We Are Not All Immigrants!

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The idea being spread around that we are all immigrants is not only incorrect, it is stupid by any stretch of the imagination. The definition of immigrant is a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country. That would exclude every single person who was born in the U. S. of A. You can’t be an immigrant, rather you are the 1st generation American, plain and simple.

So this notion that we are all immigrants is simply another attempt to legitimize all the propaganda against the Executive Order to halt VISA’s for a select number of countries. This is for countries known to harbor terrorists, terrorist training, or failed governments where sufficient information for vetting those wanting to come to our country to make absolutely certain they were coming for the right motives.

In reality, those espousing these tired arguments are empty of anything that remotely resembles truth. This is now something completely foreign to their conversation. This attitude or action is what is commonly applied to a habitual liar, and that is what it seems the liberal left and opposition party has become. the truth can not find it’s way out of their mouth or keyboard.

It is one incident after another, where their lies and distortions are exposed, yet they continue. An addiction has developed to the point where it is no longer journalism or truth in any fashion, rather some sort of horror novel. The idea that crime has decreased in our country is due to illegal immigrants is the most absurd idea ever.

It seems there is a different definition of illegal for the liberal left than that defined in law. Being an illegal immigrant, which is someone who has gained entry to our country either by crossing our border without a Visa, or overstaying a Visa with the intent of staying in violation of their agreement to return to their country of origin, is against the law. That is a violation of Immigration Law which every single one of those who violate it know clearly.

The liberal left would claim our immigration law is broken. What does that mean? How is it broken? Because they, the liberal left, has decided that because it doesn’t meet their current criteria and liberal agenda, it’s wrong? Broken? Because the immigration law says that just because anyone who is here illegally is not entitled to amnesty, and is to be deported. It’s the law. Just like running a red light will get you a fine, because it’s against the law. Robbing a bank is against the law, and just because it might be inconvenient doesn’t change the fact.

Tearing families apart? You reap what you sow! In the first place, children of illegal immigrants do not have the right to be U.S. citizens just because they were born here. They came into this world under illegal circumstances, against the law. Just because a judge may have ruled against the law, creating some twisted interpretation of section 2 of the 14th amendment, that somehow “person” relates to illegal persons in our midst, doesn’t make it so. I will vote to see that repealed.

In no way is this fair to all the legal immigrants who did all that was required to obtain citizenship, or at the very least legally pursue residency. to come to this country with the sole purpose to give birth to a child and then begin to use that child as a source to obtain welfare and other services is not just cowardly, it’s disgusting.

This sort of behavior is not tolerated in any other country on record. Because it has happened in this country without more drastic actions against it, sends the wrong message. What’s worse, the Mexican government is determined to fight the efforts to return Mexican citizens to their country, to the point of providing financial assistance to the Mexican Consulates to assist those in process of deportation, with the intent to stop those actions by overloading the courts.

So here we have Mexico doing all they can to keep these illegals on our side of the border. Now why would that be? This even lends to the thought that many of these illegal immigrants have been encouraged by their own government to invade the United States! Now there’s something that hasn’t been mentioned. The actions of the Mexican government to deliberately impede deportation sure points to something along those lines.

And why not? What has the U.S. done to give serious pause or cause to think crossing the border illegally is a bad idea? Getting shot? Thrown in jail immediately and just as quickly deported? Imprisoned and beaten as a spy to obtain information about the drug cartels? What is the penalty so drastic that it will keep them on the other side of the fence? Nothing!

Some have been in the U.S. for more than a decade as an illegal immigrant, and what happened? They have kids, get free services and welfare, pay to get forged documents to gain residency or even citizenship, pay no income taxes or social security, so what’s to fear? The land of opportunity, milk and honey. The proverbial something for nothing. They didn’t earn it, deserve it, but they have it.

Try doing that to Mexico, and see how many years you spend in jail. Pretty much anyone can go to Mexico, and leave. They’ll be glad to take your money and tell you goodby. As a rule there aren’t too many wanting to invade Mexico, or go there to take up residence, unless they’re running from something. Considering how many cross our border, one might get the idea it is not a good place to live, but why should we become a “Little Mexico?”

The fact that the United States is made up of many people from every nation in the world, the greatest number came here legally. They were the original immigrants. That was hundreds of years ago, and now we have millions of Americans that are generations deep. We are NOT all immigrants. We are Americans and proud of it.

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