What Is The Problem With Senator John McCain?

In nearly every decision President Trump has made or intends to make, McCain has come out against it in some form. It appears that McCain is still running for president, unaware that a president has already been elected. It’s too bad we may have to endure this for yet six years. Making his negative voice heard in opposition, when the very issue that he is questioning already has an answer that is known is absurd.

Did you get that? McCain already knew that President Trump had clearly said he would leave the issue of torture in the hands of those who dealt in that arena and abide by their decisions. He knew that, but still came out belligerently making statements how he would fight against any intention to return to such measures as it relates to enemies of the state. Much to do about nothing? An awful lot of noise over something that is not happening.

Then there are the comments about voter fraud. He sounds like the Democratic whiners, making the statement there is no evidence. Really? Well let’s see Mr. McCain. Who has the right to vote? U.S. citizens or naturalized U.S. citizens. That’s it. No one else. Not green card holders or those who were allowed to illegally obtain a drivers license which is all that many states require to vote.

There are 12 states that will issue illegal aliens a drivers license, which is all most states require to vote. To get registered to vote is as simple as filling out the form and checking the box “yes” to the question; Are you a U.S. citizen? Surely these applications are checked for validity…right? Not necessarily, as in some cases it’s only if someone would question or challenge a particular application for fraud. It is not automatic.

Add to that of the 11.6 illegal aliens in our country, it is known in California alone, a heavily Democratic state, over 800,000 drivers licenses were given to illegals. What is the likelihood that NONE of those voted, with a little encouragement from those who helped them obtain that license? Really? In California! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

There are still 11 other states that basically provide similar opportunities, such as Nevada, and our own Capitol, Washington D.C. No evidence? While it’s true that Arizona seems to do a great job of “vetting” voters as being legally entitled to vote, it seems McCain turns a blind eye to all those others. If you don’t look for it, then evidence just doesn’t jump into your lap. Especially if there is a reason to keep it under wraps.

There is little difference if someone charged McCain with malfeasance in his senatorial responsibility, which at this point there may be grounds. There may be no obvious evidence, until someone makes the effort to look for it.

Which raises the question as to why he is so against the temporary immigration ban on countries clearly known to harbor  those with ties to ISIS? Linsey Graham is totally unimportant in his rant, and is simply riding the coattails of McCain hoping to gain attention for his own political gain. But McCain, having suffered at the hands of a ruthless enemy far less brutal than ISIS, should be the first to want to protect not only his constituents, but ALL U.S. citizens from falling victim to the atrocities we have seen in our country since 9/11.

Unfortunately he sees himself as a political maverick, and appears to be a sore looser in the race for presidential nominee. Having withdrawn his support of President Trump, he has basically sided with the Democrats, and received kudos from Joe Biden.

As for Russia, McCain has made his sentiments known and that he wants no ties with Russia, much less Putin. At no point has President Trump stated he would lift sanctions against Russia for their aggressive actions against the Ukraine, but even though that is the case, McCain stated without cause that,  “If he does not (leave sanctions in place), I will work with my colleagues to codify sanctions against Russia into law.” Again, just like someone banging pans together to scare away the boogieman in the dark.

As a Vietnam Veteran, I want to believe that John McCain deserves consideration on many fronts. As one who fought and suffered as a prisoner of war, he is my brother in arms. Yet I can not support what appears to be more the attitude of a sore loser in his second bid for president, than one who has our national interests at heart.

An opportunity exists to make right so many wrongs heaped on American citizens by the years of reign from the “political establishment” that to jeopardize that with baseless objections is what could be associated with a form of treason, based on disloyalty to the President, which clearly qualifies as the same against our country.

In accepting his appointment as a senator, he had to make the same pledge as all other nominees to a political office in the United States. Part of that oath states; “I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” President Trump is not a domestic enemy, but there are those in our nation who are. Allowing the slightest chance that more could sneak in by being as careless as the previous president is not only stupid, it borders on going against the very oath of office.

At this point, it seems clear that McCain is determined to undermine our president, and not support him in any manner. In his first week in office, McCain has constantly done a great deal to side more with the “opposition party” and Democrats, than with those he was elected to support. Not just Arizona, but the United States as a congressional representative.

It is my hope that Senator McCain will get over what appears to be his rancor of once again being passed over as president, especially by someone who he apparently feels superior to, and does not seem to have any sort of forgiving attitude common with one who knows the grace of God. If anyone should know the mercy and grace of God, as one spared at the hands of his enemy, it is John McCain. Pay it forward Senator.

Those are my thoughts and I’m stickin’ to ‘em!

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