Travel Ban Does Not Equal Extreme Vetting

Is it a lack of English Education that many politicians and so called Journalist lack? What is so difficult to understand about what is behind the EO as it relates to the seven countries? The intention is to attempt gathering sufficient information in terms of an individual’s background, and in short determine if said individual is a threat or a betterment to the American way of life.

What obligation does the USA have to accept every refugee the world creates through senseless wars and conflicts? None. That we do is a privilege, not an obligation. This is just one nation, and there are others that need to take up the slack.

The U.S. hasn’t taken care of it’s own in a significant manner, as welfare rolls, unemployed and homeless will affirm. How then does it makes sense to increase a financial burden when there are so many trying to survive in our own backyard? The feeling exists along with the thought, are we the only ones? Where is the data of other nations accepting large numbers of these refugees? If wars and uprisings are creating this mass of humanity, what has been done to change, put down, combat such by the world powers?

We’re not interested in bringing more people with the intent to change our way of life, or do us harm. I am delighted our POTUS feels the same way and is taking steps to protect this. As he clearly stated, the U.S. Is not interested in exporting our way of life abroad. By the same token we are not interested in importing doctrine, traditions, or other social elements that go against our way of life. Other nationalities have always been welcome to the U.S., but in reality the saying of, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” applies.

vetting (ˈvɛtɪŋ)

Immigrants do NOT have the right to insist on pursuing a way of life that is counter to the culture of the U.S. While some parts of other cultures have leached into that of the U.S., for the most part there has been no effort to expunge our culture…yet. When citizens of this country go to live in other cultures, for the most part they adopt the culture of that country. While certain personal practices may continue in their home, or among other ex-pats, there is no attempt to force those practices on that country.

What then, gives immigrants the idea they can try to recreate their culture in this country at the expense of our American culture? There are bound to be some who will say that doesn’t happen, and they would be among the deaf and blind, as it only takes either of those physical attributes to see the demands for dual language of Spanish/English at all levels, implementation of Shari Law and customs to name just two.

The temporary halt to those from select nations entering the U.S., is a protectionist effort to avoid allowing any would be threats to our safety as a country, from nations clearly identified as having verified connections with ISIS or terrorist organizations and intentions. Again, anyone willing to read or listen would understand that. So all those using the term “Travel Ban,” as though it applied to all foreign born individuals, needs to get over their lack of information and quit using this as a means to get headlines. The same can be said for those claiming a religious and ethnic ban.

Even though the U.S. has tightened up VISA application regulations in ALL countries, so what? It is hardly the same as for the seven nations directly affected in the Executive Order. Visa’s in the past were much more stringent, requiring medical records, X-Rays of lungs, two recommendations of good standing, plus the extensive VISA application. There was the effort to streamline the process with an Internet application, which has now been changed. Of course the process is unique for each country.

So the continued use of the term “Travel Ban” is more inflammatory than correct. It’s not much different than when the term of Religious Ban or equally offensive terms are used only to incite tempers and fan protest that are totally needless.

Those who oppose this EO do so either out of ignorance, or in the attempt to continue inciting tempers of those who are manipulated by the intent on derailing movements in process by the POTUS. Those who don’t bother to investigate the facts are themselves victims of misinformation, and this is a deliberate action by those wanting to hinder the Whitehouse from performing in a positive and effective manner.

It’s difficult to determine how long this can continue, and if there is any remedy to curtail the negative efforts of the Democratic Party, the “Opposition Party” along with other sore losers in their determination to NOT allow due process to take place in attending to the desires of the public that clearly spoke, instead of their petty behavior.

What is sad is the large number of our population that want to see the political lawlessness, nose-thumbing of the constitution, weak minded and self-serving gluttons of the previous group in power remain there. It truly is a perfect example of choosing to remain in a painful situation rather than face the fear of the unknown.

Our country has been in the grasp of political power that was not invested in the best interests of the people for so long, that anything to the contrary seems like a threat. Enter Donald J. Trump, who is not part of that and can not be driven by it, and it’s no different than the addict in recovery. Look at the effort to get back to what was rather than work with what is!

This nation was ready to continue down the “slippery slope,” rather than rock the boat. Once more we witness the resistance to change, no matter how good it will be in the end. “It’s easy to change…it’s just easier not too!”

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