What Is Shepard Smith Hiding About Under-Reporting Attacks


The following are copies of emails sent to Shepard Smith in response to his claim that the POTUS was “wrong” about attacks being “under-reported” by the Liberal News Media. Shepard insisted that all the listed attacks noted by the WH were extensively covered not only by FOX, but other broadcasters as well.

What has not be said, as is always the case, is how much time was given, how many soundbites per hour, compared to other news topics being covered at the same time. Following is the body of an email sent yesterday, Feb. 7.


date:Tue, Feb 7, 2017 at 3:44 PM

subject:POTUS/WH claim of underreported attacks and Shepard Smith


*FOX claims coverage of 78 attacks lined out from the White House. Was FOX coverage sufficiently covered in an equal format as other attacks? Fox did not address anything other than they were covered. The POTUS stated these were “underreported” NOT that they were never reported at all. It would be interesting for FOX and Shepard Smith to show numbers of how many times the list of these particular attacks were aired, as accounts of the broadcasts frequency should be available.

It is interesting how many times Shepard Smith has used the tactic of not addressing the issue face on, rather taking a slant of either ignoring the exact verbiage of a statement, or simply avoiding a direct answer.

It is this style of reporting that is common with other News Outlets, and not what is expected or generally aired on FOX.*

On reading an excerpt for the book, “Unholy Alliance” by Jay Seculow as it regards the same topic of under-reporting, the followup message was sent to Shepard, touching further on the subject of under-reportingpastedGraphic.png.


date:Wed, Feb 8, 2017 at 9:15 AM

subject:Unholy Alliance Facts on Attacks

*As I read the very beginning of this book, I find evidence of what POTUS claimed, and which you categorically denied, in as much as the word “covered” is concerned. “Under-covered” however, was never discussed as I watched your harangue, doing your best to vindicate FOX NEWS.

The following paragraph verifies the downplaying of these incidents, and you should do the right thing by admitting that compared to other news topics, these were not given the same amount of exposure or airtime.

“But not all terrorist attacks on America get the same news coverage. Whenever possible, politicians work with the media to downplay terrorist attacks by ignoring their Islamist causes, calling them instead routine crimes. This most recently happened in early January 2016 when a gunman ambushed a police officer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, firing multiple close-range shots into his patrol car. 16 While in custody, the gunman openly confessed to being a follower of Allah, committing the act “in the name of Islam,” and pledged allegiance to ISIS.”

Sekulow, Jay. Unholy Alliance: The Agenda Iran, Russia, and Jihadists Share for Conquering the World (Kindle Locations 130-135). Howard Books. Kindle Edition.

End of message.

So Shepard, the claim is not just the POTUS, here’s another that lends some strength to that claim of attacks being “underreported.” It will be interesting to see if you have the courage to address this. I’ll be watching…and commenting.*

End of message

Now I am just one more citizen, Vietnam Veteran, who is a supporter of the POTUS, and believe if FOX News is going to call themselves the most fair and trusted News Network, then this needs to be addressed, in a fair, nothing held back manner.

I am also an avid viewer of FOX News since the Inauguration. Prior to that I avoided news like a plague. As for other broadcasters such as ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, to mention a few, they have been untrustworthy for decades. FOX NEWS was a fresh breath of air, but not perfect either. Yet I find, for the most part, even though on too many occasions I find myself yelling at the T.V. that they’ve used the wrong wording, or said it differently than was recorded, giving a new nuance to what is being reported.

FOX News reporters, such as those on The Five, Bill O’Riley who calls himself an analyst, love to ask the hard questions, but don’t necessarily like to answer them. There are times when it seems the attitude is “It’s not about us…we’re not the news like others.” As such, it seems they place themselves above answering those hard questions that get popped back at them.

Bill O’Riley did just such a move when President Trump commented about “there are many killers. Do you think the United States is so innocent?” Rather than answer the question Bill weakly replied in a fashion that called into question what the POYUS meant, and from there the fire storm started.

Of course that’s great news for FOX and the rest of the media mud to go around slinging their “mud pies” while the public must dodge all of it! So it will be interesting if this even touches anyone at FOX. There’s no interest here about being a soundbite, just an interest in keeping the record straight.


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