Is It Movies On DVD Or TV?

As I sit here typing away listening to the instrumental version of Music In The Night from Phantom, it brings to mind the DVD of that musical. Here go those thoughts again, as that jumped to which do I prefer? Actually for me it’s a no brainer.

I will watch a good movie on DVD 10 times and get far more enjoyment than from 1 hour of TV. A collection of some 300 DVD’s occupy space near the big screen. Now I’m exposing my preference, but not my other half’s.

Imagine what that implies, when there is a choice. That 40” screen is great for watching about anything in HD color, and not so much on my 21” monitor. Still, with headphones I can get right into the story.

Admittedly Westerns and Musicals would rank as my favorite. Les Miserables with Hugh Jackman, Ann Hathaway, Russel Crowe and Eddie Redmayne would rank right at the top. For me the fact that all the vocals were live and not in studio, added tremendously to the emotion and realism of the performances.

After that would have to be Phantom, followed by Mama Mia, Fiddler on the Roof, Evita, for some of the more recent ones. Well, I guess Fiddler isn’t all that recent, unless you consider West Side Story, Brigadoon, South Pacific, Oklahoma, Funny Girl, and Wizard of Oz are even older.

Commercials are non-existent on DVD’s. Other than previews at the beginning that’s it. Not so on cable. Every hour of broadcasting has 30 minutes that is advertising. It ruins the flow of a movie. Plus I can stop a DVD at any point without missing a thing.

There are movies that have been watched countless times, such as Sweet Home Alabama, Return to Me, Under the Tuscan Sun, Hope Floats, Hoosier, Monty Walsh, Dancing With Wolves are some of those. What’s special about these? A good story, without all the verbiage and X-rated scenes prevalent in so many movies today. Believability is another factor that makes them special.

Somehow it all boils down to a feel good moment. That’s not the same for some others like Love Story, Last of the Mohicans, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Dead Poet Society or Midnight Cowboy. While there is an underlying message of hope, if you’re willing to look for it, the endings don’t leave you feeling happy.

Movies that are fun, like Wedding Planner, Maid In Manhattan, 50 First Dates, Pretty Girl, Sleepless In Seattle, Driving Miss Daisy, are a few that come to mind.

No, by no means is this a plug for any of these. An opportunity to just share some of those things that appeal to me is what it amounts to. Should you find that we share some similar interests, wouldn’t that be interesting. It’s just as likely some may scratch their head with very contrary thoughts. Isn’t that what makes life interesting?

Reading a good book is another favorite past time, one that has been sacrificed in order to write. The movies created by books definitely rival the silver screen, and I have yet watched a movie supposedly inspired by a book I have read, that could come close to the one I saw in my mind.

So I’ll take a movie anytime over the TV, but a good book lasts longer! I just need to make some popcorn.

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