Do Ghost Votes Constitute Fraud Or Just A Lack Of Spirit

While some of the news pundits what to make little of the Presidents claim about voter fraud, emphasizing it detracts from all the “big” things he is doing, the resistance to actually doing an investigation is sorta like where there’s smoke there’s fire!

What is this resistance? More than anything else it’s questionable why it exists and is allowed to continue? And what is the tidbit about the Justice Department obstructing justice in some states when an attempt was being made to clean things up? Really? The Justice Department obstructing justice? There’s a plum for ya.

Well, voter fraud is no joke

Well, voter fraud is no joke, it’ s not a ghost, and it is what could be called the “invisible issue.” Why invisible? Because it seems to get well hidden under and behind more visible efforts that seem to be more volatile. But guess what, this is no small issue!

President Trump is ready to spend tax dollars to investigate this issue, so whether they like it or not, all those reporters and journalists have got “skin” in the game. I wonder if there can be a connection about “put your money where your mouth (or pen) is?

This was never intended to be any sort of political blog

This was never intended to be any sort of political blog so future posts and pages will certainly cover other topics of interest. To be sure all will have their eyes and ears tuned in to all the goings on in Washington D.C. Equally certain is the expectation that “we ain’t seen nothin’yet!”

Back to the main theme, about voter fraud. I suppose what journalists could be objecting to is the use of the term “fraud.” How that might differ from cheating is difficult to see. Perhaps it  is all about what might be considered political jargon. A choice of words. Deceit, deception, phony, may be more acceptable to the media. Words by the way that have equally been applied to many of the reports during the last year of the presidential campaign.

Remember that old saying about “stick and stones” and that words will never hurt? It seems the media may take exception to that, as it has been “words” that are at the middle of their disgruntled reports. However objectivity, non-bias, neutral, are not part of those.

As it relates to voter fraud or dishonest voting, it does exist

Here’s a link to get things started with 10 different instances of voter fraud.  I suppose the big noise by media seems to revolve around “where’s the evidence?” If they’re asking the question, and journalists and reporters are supposed to be investigative, the next thought that comes is, do your job. Shaking fingers and wagging tongues don’t get it done.

As it relates to voter fraud or dishonest voting, it does exist, and there are reports that can substantiate the fact. Google “voter fraud” to see for yourself, and see if there is any fire to back up the smoke. Even one dishonest vote is cause for concern, because where there is one, more are sure to follow. Are the agents responsible in each state incapable of ferreting out those on the rolls that are deceased? Review of public records of those names by some underworked individual in the appropriate department in charge of voter information should reveal that sort of data. In our digitally powered environment access to such information should be a no brainer. So what is the problem cleaning up what looks to be an inconsistency on voter rolls? It’s there, but would appear to be overlooked.

Reviewing the laws, rules and regulations just in the state of Florida for voters, President Trump’s determination to reducing 75% of the red tape involved might just help to expose records that are inaccurate, even though that intent was aimed more at business than voting. However his investigation may end up producing a reduction in all the language that may in large part be responsible for keeping “dead” records from being discovered, exposed and dealt with accordingly.

What I know for sure, is I’m still alive and well on planet Earth, and my vote counted!

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