They Have It On Good Authority!

Living outside the U.S. during the last two years, and not spending a great deal of time watching all the videos, reading all the tainted articles, distortions and outright lies vomited out by the Liberal Media Mess, it seems I really missed being subjected, and therefore brainwashed, into believing some of the trash presented during this last year leading up to the presidential election.

What has been witnessed in a country far removed for the U.S., and listening to the abhorrence of people when Trump was suggested as the next president, the reasons for that were astounding.

People relying on nothing more than the internet for the most part to get their news, came up with all sorts of reasons to be vehemently opposed.

One of the greater issues was aimed at Trump’s stand on illegal immigrants, especially Latin. Of course, the reasoning was that it was aimed at ALL Latinos, both legal and illegal. Huge detour from the actual stance of Trump.

First people were asked how they understood where there was any benefit to the U.S. that illegal immigrants, primarily those from Mexico, should freely be allowed to cross the border at will? The reply, they provide an economic stimulus.

 The cost of supporting this so called economic stimulus, is far greater than any benefit provided.

The question was then asked, how would they feel as a legal immigrant, a resident, having to loose employment to someone willing to work for substandard pay, who contributes nothing to Social Security, receives free benefits, and literally takes advantage of a system that cost legal taxpayers billions of dollars to support? How fair is that?

Silence usually follows, or the topic gets switched to Trump doesn’t like any immigrants from anywhere! Of course, there are no hard facts to back any of these claims up.

So here are people who have never lived in the U.S., pretending they are well informed and capable of criticizing intelligently what has taken place in the presidential race. At this point they are asked how it is possible they feel entitled to be critical of things in the U.S. they have neither experienced or have first hand knowledge of? Again, those willing to be honest have no answer. Or at the very least the comment is, they have it on good authority.

That in and of itself is frustrating enough. Then friends I have known for years begin spouting off comments that are even worse, for the most part parroted from all the trash shoved down all to willing throats.

It’s like the various claims that have made Snopes and others rich, debunking all the distortions, that so many make a living by creating and inventing deliberate deceptions. When these show up on the internet, it is sickening that of those surfing, how many never bother to investigate the source or truth of the matter, the go about re-posting as if a great scandal or such has been discovered.

And the scenario was perfectly timed for this election, as it would be nearly impossible to calculate the amount of trash aimed specifically at Trump. By no means any saint. Yet I seem to remember a book where it states, “He who is without sin cast the first stone!” That would never be the Democratic party.

Our country has been divided by none other than Tweets, Face Book posts, Videos, #’s, along with an insurmountable amount of just plain lies. Dress it up anyway you want, but there really is no grey area between truth and lie.

So this addiction for the negative has reached a severe level, and the increased need for a constant fix is provided on a second by second basis with a constant drip into the cerebral cortex, unfiltered as it comes from a trusted pusher. That is pretty much anyone that can get in front of a camera.

Hey, none of this is made up! Look around you and take notice. When was the last time you took time to dig into an article or report to check it’s validity? Or for every one that you do check out, what about those that come from friends you take for granted they have done due diligence? So take that and multiply it by 150 million or so. And in the repetition of things how much does it get distorted?

Such a deep wedge has been driven between right and left, liberal and conservative, race, religion, and sexual orientation, that the question should be asked, what catastrophe will have to take place to really bring us together again, overshadowing all our differences?

There is the question. Who has the answer?

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Follow me on social media. You will be surprised!
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