How Gene Huber Lit A New Flame In Melborne Florida!

So OK, I’ve spent the last month railing at the injustices that have appeared in so many forms against our President and the sovereignty of our government. While I cranked out a bunch of articles, it didn’t leave me in a very positive frame of mind. Perhaps bordering on some mild form of insanity as it was consuming. Reading an article that focused on that of negative thinking brought it to the surface of my attention, as it had been lingering there for several days anyway. With that, I’m getting back to the positive mindset to write topics of hopefully, greater interest.

So what better topic right now than all the positive that is taking place with our new President. And how about Gene Huber?

Gene Huber during 2016 Presidential Campaign in Melborne, Florida
Gene Huber lit a flame during 2017 Presidential Rally in Melborne, Florida

Was he not just a shot of positive vibe and passion at the rally in Melbourne, Florida? Wow! How absolutely exciting when the President called him up to the podium. If you were watching, that may have impacted you the way it did me. I was almost shouting for him along with thousands of others.

It was pretty obvious that being invited to share the platform even for a moment, was the last thing Gene had on his mind when he stood first in line at 4 A.M. that morning. It sorta seemed like he was at a loss for words at the podium, but what he did manage to squeeze out was exactly what needed to be heard. Also it seems safe to say that in spite of himself and as President Trump proclaimed, he indeed has become a star.

His interviews with CNN and FOX News were good, and he was a little more relaxed. By his own account he has lost track of the number of interviews he has done. “I’m doing this for my President and my country to support our Movement.” This is one of the many quotes from Gene. On an interview with Stuart Varney on FOX News, he commented that his grandmother saw him on T.V. with the President, and passed away the following day. It would be amazing if Gene were to receive thousands of greetings from those of us who were thrilled with his passionate support, in memory of his grandmother.

What’s so important here is the way our President connects with the people, just like Gene Huber. Whether it’s the union workers or CEO’s of Fortune 100 companies, this man relates. We can feel that he “get’s us!” Just like Gene said, he didn’t have to do this. He has everything he needs, and to tackle the problems our country currently experiences is something he didn’t need.

The mention of the problems Sweden is experiencing with massive numbers of immigrants and refugees, is exactly the challenge to be faced in the U.S. It is also one of those issues that we can not turn a blind eye to, yet the solution is no where in sight.

Considering the millions who are affected and are here illegally, who have managed in many cases to buy homes, have children who have accomplished many good and positive things, it is impossible not to have compassion. Yet the problem remains what to do. If it would take 20 years to deport them all according to studies, what does that mean in trying to assimilate that number into our society? It defies the imagination. It could be compared to the hundreds of thousands of soldiers who came home after WWII.

A massive invasion of those who were going to need a job was just the beginning. Granted the situation is not quite the same, as many of the current undocumented immigrants have jobs. In that respect there is some difference. Eleven million, minus two million that make up the criminal element that would be deported without question, still boggles the mind when considering what to do.

On one hand a stand could be taken that all knew the risk when crossing the border, and now must suffer the consequences of their actions. Then again, is this the answer? It’s not one that has an easy solution, and the eventual decision of who stays and who goes if it comes to that, doesn’t stand much of a chance of being popular. This would be like trying to assimilate the cities of New York and Los Angles all at once.

Granted that the majority have been assimilated after a fashion, there is still the need to know who we would be allowing to stay, what their background is, and if they come as the President says, to “love us.” Getting documents to corroborate those backgrounds might be another huge challenge. Since at least half if not more originate from Mexico, and that country has clearly indicated they don’t want them back, there arises the question of getting documents that are trustworthy.

Sitting at my desk on high, looking out on a city that numbers one million population, and having just seen a crowd that numbers in the thousands that have gathered in protest of the current election results, the prospect of how to handle 11 million people just staggers the mind. This is what our government is faced with.

President Trump is determined to get the criminal element out and back to wherever it came from, as not all are from our southern neighbor. Then come the “Dreamers” that number more than 700,000. Kids that in some cases have gotten University degrees in Engineering, and are putting stucco on homes because the lack of a Social Security number keeps them from getting a job commensurate with their education.

This is not taking up the mantle for them, rather questioning my own mind as to what next? We’re not talking about irresponsible parents who by all rights should answer for what they’ve done, but these kids are not at fault. Then comes the real challenge, as currently the law, no matter how incorrectly the 14th amendment has been interpreted by the Supreme Court to allow children born under illegal circumstances be given citizen status, makes it next to impossible to deport them along with parents.

It was no mistake that mothers deliberately gave birth in the U.S., knowing that through their children they could benefit. Now those babies are teenagers and young adults, and no matter how right or wrong, roots have been established. This is an issue every president has conveniently avoided really acting on, and the challenges mentioned are likely just the tip of the iceberg.

We have a compassionate President, but the question remains just how will he manage to handle this situation in a way that does not create a major catastrophe, with people, families, and Mexico? No easy answer. As a populace, or at least those who support our President, we need to let him know we’re behind him. He faces a monumental task with just this one issue, of many critical challenges.

I need to go listen to some soothing music.

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