with this content. So your call to action writers is to…well, comment!

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Alan is retired and resides in Quito, Ecuador. Writing is a passion which has resulted in two eBooks thus far, with more in the works. Married 47 years with four sons and 13 grandchildren, provides potential grist for the mill! Alan is a charter "Boomer", a Viet Nam veteran, committed to roasting his own coffee and writes about whatever pops into his mind. He loves to build and ride recumbent bikes, play racquetball, writes almost daily, travels Ecuador, and talks to anything that does not move fast enough! The twinkle in his eye is a combination of the sun, and an active sense of humor. His desire to encourage others to write is being answered through his articles on the Internet.


  1. June 13, 2016

    Alan, thank you for writing all of this out because I still have so much to learn, and your experience of writing is really helping me. I’m very thankful I came across your blog. So far, I can relate to so many thoughts you have written about even though I am young enough to be your daughter. And by the way, I mentioned you, in words only, in my last writing Daddy Dear (Rediscovering Him). I hope that’s okay.

  2. June 13, 2016

    Using a recorder is such a good idea. I’m embarrassed I haven’t thought of using it for recording my thoughts for blogging because I use it to record songs that suddenly come into my head. I suppose that’s somewhat the same thing, and yet it’s different, and I plan to use it!

  3. June 13, 2016

    How can I possibly be opposed to being referred to in your writing? You honor me!

  4. June 13, 2016

    That’s awesome! If this can spark that creative juice in writing the way it does for your music then it’s a winner!

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