Guess Who’s Afraid Of The “Big Bad Wolf”

Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Face Book, Uber, Google, eBay, Tesla, along with a host of others are in favor of terrorism! That is exactly the message that is being sent by the actions of these cowardly companies as they mount opposition to the Immigration Issue ordered by the “Big Bad Wolf!” President Trump?

All this against he temporary halt to the flow of immigrants and refugees, until more stringent measures can be adopted for ferreting out potential terrorists, from the seven nations named in the Executive Order and known to have direct connections to or training for terrorists. Actions, law suits, and opposition by these tech companies is worse than shameful.

What do they site as their reason?

The order makes it more difficult and expensive for U.S. companies to recruit, hire, and retain some of the world’s best employees,” the companies said in the filing. “It disrupts ongoing business operations, and it threatens companies’ ability to attract talent, business, and investment in the United States.”

But they want you to believe that is their motive for protesting

Really?! I challenge any of these cowards to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that those seven Nations in particular are the primary ones where they recruit, hire, and retain some of the world’s best employees in any significant number! Their whole statement is so full of drivel it’s ridiculous.

Supposedly none of those companies hire from any of the other 50 countries such as India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Kuwait, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Qatar, Taiwan, Cambodia, Nepal, Oman, Laos, or any one of 30 + countries. Just those seven countries that are affected and in complete disarray. It’s highly unlikely they would find any candidates in those war ravaged areas thanks to ISIS, and the terror mongers of Iran. They are most likely too afraid to even send representatives there. But they want you to believe that is their motive for protesting.

It seems clear that allegiance to the “almighty dollar,” who may be the REAL Big Bad Wolf, and is the only flag they acknowledge, while caving in to the assumed pressure from a fickle public as the other fear that is chasing those poor, besieged companies to the cliffs edge. The assumption that there is strength in numbers, making them the “Elephant in the room,” just might make these 127 plus cowards the trophy when this Safari concludes.

They don’t speak for America

It would be oh-so-sweet if the DOJ were in a position to file a counter lawsuit for libel or obstruction of justice against each of those included. That would only seem fitting as their actions are clearly against any interest in protecting the shores of the country where each gleans a majority of their shekels to stay in business. They don’t speak for America, and they sure don’t speak for me!

What an outright exaggeration is their espoused statement for objecting. It is a temporary situation, and no different than a similar action used in 2011 against Iraqi refugees. Of course what must be clearly evident at the outset with the Obama administration is the soft attitude towards any terrorist activities and or countries. In review, the lack of action against the beds of terrorism is what has created the need for the current situation.

Perhaps the greatest enemy here is not even those 127 cowardly companies that show no allegiance to anything other than their coffers. Behind all this is really the “Opposition Party” also known as the Liberal Mainstream Media. Another Wolf? It would be difficult to say if it was incited by the GOP or acting strictly on it’s own, since the two have been in bed with each other for decades. The bottom line is this whole issue is rotten to the core as it relates to the clearly stated purpose of President Trump’s Executive Order for those who choose to read it, and comprehend it.

What is so confusing? Could a seventh grader read and understand the Executive Order? What about a High School Senior? Would there be all the difficulty with interpretation as espoused by those looking for a double meaning to give cause to their deplorable actions? At least for the seventh grader there’s a good chance a mind at that level hasn’t been totally corrupted by todays muddled media. Read it here and see for yourself. It’s almost guaranteed you haven’t!

How do they differ from the terrorists

Much ado about nothing. A perfect example of an action aimed at protecting our shores from those whose only interest is directed at destruction to our way of life. Current actions would seem to indicate there is more to fear from our own public, who have been incited by false claims, or for no real reason at all, to do what they seem to be best at which is destruction of property and bodily harm to others. The bored, unemployed (at least by organizations with peaceful intent), pampered, face covered cowards who haven’t got the courage to stand up and be counted for their actions. How do they differ from the terrorists?

Haven’t there been those injured who dared to disagree with their philosophy, or whatever they’re protesting? It’s getting close to something worse. One of the things about this country’s past when there were issues that created discord, and protesters gave vent to their disagreement, there tended to be the peaceful actions such as strike lines or marches, and no masks as they were not ashamed to stand up and be counted. All the needless violence and property destruction were at a minimum. There were exceptions as in all things, but not like today and the present example. There clearly is a more dangerous enemy in our midst only geared towards insurrection. And who fans the flames?

You are hereby challenged to prove your statement

As to all those sorry tech industries, at some point I hope your bottom lines reflect the disgust all those in favor of the Presidents Executive Order on the temporary immigration actions. Your stated excuse for coming out against it is so weak, equally so as to the real reason which is simply about money.

You are hereby challenged to prove the validity of your combined statement, that those 7 countries represent even 10 percent of what is being claimed. Just in case, here’s a repetition of that statement.

The order makes it more difficult and expensive for U.S. companies to recruit, hire, and retain some of the world’s best employees,” the companies said in the filing. “It disrupts ongoing business operations, and it threatens companies’ ability to attract talent, business, and investment in the United States.”

Some tech companies have been used to aid and abet the enemy

Prove it! Not that it changes things one bit when it can’t substantiate what’s claimed. It still pits all of this group against the safety and security of the United States, and in favor of allowing those into our country who do not have our best interests at heart, and for what? Money? Some tech companies have been used to aid and abet the enemy, so maybe this has some bearing on your actions, in fear of loosing that business. Think about that one America!

So who is the Big Bad Wolf? It seems there’s a toss up between the “Opposition Party” or money, with this “tech group” in close competition. There’s a chance, albeit slim, that one can be dealt with. The other not so much. Hunters needed!

Is it President Trump, attempting to do what is deemed necessary to protect our country? Hardly. If you listen to all the whiners and crybabies out there, who can only misquote the intent of the Executive Order, if they ever bothered to read it at all which is in doubt by their comments and actions, it has been taken out of context, exaggerated, claimed it was aimed at religion and nationalities, when it is abundantly clear it was not.

Of course it’s just like the stories that the “Opposition Party” published concerning the phone conversations with President Peña Nieto of Mexico, Prime Minister Turnbull of Australia, and President Trump. Complete fabrications! This is what the gullible, reactionary, extremist, inflammable, lawless leftwing part of our society has responded to. All too willingly I might add, as they look for some way to get back at the rest of us for not getting to continue in their lawlessness.

I think I’m going to go investigate more about global digital government.

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