Discover Why The Right To Bear Arms May Not Be Enough!

Organizing For Action or OFA should make you shake in your shoes. Organized by someone who does not have our freedoms in mind, nor anything you recognize as American. You’ll be surprised when you find out who. One of their aims, while not overtly mentioned, will be a an assault of the 2nd Amendment, which is the right of every citizen to bear arms.

Disguised as “gun control” there are elements of that plan that have potential for a threat to privacy, attempting to share information with law enforcement across state lines. Why? Unless you’re a felon, why does that information need to be shared from Indiana to California, or anywhere else?

Looking over the site to see if I could understand what they are attempting to do and what the issues are, I saw the link for a documentary, “The Dream Is Now.” A 30 minute emotional video promoting the idea of legalizing all illegal immigrants presently in our country. They don’t like the word illegal so they call themselves “undocumented.” One of the greatest political claims for admitting them as citizens is the added contributions to taxes and social security coffers.

That is a bit bothersome to equate people with just what they represent in terms of money. There is a huge cost connected with having them here, as not all contribute economically. I suspect there is more involved with making all those 11.6 million suddenly legal for starters. The other issue is determining those who will contribute to society rather than be a drain on it such as convicted criminals. Still, this is just one of the issues listed on this site.

The greater issue with this emotional attempt to legalize the illegals, is why? The irresponsibility of parents should not be a reason for legitimizing the illegality of their very presence in the U.S.A. No one questions that there are many good people, but there are millions who would like to be here and willing to do it legally.

The “Dreamers” know they are here illegally, yet they act as though they have some special right to break the law of immigration along with irresponsible parents. Being here does not magically grant residency or citizenship. Millions of immigrants have come to these shores, and it was not an invasion as mentioned in the video. They came in legitimate ways, according to the law.

It seems as though the millions coming from Mexico, think they have some special right. They don’t. other than going back to the country of their birth. Children born of parents in the U.S. illegally should not be automatically given U.S. citizenship as a reward for parents who have broken the law. It’s like any other criminal, and even though the word may seem harsh that’s what a law breaker is, the fruits of their acts are forfeited. That should include material assets as well as the intangible.

Issues listed on their website include Climate Change, Economic Opportunity, Expanding Equality, Women’s Issues and Health Care, actually promoting the ACA as though it hasn’t already imploded. All this sounds innocent enough, simply because it uses terms and words that have been part of the political left for some time.

What isn’t clearly known is the real mission behind OFA, which is to create social unrest, or probably more accurate would be anarchy. Yup, and you’re bound to want to know how we go from just issues that seem normal to something as drastic as anarchy? When you have a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority, there is anarchy. This is the objective of OFA, to overthrow the Trump administration.

That will never be a claim on their website, but if you infiltrate one of their training camps, you will discover quickly this is what they plan. Again, it seems right, and like any other rebellion against established authority, those involved are led to believe they are freedom fighters, moving forward to create an absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual, regarded as a political ideal. There are plenty of examples of how well this works. Look at Africa as a prime example. Or consider Syria as another.

There are millions of donors adding to the coffers of this gang, and at present membership has swelled to over 30,000. Lou Dobbs on FOX NEWS just aired a segment with Paul Sperry as they discuss this movement. Sperry has several books you may want to check out.

For an ex-president to be deeply involved in such a movement, it only causes you, and me, to wonder what would have happened if Clinton had been elected? Have you ever seen anything like this before? It’s no joke, and we better not take it lightly.

There are over 1 million illegal immigrants in the U.S., according to the FBI report from 2011. All the mainstream media disputes this claim, just like nearly everything else President Trump says. Go ahead! Search for yourself and see what Google brings up. Bottom line the undisclosed purpose of the OFA movement is not about peace and prosperity, or in the least in lockstep with President Donald Trump. Should we be concerned? Only if we ignore it, as though it was non-threatening. We are forewarned so we must be forearmed with the method to overcome! Awareness is our best offense.

One conflict is over. Now it’s another on the homefront.
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