Who Is The Most Notorious Snollygoster

A what? Obviously if this word is unfamiliar to you, then the Bill O’Riley Hour on FOX News is not on your list of programs to watch. Had you been tuned in today, you would know.

Ok, it is not a familiar term, but it should be. In fact it seems it was just re-introduced as an acceptable word into the dictionary. Get the reference to re-introduced, as apparently at some point it was in the dictionary, and then taken out. Today, the news is about the admission once again.

Now no doubt the mystery has been milked for as much as possible. What is a “snollygoster?” According to Your Dictionary, here’s the definition: snollygoster. snol·ly·gos·ter. noun. Slang. One, especially a politician, who is guided by personal advantage rather than by consistent, respectable principles.

Anybody in government come to mind? Over time history has recorded many other terms to refer to such politicians. Words that first had to be drug through the muck, mud and manure to lend the necessary smell, filth and revulsion of one who stoops to such low levels.

A shrewd unprincipled person

Merriam Webster defines it as: a shrewd, unprincipled person. Again, isn’t this what most of us voted to get rid of in Washington D. C.? Dictionary.com adds this: a clever, unscrupulous person. Clever usually is attributed to a well meaning person, and used in conjunction with unscrupulous seems like and oxymoron. Now Wiktionary notes the origin of this word is “Possibly from snallygaster, a mythical beast that preys on poultry and children.” Then goes on to add, “A shrewd person not guided by principles, especially a politician.”

Earliest reference dates back over 122 years ago, but it appears it’s just as relevant today as then. The times have changed, our world has changed, but it would appear politics has done it’s best to remain the same. Current antics in the present administration would bear that out.

The most notorious snollygoster…may be Sen. Charles Schumer

As to the most notorious singular snollygoster presently, that title may be best given to Sen. Charles Schumer, since he leads a dedicated group of snollygosters, who united, clearly demonstrate the succinct definition of this term. None of the words need be repeated as they are very clear in their meaning.

Bill O’Riley must be given credit for perhaps reviving this word, and it was aired on his program, which piqued my curiosity to the extent of looking it up. There simply was no more perfect, usable, conversationally acceptable term that fit the “obstruction yucktion” (my word) that could so perfectly paint each of those thumb suckers the color yellow, wallowing in their tears, beers and fears of what they’re in for.

Any way they can make our President look bad

As President Trump, Sean Hannity and others have so clearly put it, that miserable bunch is playing games with my life, that of my family and grandchildren, along with millions of others. However, based on the information discovered as to the intent of the Democratic machine, any way they can make our president look bad is worth the cost, and it’s a fair bet it’s as long as it doesn’t touch them.

All the prognosticators, analysts, consultants, and experts freely offer their sage words of wisdom as to where this is headed. What seems to be overlooked is that famous “Pogoism.” “We have found the enemy and he is us!” While all this distraction takes place, it diverts attention from the others who would do us real harm.

Getting sold down the river by the previous administration and the attempt to undo the pressure of that currents pull, struggling desperately to drag us further into loosing all semblance of who and what our nation is can’t be ignored. We elected the right man for the job. In spite of what the opponent has thrown in his path, we believe he is able to rise above. None of us can afford not to be involved with the effort in some fashion.

Some of us write and post in prominent places, while others are involved with volunteer projects, looking, listening, teaching and educating. Our voices won’t stop being heard just at the ballot box, but right along to elections in 2018 and beyond.

Perhaps in the same way warring nations eventually lay down differences and arms, a healing can take place in this country. Not all wounds will be healed, as some will be to heart, soul and spirit. Like all conflicts, there are the victims with permanent wounds, that time, compassion and love will often heal. Others will be beyond help.

All you snollygosters may wonder what that rumble is…

This writer has used some strong terms and words aimed at those creating an obstruction to our President and the confirmation of his cabinet members. That is only a small part of a much bigger picture of the harm they are attempting. These words are those thousands of others echo, and have been snatched out of the ether to publish in digital format. All you snollygosters may wonder what that rumble is you’re hearing. Rest assured it’s coming after you. Get on board and be part of amazing the world, or not.

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