Perfect Example Of Warped Illegal Mentality!

Rosa Ortega jailed for voter fraud in Texas

Rosa Ortega thinks she’s being picked on, treated unfairly, being made a “scapegoat” just because she voted 5 times illegally. There is also the possibility of being charged with falsifying documents, attempted falsification, and there is a question of how she became a “legal resident” when she came to this country with her mother illegally.

Clark Birdsall, Ortega’s attorney, had this to say about the incident as reported by Jonathan Tilove, the chief political writer for the American-Statesman.

“Let me put it in perspective for you. The real evil, if there is any, in election fraud, occurs in the process known as ballot harvesting. It’s something where people assist elderly and handicapped people to apply for ballots. Maybe they’ll go into old folks homes. Where I’ve seen it is old folks home primarily, people not very able-bodied. They’ll assist in filing out their ballot applications and when the ballot gets sent to them through the mail, they’ll be waiting at the mailbox. If it’s a multiple dwelling unit, they can take 50, 100, and they can take them out and vote them the way they want … That’s called ballot harvesting and that’s the place where the efforts need to be focused.

What my women did was in no way related to any sort of organized harvesting. She was just some simple lady, who thought it was her duty to vote, and it was wrong, but instead of the government just acknowledging, `OK, you were wrong, you’re simple, don’t do it again,’ they chose to make an example out of her, to show everybody how hard they are trying to get ahold of this. Instead of getting at the real evil if there is such, they just picked the low-hanging fruit and broke her sword in the public square and tarred and feathered her and carried her around for the public to see and it infuriates me.”


This started out similar to so many others like Rosa Ortega’s mother, who crossed the border, became an illegal resident with children, gets deported, in the process being separated from children. Such is the case with Rosa Ortega, a Mexican citizen brought to this country by her mother. Ortega is not a citizen of the U.S.

How she became a legal, green card resident in Texas, being a Mexican citizen by birth, is another story for which the details are not readily available. None the less, a legal resident is not the same as a citizen, which Ortega claims she did not know the difference. Really? Records show she knew the difference on her drivers license as she indicated she was NOT a citizen, so claims she didn’t know the difference between citizen and resident don’t hold up.

Voting on five separate occasions and having had her voters application turned down twice in 2014 in Tarrant County, and again in Dallas County in 2015 when she was informed she was not a citizen, after having voted in 2014. So with this activity, repeated attempts to register as a voter, knowing she is not a citizen, being turned down for voter registration, it would seem to indicate certain knowledge of what she was doing. Her motives? Who really knows?

Her attorney would have you believe, buy the absence of mention about the multiple voting incidents, that this was some innocent mistake of a person who had no idea they were doing something illegal or wrong. The understanding of denied voter registrations in two counties tells a different story.

This seems to be a repeated mantra in terms of illegal presence and activities in our country. It’s all a big mistake. They haven’t done anything wrong. The immigration laws are broken. All these people need amnesty, or at the very least should be exonerated or pardoned and allowed to become legal residents. The litany goes on about the poor immigrants.

The fact is they come here knowing full well the risk. Not one illegal is unaware that what they are doing is against the law. That they have made a dangerous trip, paid money, is of no consequence as to being entitled in some fashion for having some sort of legal status once within the U.S. borders. Being ignored for 8 years or more doesn’t change that fact. Add to that the example of just one illegal voter, is not the end of it.

Rosa Ortega is just one example, and not the last. MSM can pretend it doesn’t exist, even when it is choking in their collective throats. Then again that’s sort of like the truth. It seems to have the same effect, choking on it that is.

Here is a video for you to see, if you think just maybe voter fraud might have even been encouraged.


Notice when the comment is made, “You are a citizen,” it would seem the rest of the commentary is directed only at the interviewer, but the subtly or the message is not missed. This seemingly protects Obama from a condeming statement that would have him in more hot water than he may already be in.

After listening closely to the verbiage of this video, it should be clear to anyone it was taking away the threat of discovery and punishment for those who elected to vote illegally. That doesn’t prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that fraudulent voting by illegal immigrants did take place, but there are other efforts that seem to back that up. What’s important here is who is overtly encouraging illegal immigrants to vote. It may be difficult to pin down a hard and fast claim based on exact words, yet the intent is there which may be sufficient.

So mixed messages are there. It does not change the old saying that ignorance of the law is no excuse for doing something you know or suspect to be illegal. Add the fact a person illegally in this country to begin with, and it could be further asserted anything they do is illegal. The real danger is when the supposed “supreme commander” of the country seems to be giving covert permission, how could it be wrong or illegal?

Even though the Obama administration deported millions of illegal immigrants, when it was done at the border where it was easy enough to come across in the first place, how many did, and how many times? No matter where they were deported from, there are multiple records that show multiple entries, especially for the criminal elements. So it seems all it really created was a revolving door.

It would be fascinating to know, of the “millions of illegals” deported during the Obama tenure, how many came back, and how many times? Of course since this article is primarily about voter fraud, the question might also be asked how many voted?

So even though mainstream media wants to shout, “there’s no evidence,” it causes one to wonder what they’ve been looking at…or not. It’s easy to claim there’s no evidence if you don’t look for it. What has to be obvious to the most casual observer, with as much evidence as there is out there, you’d have to be blind, deaf, and especially dumb, to miss what’s in plain sight. That description seems to be a perfect fit for the media.

“Mediaocre Mess” seems to fit better. There are many more videos out there to back this up. Here are some other links for videos to check out.  Fox  Las Vegas

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