25 Days Of Me And President Trump!



The “Trump Train” has left the station!

I may not have been present in Washington D.C., or anywhere nearer to my President than FOX News that fortunately extends 4000 miles away, but in spirit I was with him since the first time he played with the idea of being a candidate in 2011. The very first thought was, finally someone who is not a politician!

We as a populace have been lied to so many times by politicians, that we have almost become inured to it, which I suspect is what they have always counted on. Once they’re in power, what recourse do we, the public, have? We stand by powerless to correct the situation. It would be great if the powers of impeachment were made available to the public instead of political hacks. There would be far fewer of them running our country if that were the case.

It seems that a politician can’t be any good if they tell the truth. It would be interesting to have a machine which could take out all the noncommittal, empty, meaningless words from their babble to see what’s left. Chances are the older politicians would easily be separated from the younger ones, in terms of time in office, by the emptiness of their speech. These would most likely be seen as heroes by their constituents for never saying anything that would get them in hot water, or have any meaning.

So what happens when one comes along that says what they mean, and means what they say? Instant labeling as anything but reliable, truthful, honest, or genuine. President Donald J. Trump has handed out heads on a platter to the “opposition party,” also know as the MSM, or main stream media.

The media has never been any paragon of virtue when it comes to truth in journalism, unbiased reporting, hate mongering, or just real, factual coverage of events. The various outlets all seem to have a tendency towards some axe to grind, or at the very least the effort to manipulate opinion. President Trump called them out early on in his campaign, and it seems all it did was increase the determination for them to do as much dirt as possible.

Countless articles, reports, have hit print and airwaves, with absolute trash! Comments, claims, even outright lies about events, and they dare to call President Trump a liar? Isn’t that just like a liar, to try and throw suspicion off on another to deflect attention on themselves? You bet it is! The difference is most don’t believe they can fight the press, but that would not be President Trump!

There have been feverish attempts to direct focus on General Flynn and his resignation, withdrawal of the candidate for Secretary of Labor, and the assumed defeat of the Executive Order for Immigration. Then there has been such a clamor about where is the repeal of Obamacare, tax reform, the Wall, and education reform to mention a few.

These lame, so called journalists and democratic hacks, who have delayed approval of Cabinet appointees, are the ones to blame for slowing down parts of the process, all the while trying to blame an ineffective Congress and House for the problem. What they can’t deny are the multitude of orders in process such as that for the Coal miners, auto industry, tech industry, rollback of government regulations for business, setting in motion the building of the wall on Mexico’s border, defunding sanctuary cities, deporting illegal immigrant criminals, defunding abortion internationally, creating orders to complete the Keystone and Dakota pipelines, solidifying relations with Great Britain, Australia, Mexico, Japan and Israel, and telling the media like it is.

No, President Trump hasn’t done anything, just more in 25 days than any preceding president in our lifetime! Here is a link to a FOX News timeline that is fairly accurate that will catalogue the events. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-100-days.html More importantly, President Trump has “done it his way!”

Nonpolitical, he doesn’t speak politicalease, unafraid to say it as he sees it, ready to confront the press for their open attempts to discredit, taking the Democratic Senators to task for their cowardly actions and delaying tactics, and continuing to “tweet” to let the public know what’s going on and his thoughts.

He is keeping his promises! Actions are speaking as loud as his words. Some voices are impatient as the wall will not be built in a day, and the new health care program will also take time, as the ACA has to be undone and that does not happen overnight. Tax Reform is right around the corner, and it promises to be a surprise, especially to the DOW and other markets that have been hitting record historical highs. Delays in getting Cabinet appointees in place created a slow down as well, thanks to the obstruction by cowardly Democratic Senators.

It comes as no surprise or secret, that President Trump has many adversaries determined to see him fail, not the least of which appears to be former president Obama. Other reports place George Soros http://humanevents.com/2011/04/02/top-10-reasons-george-soros-is-dangerous/, as one of the financial influences behind protests, anti-trump campaigns and more.

During those first 25 days, it has been full of events that have fed my hunger to write what I saw as wrong, and not in the best interests of our country. To point out what multitudes of others are thinking and not writing, or saying and not being heard, as MSM doesn’t want to air anything that would be pro-Trump, as they clearly promote a double standard as it relates to not only the previous administration, but any conservative point of view. So feel free to peruse and read my posts at www.awordmerchant.com in the “Me and the POTUS” or at “large” categories. The “Trump” train continues to chug forward, undaunted by anything that attempts to derail focus. All aboard!

All Aboard?
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