They Follow The Drama And The Blood!

What’s next?

Start a fire someplace, any fire and no place in particular, and people will come with hot dogs and marshmallows. They have no idea what the fire is all about or why it is where it is. It’s about the drama of the fire.

Let a crowd of people gather anywhere, for any reason at all or no reason. They may be looking up in the air as though watching someone about to jump from a building, or it could be a bird just crapped on their head. It doesn’t matter, everyone will start looking up, certain there is drama, waiting for the body to fall.

Give someone a placard with protest slogans and tell them there’s free pizza, wings, or in California, tacos afterwards. Most don’t care about why and will join in for the drama. Maybe they’ll get 15 seconds in front of the news camera.

There will be the agitators with their 140 dB bullhorns shouting the slogans to repeat, pumping up the crowds to what seems like a fever pitch to the cameras. Of course the cameras pan to wherever the crowd is heaviest, or just the top of 30 to 40 heads that make it look well attended.

Naturally the news media will get some street reporter looking to break in to the media, with excited voice shouting over the bullhorn as though they are going to be trampled by the masses. What a show, performance, and the audience is national T.V. For many it just beats the same old humdrum of the sitcoms.

Then there are the hired anarchists with their hoods and face masks, that look a great deal just like the terrorists we strive to keep out of our country. Their job is to destroy, create havoc, start fires, injure innocent women and other bystanders, and they could care lees what the reason is. Politics is unimportant to them, and it’s little different than mercenaries who are in it strictly for the money.

These are not spur of the moment incidents. Even a flash mob takes organizing. Groups have been prepared in advance to be ready for whatever purpose, to be called at a moments notice. That’s what free beer, pizza or tacos will attract. These people wouldn’t show up for a volunteer work day without the incentive. Here’s a link that proves the point. Check out this Google page for more.

In searching for similar actions by the Tea Party groups, there seems to be very little in the way of violence or destruction. Claims of spitting or racial slurs at some demonstrations against certain DNC representatives could not be verified with audio or video accounts by individuals or media. Such an opportunity would never have been missed if it had occurred, considering the proliferation of cell phones.

So you can only imagine that at some point the money may run out for the free beer, pizzas and tacos, plus the steam to keep it going. Then again it depends on how much Congress digs into the talking points of the DNC, their programs and pet projects like supporting illegal immigrants and threatening to defy law.

Since many of the major news outlets seem to favor “fake news” whether contrived by their constituents or fake news outlets, for which there are legion, truth may be hard to come by. It’s easy to attempt to take things at face value, just not very reliable as it relates to being verifiable. There are a number of the debunking sites like that are having a heyday attempting to sort out the truth. It is almost getting to the point of being a product for purchase. Truth that is. As long as ad networks can advertise on these fake news sites, it’s still free.

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