This Is What Legal Means If You’re Illegal

Confused about legal illegals

Where, in all of the misguided things that have been enacted to law, does it make it right for illegal to be legal? Let’s simplify that just a bit. First the definition of illegal.

*What is ILLEGAL?

Not authorized by law; Illicit ; unlawful; contrary to law.

Law Dictionary: What is ILLEGAL? definition of ILLEGAL (Black’s Law Dictionary)*

That does not seem to be very deep or difficult to understand. If anything is against the law, then it is illegal. Right? Well, not so quick. There seems to be a balancing act with justice where ambiguity is allowed. This is referring to illegal immigrants. The very first and most important part is the word, “illegal.

In other words, against the law, and as such anything illegal is in some form a crime, even if only petty. Right. Right? According to the  it states, *Federal law does prevent illegal aliens from receiving benefits meant for American citizens. The only benefit that illegal aliens are allowed is emergency medical care.*

Reading that would make one think that’s it. These are people in this country against the law, plain and simple. They need to be deported back to their country and stop being an expense to our country, and all those who have gone through the legal process to become a resident. After all, that’s why we have immigration laws in the first place. Logical, simple, straight forward and to the point.

Then there is this thing called the 14th ammendment and the Bill of rights. So the question of do illigal immigrants have rights, somehow got on the “yes” side of the ledger. Really, people that are in this country illegally, taking jobs from citizens, getting free services, and not paying taxes, are afforded rights by the constitution on top of everything? Then what’s the purpose of Immigration? Why are there Immigration Laws if they hold no power?

If there’s an attempt to deport these people they could sue in court. Chances are it would come to nothing if the law is justly applied, but they are again, afforded the “right.” It gets worse, as many obtain fake documents and present themselves as legal. Discovery of the illegallity of those documents rests soley on people who may not be well trained in spotting them.

How is all this even possible? Where is the equality for a citizen, if an illegal immigrant can usrup rights and services simply because they have unjustly managed to cross our borders? At least for the last 8 years, it may as well have been an “open door” policy for illegals. They came, they stayed, and nothing was done to uphold the immigration laws. In fact, it was to the opposite extreme.

Now there are more than 11 million illegals, but it gets worse still. Many of these now have children born on U.S. soil. It defies imagination how those children can be considered legal, when the fact of their birth was accomplished under illegal circumstances. Where is the justice? It may not be the child’s fault, but illegal is still defined as unlawful, and children nor parents should be rewarded for illegal activity. Why is this important?

Once the child is declared a U.S. Citizen, then the parents begin filing for services, not the least of which is welfare based on the category of the child as a citizen. Then of course, any attempt of deportation creates the problem of deporting a citizen along with illegal aliens. The parents can be deported, so what happens to the child? Theoretically, the child could become a ward of the state, but chances of this happening with the number of lawyers and organizations waiting in the wings to come to their defense are slim to none.

Section 1 of the 14th Amendment, is written in this way.

*Sect. 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law, nor deny any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. *

How you read that section, may or may not agree with the way it has been “interpreted.” The amendement seems to be addressing natural born and naturalized citizens, as clearly stated in the very first sentence. However in the last sentence the words of importance change to any person after the semicolon, even though it is a continuation. Therein lies the problem. Some liberal law maker at some point in history, has managed to intrepret “any person” to include “illegals” as having rights. It is amazing at what point illegal became legal!

At some point this brings into question what does the U.S. do with the 11 million plus illegal immigrants? This is massive. Even more, what does that number represent in terms of wasted tax dollars for services to support them? There is a strong suspicion they cost more than they produce, and it would be interesting to see figures. Wait! Let me check Google for some answers.

Ah, here’s a link that will give some details. But to cut to the chase, just to get the illegals deported would take roughly 20 years, at a cost of between $400-$600 Billion. As you will read, this information is not promoting the action. What has significantly been left out is the expense to taxpayers the 11 million illegals represent? There are other assumptions made that there will be no one to fill those jobs they supposedly will vacate.

Now illegals pay approximately $11.6 billion in taxes. Not state taxes, but property taxes, sales taxes, city and state fees. That’s roughly $1050 per person. That’s far less that the lowest tax area which is Tennessee, where the average individual pays $2,805. Even supposing these became naturalized, they would still not pay as everyone else, based on limited education and skills.

Research shows illegals contribute an average of $10,000 in federal and payroll taxes, but receive $24,000 in welfare and services. With a gain of $14,000, why wouldn’t they run to our borders. So multiply that times 11 million and you get over $154 billion that gets soaked up with tax money paid by taxpayers. So the $11.6 billion paid in taxes doesn’t even begin to be a benefit.

So they are illegal, soaking up our tax dollars to live, with no threat of any reprisal, having children at taxpayer expense so they will be entitled to benefits and services for which they repay nothing. Generally that might be considered robbery, which is a crime. By the way, check this link to see where the information came from.

But then since they have rights there’s a chance this article could generate a suit in court for libel or some such. As a natural born citizen, veteran and taxpayer, supporting them, it seems like things are backwards. Our government has done this to us!

So with all the rhetoric about illegals pouring into our country from neighbor Mexico, would you believe the actual figures have been fairly flat for the last six years? The greatest number of illegals crossed our border from 1995 thru 2005, which accounts for more than half of those currently here.

So if that’s the case, why have there been no efforts to control those already here? They are not pouring across our border, in fact there is a steady number actually returning to Mexico. Data gathered from this source.

So, illegals, with rights, eating up tax dollars that could make significant changes in our infrastructure, no longer pouring across our borders, that if the criminal element alone were eliminated, the savings could probably pay for the “wall.”

Whether you agree or not, check out the sources and see which way your thinking leads you.

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