President Trump Needs To Clean House! It’s RAT Infested! Edited

It’s black and white that there is garbage in Washington D.C.

Note! This is a corrected version of this article. It was incorrectly noted Gen. Flynn was Atty. Gen. rather than Nat. Security Adv.

Wikileaks looks tame compared to the “sieve” we seem to have in our government. We lost a great Nat. Security Adv. not because he committed a crime, rather was himself a victim of crime when he was being spied on as a civilian. What he did or did not discuss with the Russian Ambassador as a civilian was not against the law, or at the very least has not be shown to be so.

What is of greater concern, are the leaks, the cowards, who damage the security of our country, for you and all of us, by deliberate actions of being Benedict Arnolds! We have far too many, and it’s time to vet our own CIA, FBI, Pentagon, the state department, and anyone who has leaked the latest recipe from the White House.

I don’t know how, and not one single Civil Service employee should be spared if there is proof, even the slightest proof they have been leaking sensitive information to anyone. Whether it be the press, a politician of an opposing party, anyone who does not have security clearance including their mother. They should be just as closely vetted as the refugees and immigrants who want Visas to our country, because quite frankly, they are just as dangerous and maybe more so.

Such people have no rights if they are party to divulging even the least sensitive information. If Ret. Gen. Flynn, who committed no crime yet had privy to sensitive information and can be condemned for misrepresenting what he talked about, how much more some one who is NOT a private citizen, but supposedly a public servant working at any level as a Civil Servant?

There is far more to this than meets the eye, as it relates to the previous administration and the Obama appointees to Civil Service positions, or wherever. ANY Obama appointee should be suspect. In fact, maybe any DNC appointee from the last 30 years. Hoping that they might retire and get a government pension for their possible betrayal would be just too much.

If ever there was any doubt that treachery and treason is rampart in Washington D.C., the current episode with General Flynn should be clear to what extent the opposition will go to. It has clearly been pointed out that there was a minimum of nine leaks, and there had to be many more that are part of the effort to bring this about. This should be a warning of more efforts to come. As some have already said, our Republicans had better get their act together…now!

It is disheartening as a citizen, to see the filth people in our government will reduce themselves to. It’s not known if this has always been part of what has always gone on in government. Then again, the T.V. series West Wing, is likely more accurate of the betrayal and treachery that gets covered up by suites, ties, coiffured hair and people seemingly playing nice together. NOT!

How does this get corrected? We elected President Trump to clean it up. Instead initially, it looks like he may get swallowed up by the “swamp” he went in to clean out. It really is a morass of human filth, that none of we voters fully understand or comprehend. This is our government, that has been allowed to make decision for us, and it has gotten worse and worse as the years pass by. Bottom line, this “swamp” must be drained to become ecologically sound. Our attention has been diverted outside our borders, when the maximum threat is hiding in plain sight!

It is painfully obvious that the liberal left does not have this country’s best interest at heart. They are looking to create open borders, completely eroding human decency by creating laws that allow closer steps to a biblical Sodom and Gomorrah, continuing murder of lives in the womb, forcing those opposed to these changes with jail when it impacts personal beliefs to the contrary. Does that sound like something headed in a direction we want in our country? Euthanasia of Senior citizens may be next, and Solent Green may find it’s way into your diet.

After all the blow up about whether or not Obama was actually a U.S. citizen, with the rights supposedly afforded to illegals immigrants in this country, it doesn’t test the imagination too much to believe it could happen. Someone granted citizen status born of illegal immigrants, who has no right to be a U.S. citizen based on the fact of illegal circumstances of their birth. It could happen.

So where are we headed? Where do we go from here? What if…

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