California Dreaming Of Becoming A Nation Nightmare

Seceding from the United States! Are you kidding? California thinks they are something special? Doesn’t this take us back to the Revolutionary War, and the stupidity demonstrated by selfish interests? A nation unto itself? What part of “united” did they miss?

So California fits right in

Every state in the U.S. can point to eccentricities peculiar to their state. Where else are you likely to find sled dog races than Alaska? Pennsylvania is known for Philly Steak sandwiches. The River Walk Mud Festival in San Antonio, Texas. Avon Heritage Duct Tape Festival, celebrating Avon, Ohio as the duct tape capital. Then there’s Weird Week in Ocean City, New Jersey. Then there’s Burning Man in Black Rock, Nevada, which focuses on community built art work which usually ends getting burned up…literally.

So California fits right in as a rule with some different ideas on how things work. Wanting to be perhaps the state that defies all convention and flies in the face of normal, now there is some move to show President Trump that they are so against his policies, secession from the rest of the United States is their only option.

Just because some in California don’t like the current politics

Is that even likely to happen, no matter how the entire state feels or raises a referendum to be voted on? While the 2/3 vote of all states in agreement would be one of the requirements for any such consideration, or the same by Congress and the House, constitutional language is not in favor of such actions by California, or any state.

If they become an independent nation …no obligation to defend them

Just because some in California don’t like the current politics in Washington D.C., doesn’t give them any special rights as it relates to secession from the other 49 states. Didn’t we go through this once before with the Civil War?

I hesitate to suggest the constitution is not much different than when someone enters into a contract. At the rate contracts are broken I shudder to think what the consequences would be if every state could do whatever they feel like, ignoring the very strength we have as a united nation, rather than a bunch of little, independent entities. What does California offer in the way of military might that would make it possible to defend themselves? If they become an independent nation, the rest of us have no obligation to defend them.

In fact, all the military installations located in that state, would very likely disappear since the new country would become independent. Currently that would mean a relocation to neighboring states or Oregon, Nevada and Arizona of 30 military installations, and it would be up to California to create their own.

Once that state withdraws from the union it’s on it’s own

Then there is a question of federal aid that new state would not receive, creating an even more drastic financial burden. While the state currently has a two trillion GDP or Gross Domestic Product, more than $71 billion of that GDP comes from military spending, so just imagine what would happen to the economy if that were gone!

Some may think that the remaining states would want to continue with those installations to protect our shores. However, once that state withdraws from the union, it’s on it’s own, no less and no different than those countries in Europe. It becomes completely independent, and must defend itself, provide for it’s own infrastructure and all the rest. It is debatable, no matter all that the state has to offer, as to their ability to be 100 percent self sufficient.

While the state has a lot to offer in many respects, loosing the revenue of $71 billion can’t be ignored, and that’s just the beginning. Along with what the government spends, all the people that live in the state supporting those installations and their spending also leave. Imagine yet again 190,160 Armed Forces personnel and their families relocating to neighboring states. Suppose that represents an average annual income of $40,000 per person. Now there’s another $7 billion in revenue leaving the GDP of that state.

Some may contend that the resources used to maintain those installations and the population that represents would decrease the financial burden on the state. While that may be true, does the decrease in GDP offset the expense? Probably not.

In reality California is acting Hollywood should become it’s capitol

At present, California is an expensive state to live in. Suddenly becoming a nation unto itself would very likely create a huge drop in values for real estate, simply because so many unstable factors come into play financially. What track record does this new nation have of maintaining a budget? What confidence will investors have in the beginning? How would the stock market react to such a move? It is doubtful it would be positive, simply because there is no track record to give confidence. It might all look rosy and it is certain there would be a rush of marketing plans to demonstrate a big, positive and vital atmosphere. Still there is no history to support that as an independent nation.

In reality California is acting, and Hollywood should become it’s capitol. There is some misguided fictional script they are reading, believing themselves to be the leading and supporting characters. It could be a case of too much “Yeyo,” or maybe the opium dens are getting crowded. Call it what you will, the reality of becoming an independent nation might be like jumping down the rabbit hole, only to find it’s not what was imagined.

Actually it might not be such a bad idea. It would be interesting to see just how all the would be supporters in Tinsel Town withstand the demand made on them to be responsible, productive, real people. Instead of the pompous, overrated, insincere, inflated personalities constantly looking in the mirror, complaining about the Paparazzi, always on the lookout for some cause or conflict to keep their names and faces in front of the cameras. Yeah, that sounds like a real productive environment.

The actions of an insignificant part of that element in our society does little more than complain, insult, and swear they will leave this country, only to say afterwards they were just joking. Right Whoopi, Miley, Bryan, Chelsea, Barbara, George, Cher, Jon, Natasha, Amber, Samuel, Ruth Bader Ginsberg (please hurry), Raven, Al Sharpton, Neve, Chole? Are you still here? Can’t you afford to leave? Maybe you could start a crowdfunding effort to raise the money.

These are thoughts and only that

Really? Do you actually think your leaving would affect our country? Talk about over inflated egos. You know better than most there is someone in the wings just salivating on the change you’ll leave. It’s questionable just what it is you’d leave behind as some sort of legacy. So here’s a test to see just how much you, or anyone matter. Stick your finger in a bucket of water and pull it out quickly. See the hole? Get the idea? Probably not.

This may seem and sound harsh, even callous. These are thoughts and only that. After decades of watching, observing, listening, being the bystander, it is still relevant to what is happening today. You the reader may disagree, which is of no importance since it is clearly stated these are my thoughts. No opinions, condemnations, just those ideas that pop into the mind as all is taken into consideration that is happening.

I’m gonna sip my cup of java waiting to see what craziness happens today! Disappointment is not even a possibility.

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