If Numbers Speak Then Evidence Of Voter Fraud Has A Voice

As Sean Hannity said in a recent report, “journalism is dead!” A quote from a definition of journalism says the following. “That value flows from its purpose, to provide people with verified information they can use to make better decisions, and its practices, the most important of which is a systematic process – a discipline of verification – that journalists use to find not just the facts, but also the “truth about the facts.” Have a look at this link for more in-depth information on what is journalism.

The point of this goes to the manner by which the news media, if in fact it can be called that today based on the definition, has treated the claim by President Trump of voter fraud. There has been a resounding “push back” by that element that claims to represent the truth, using such inflammatory words as “lie” that no evidence exists.

No evidence exists

Now I just find that strange. Here are those who would claim to be professional harbingers of truth clearly stating that no evidence exists. Great care must be given to be certain what they are claiming. It would appear it is against the idea that any voter fraud exists as it relates to the election of 2016. Every source of mainstream news media has made the clear rebuttal that “no evidence exists.”

The only people with the right to vote are citizens… period

So what is easily overlooked here is really simple. No evidence exists of voter fraud unless you look for it! Think about that for a minute. Which of the democratic enclaves is going to look for, much less admit, that they have been remiss as it relates to individuals voting who are illegal immigrants, resident aliens, or dead? The only people with the right to vote are citizens, period! Aliens, or those not citizens, who carry a green card allowing residence in the U.S., are NOT granted the right to vote. They are here legally as a resident but are not naturalized or natural born U.S. citizens. The question is, how many are capable of getting a voters card to vote?

Currently there are 12 states…which will issues illegal aliens a drivers license

Well, in the case of California it’s not hard at all. ANYONE can get a drivers license which is all the I.D. required to vote. So according to the so called media, who always report their version of the truth, these would not be considered fraudulent votes by their definition. Currently there are 12 states which are California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Vermont and Washington D.C. which will issue illegal aliens a drivers license. Our own capital! Go figure. Here again, check this out at this link.

As the links will clearly show none of this is made up. Right off the bat it is clear that there is little to keep anyone from voting regardless of their right to vote. So with over 11 million illegal aliens with access to drivers licenses, plus 12.6 million green card holders, none of which have the RIGHT to vote for a president, what are the odds that there are millions who did?

Evidence of just how easy it is to get registered to vote…illegally

Now, I’m no journalist. No one has ever made the claim I am, much less me, yet I have been able to find substantial information that can be used as evidence that voter fraud not only IS possible, but the odds are in favor of it. Consider the states that are heavily Democratic in nature politically, which are California, Nevada, Arizona and Texas. Of those states both California and Nevada voted Democratic in the 2016 election. With over 800,000 illegals in California alone with drivers licenses, what are the odds that NONE voted? More interesting yet, here is another link to a site that has “feet on the ground” evidence of just how easy it is to get registered to vote illegally, especially with the help of those assisting.

So even though I am not sleuth, the information and evidence is there for anyone to find. Of course, you have to LOOK for it first, or it’s easy enough to deny it’s existence. So much for factual and truthful as it relates to responsible journalism in today’s media.

Add to that all those so called important people who made blatant statements of relocating to other countries if Trump were elected. Remember them? What’s really funny about those is some of the countries they made claims they would relocate to, said they didn’t want them! What a hoot! So George, Barbara, Whoopi, Miley, and the rest of you no-names, the jokes really on you. But of course, now that they are faced with reality, most claim they were just kidding. What a shame. Maybe they are really afraid they wouldn’t be missed.

We have grown accustomed to those empty promises

Well, that last had nothing to do with voter fraud, just fraudulent claims of intentions. One thing is for sure, there have been no such from President Trump in his first week in office. What an amazing week. When in the last 50 years have we seen a president elected to office who actually did what he promised? Or any politician for that matter? We have grown accustomed to those empty promises as a matter of fact and not truth. How encouraging and refreshing to see it begin to manifest in the first week. WOW!

Hang on America! It looks like we better be prepared for a wild ride. Me? I think I’ll go do some more “investigative sleuthing.” Let’s see what else has no evidence. Maybe I can find that the so called media really has no clue. There seems to be plenty of evidence to that fact. Can you imagine that the very definition of journalism flies in the face of those who claim to be journalists today? Fake News is what President Trump called it. Dead Journalism is how Sean Hannity of FOX NEWS described it.

SPAM in the past referred to a canned meat product. Then it was liberally applied to irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent on the Internet to a large number of recipients. Does that sound familiar? Isn’t that what we’ve been getting disguised as news for several decades now? Both on the Internet and national news outlets such as ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, not to mention the major newspapers such as Chicago Sun Times or the New York Times. FOX News has become a far more reliable source of honest, factual and truthful representation of news compared to the others. Is there small wonder that we now have Snopes.com, About.com, Breakthechain.org, Truthorfiction.com, hoax-slayer.com, as some of the top debunking sites for all the fake stuff that hits the Internet waves? Do you suppose any of those top news sites referenced any of those, or just contributed to their files of junk?

Ok, it’s time to distance myself from all this non-hyperbole and have a cup of coffee to get my thoughts headed in a more stress free environment…or not!

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