What It Is Ain’t Exactly Clear But Anarchy Could Be Near

One conflict is over. Now it’s another on the homefront.

A certain factor in our society has determined to upset the balance of political power. Their efforts have been directed at creating fake news, inciting civil disturbance, yelling out false claims similar to the “sky is falling,” whatever distortions, false alarms, using paid protesters and anarchists (according to reports) to accomplish this.

Don’t take my word for it, as it’s all over the news, or at least on some outlets, mostly believable from FOX News. Let’s face it, those who are paying attention have been witness to the exposure of all the news distortions perpetuated by the major outlets. Do a simple Google search for “fake news stories since january 2017” and see what you get.

Some of the fight revolves around drastic ideas that it’s ok to kill a live fetus. No matter if the law made the mistake of allowing that, a life is a life and no matter how those in favor try to justify it by saying it’s a “woman’s body and her choice.” Who gives a woman the right to commit murder? Well, in this case it was a liberal supreme court decision that created a multi-billion dollar industry, and lined a lot of heartless pockets in the process.

The processes to murder these lives inside a woman’s body, while not as drastic as Auschwitz or Dachau, are just as horrible for a live being in that womb. There are actual videos of a fetus attempting to dodge the killing tools to end it’s life! How do you justify such an act by claiming it is a woman’s choice? What is the difference between that, and the cold blooded killers in those death camps? No apologies made for those who disagree. You can’t quantify murder.

This is all about a refusal to face the consequences of irresponsible choices, many times encouraged by those with ulterior motives. There will be heated shouts and denials to the contrary. A few testimonies by mothers of abortion tell a different story. There are a few videos to substantiate the horror.

Illegal immigrants think, even believe, they have some undeniable right to cross our borders without repercussion. That the government and citizens of the United States should turn our collective heads and ignore the fact that they are law breakers. By illegally giving birth to a child on our soil, they further believe they can’t be separated from their offspring, who by their unlawful and disgraceful actions could become a ward of the state when deportation takes place.

Unfortunately, the previous administration helped to create this false mindset, that it’s ok to be illegal. That what is illegal is now legal as it relates to being an illegal immigrant. Even though the previous administration deported over 2 million illegal immigrants, 4 million escaped the same process due to a decision by the Supreme Court.

The cost to taxpayers of supporting the 11.6 million illegal immigrants can be reviewed in a previous article. It’s no wonder our country looks weak, when we can’t even control the number of people who not only cross our border illegally, but do so to their advantage.

Worse yet, are the number or criminals that make up a significant number of illegals. So politicians, recognizing a political advantage in states like California and Nevada, began creating “sanctuary cities.” Since local law enforcement in those cities is not required to report illegals to the INS, and there are no judges to adjudicate illegal immigrants, law enforcement was instructed to “catch and release.”

Great for illegal criminals and future illegal votes for politicians, bad for local populations. So the message is, it’s ok not only to be an illegal immigrant, but to be an illegal immigrant and criminal as well.

This so called protester element in our society that wants nothing to do with the current administration, is one and the same who thinks there should be no rules. At the very least it should be by their rules, which just happen to be the same. None! Everything free, responsible for nothing, abusive of all social mores, determined to disrupt life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The very things our Declaration of Independence guarantees us as citizens. A good part of this is made up of illegals.

The liberal left in our society has encouraged such actions with the idea it can be managed to upset the conservative right agenda to re-establish normalcy in our country. We have lived with a regulatory state for decades. Here is an excerpt from an article by Scott Rasmussen titled, “Do We Have A Legitimate Government?”

*Over the past four decades, American government has been completely transformed by the growth of the Regulatory State. Most governing decisions are now made by distant bureaucrats with little input from Congress. Courts rarely provide any checks and balances giving executive branch officials free reign to interpret laws according to their own preferences and agendas.*

So if you’re wondering why things seemed to be so out of whack, that will help to remove the blinders to start. As President Trump said on many occasions, our country was not in the hands of it’s people, and it is his intention to change that. So once again this nation will be led by the people and for the people.

Not only are we in the grasp of those who would fight that change, add to that group radical women, who seem to be of the idea that not only do women demand equal rights, but would be more than happy to run it all, or so some would have you think. More and more the militancy of women’s groups is becoming part of this revolt, seemingly determined to get their part of the “pie.” It seems to be more about “demanding” than working to earn those rights, but I’ve no doubt there’ll be the screams to the contrary.

More recently we have seen the most flagrant example and display of a judicial branch within our government, not only defy Presidential and constitutional authority, but in complete disregard for constitutional law. This again is just one more example of the planned efforts of the liberal left in their attempt to derail the current administration. Ask David Brock.

As the new Secretary of Education attempted to visit a local school in the Capitol, she was denied entrance by protesters. Fortunately she had what appeared to be bodyguards, but in the news videos there did not appear to be any local police support. It may have been difficult to see, but the situation certainly demanded that there should be, and at the very least the school had to be aware ahead of time what was going on. What are they so afraid of?

Perhaps the greatest insult are the leaks within this current administration. Supposedly this has been an issue in the past and is therefor common and accepted. However it had as it’s intent to make the administration look good for the most part. That does not appear to be the intent at present.

That means there are employees of the State, that do not support the best interests of the President, and in fact are determined to work against him. It’s enough that the DNC in Congress is openly antagonistic towards the POTUS. To have State employees cowardly lurking in their cubicles, using cell phones with special apps that are encrypted so they can’t be discovered in their efforts to plan and work against the administration. This has a name, in fact several.

One is a person who betrays a friend, country or principle. Another is conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state. The names are traitor, turncoat, conspirator, imposter, betrayer, Judas, back-stabber, Benedict Arnold, snake, miscreant, spy, and the act is that of sedition. It’s bad enough that we have to deal with the enemy without which is ISIS and their ilk. Quite another when we have those within.

Supposedly these cowards, those who hide their actions in this manner, and perhaps because of it over the years, have managed to initiate some sort of collective bargaining that of all things, protects their cowardly actions. Apparently not to the extent that if openly found out they could be eliminated in their employment and so they hide. Just like rats in a hole.

What’s worse it is difficult to know if these are just run of the mill clerks and such, or if it runs in the ranks of the CIA, FBI, Pentagon, NSA, and other branches of the administration.

All this information is openly discussed in the media, primarily on FOX News. Tweets and re-tweets shout it out as well. So there’s nothing new here, just re-shared for those who may have missed it otherwise. This is not really opinion, rather compiling thoughts and information for consideration.

Are you for U.S., or against?

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