Is It Trumped Up And Trumping Naysayers

Oh how sweet it is! Not only did the conservative right get the last laugh at the polls, current actions from the desk and office of President Trump are pretty much stuffing words back into the mouths of his detractors.

It has been so much fun to get on Face Book and have my say to some of those detractors, recognizing from the beginning that none of my words were going to change narrow-mindedness or blind allegiance to flawed politics. I often wonder how what is generally considered intelligence and logic can also be so blind. No doubt, someone who may be of the opposite persuasion will be saying the same of me.

Following are some of the snippets beginning with Inauguration Day.

I think in fairness to Obama

***I think in fairness to Obama, most of what was not liked about those 8 years of that administration was not about him. Rather those who were behind the decisions he was committed to make based on being a party member. As has been the tradition, the president has in my opinion, been more of a tool than the one who actually makes the decisions and policies. But in the end he is the one who carries the blame.

There will be those who will disagree claiming he has tools at his disposal for anything he doesn’t like and can defeat, and so forth. That is usually reserved for anything the “party” doesn’t want.

Politics of the past has pretty much always been a dirty business, where it was more than compromise as so many want to refer to. Is got to the point of “cronyism” and not about serving the public interests.

President Trump has the opportunity to be the change the previous administration trumpeted so loud and clear, yet gave us change not to our best interests.

Many will point to ACA as one instance of something that should not be lost, refusing to accept or even admit in it’s essence, it is a failure. The government should not be involved in something that belongs in the public business sector, to be regulated at best from oversight by government entities established to regulate business.

Here again the biased media has gotten involved in brainwashing the easily duped public that refuses to do more than react rather than think. It’s easier to ride the wave of engineered public opinion, while pursuit of entertainment takes place instead of time to actually investigate issues.

It’s sorta laughable

*** It’s sorta laughable as the media tries to minimize the attendees at President Trump’s inauguration compared to that for Obama in 2009, or 8 years ago.

With big screen T.V.s, streaming on computers and smart phones, why make the drive, incur the expense of going when the coverage was fantastic? I had a far better seat in the comfort of my office to watch the entire event, experiencing every emotion possible in the process. Smiles showing teeth from ear to ear, tears, chills, getting choked up, the first such experience in my life.

Is how many showed up what matters, or the numbers that elected him? The ones in the protest today are those looking for some way to legitimize irresponsible behavior.

Add to that a bunch of so called celebrities whose careers need pumping up, that will use any means in an attempt to gain public exposure. These are the same ones who are willing to do ANYTHING to capture attention from the media mongrels to keep themselves in the so called “limelight.” These are the ones we should be listening to for advice about our future? What fantasy are people living in?

This huge issue concerning healthcare

*** This huge issue concerning healthcare focuses on costs and availability, pretending that women are going to loose coverage when they have no idea what alternative is in store. Here’s the “sky is falling” false alarm promoted by a bunch of sore loosers, that being the media and the GOP, desperately looking for straws to make their defeat look like something other than what it is.

In as much as it concerns abortion, which is likely the greater issue, the right of the live but unborn is ignored in favor of promiscuity, irresponsible sexual behavior, and big business with abortion factories.

Then the gross exaggeration that the current protest numbers are somehow comparable to that of the inauguration where security was at the highest level, compared to NONE for the current gathering. And that what goes on around the world in other countries should somehow have an impact or send a message to the U.S. When has that ever worked other than during the last administration?

The next 100 days will be interesting!

As sure as fingerprints are unique

***As sure as fingerprints are individually unique, the same must surely be applied to the ability to hear. That people hear what they want to hear, rather than what is really being communicated, has been proven time and again by that simple game know as “party line.”

Of course, add an obvious negative, obstinate, liberal, militant left wing agenda to the mix, and it comes as no surprise all the baseless rhetoric of negative comments concerning President Trump’s inaugural speech. It’s more like the bully that just got his lunch handed to him by a would be victim, as he spouts off some attempt to sounding threatening in retreat.

Just another American’s point of view and not by any means an opinion. As stated on other occasions, anyone claiming an opinion is doing so with a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. This gives room for another to pretend superior knowledge on a subject, when in fact there is none.

Is Washington broken? Can the circumstances as described in our inner cities be considered as carnage? Does America First insinuate anything other than what it says? Are we tired of politicians promising change which only benefits politicians and their cronies? Were every one of those sitting behind Trump guilty as accused? If not, why was there so much negative reaction. It needs to be remembered that “truth hurts.”

Not being any sort of political hack, these are thoughts. My hearing is just as unique apparently, as many others who did not hear something dark, discouraging or dangerous implications of threatening dictatorial action. Welcome President Donald J. Trump. We have been waiting on you.

It seems pretty bad when those who voted for President Trump

*** It seems pretty bad when those who voted for Trump are so ready to start their own bashing, without regard to the fact he is an imperfect human being, and they couldn’t begin to fill his shoes.

No matter all the snide comments. Not one of his detractors on either side have what it takes to even approach taking on the weight of trying to take control of the run-away train wreck this government is.

Some of you on my friends list fall into this category, and if you don’t like what I’m saying feel free to remove yourselves. Of course that also shows how marginal that friendship was.

Bottom line, soak up all your egos and get a grip on your brain instead of someone else’s. Start thinking instead of listening to those with an axe to grind, who don’t remotely have your interests at heart.

This kinda falls into the category of “you who are without sin cast the first stone!” A paraphrase (mine) of what JFK said, quit complainin’ and figure out how to make things work with what you’ve got!

So just a few thoughts, and this on Day 3 of the first 100 Days. This is really going to get interesting!

Gene Huber during 2016 Presidential Campaign in Melborne, Florida

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