When The Shoe’s On The Other Foot And In The Mouth!

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American Flag Flying Freely!

Anger is a terrible waste of energy because it usually results in one of two things. Mistakes and regrets. Or both! It’s possible that rational thought can result during moments of anger. Reality would bear witness to the unlikelihood of that taking place. History and police blotters will give witness to the results of anger. Prison cells are full of proof.

It occurs to a thinking mind that there is something beyond anger that is a causative factor. Most would never make the association. This possible cause will certainly be seen as divisive, for the same reason it is a root issue.

What is a primary cause of anger in the first place? Something you don’t agree with or doesn’t suit what you like. Right? In other words if it doesn’t fit into your narrow category of likes you get upset. Depending on the severity of how much it affects that “like” category determines the level of your anger.

Now there seem to be some categories that will set off that anger faster than others. An example is being critical of your clothes or choice of the model of car you drive. More intense would be anything against your significant other or offspring. Is this beginning to make sense?

Let’s take this a step further. What happens when it comes to religious beliefs or preferences? Or the lack thereof? Where does politics fit in? Now it’s getting into areas where most have strong feelings. Emotions will generally run high in these last two areas. Any idea why?

Try this on for size. It’s called fear. Fear of religion or politics? Right off the bat there is almost guaranteed to be disagreement. If you feel strongly about either of those areas then how does that translate to fear? When you strongly defend something, the great majority of the time the information for doing so may be deficient. In other words, you may have made up your mind about something because of how others in your circle feel about it. This is likely to have been more emotional than based on facts from having investigated or researched the topic or issue.

Politics and religion are two areas where this may be strongest. When positions on either are challenged, most are deficient in knowledge. Even those who believe themselves to be educated and in the know, can’t separate themselves from bias. When that happens and another’s belief is contrary, the anger begins, based in fear.

Why fear? Simply because there is always that nagging doubt that you may be wrong. The more that fear of being wrong is assaulted the greater the defense based in anger. The shouting, insults, and in some cases physical violence is the end result. But rest assured when calmly reviewing such incidents, the honest conclusion when one can be completely open to the truth, will always be shown to be rooted in fear.

Some of you reading this article will go there. The very idea that you are fearful of being wrong in any area of what you believe will generate that reaction. Right now, take notice of what’s happening with your thoughts. Is a defense mounting? Do you find yourself resisting that this could be true?

Imagine if for just a moment, you could be calm enough to consider the possibility. What if your religious position could be open to accept that another may not agree, and that’s ok? Is there cause for attack, insult, a determined effort to belittle, humiliate, in order to feel your position is safe. That your protected from being wrong.

Is this what we’re seeing in a fiercely debated way? When two sides are so divided on issues? If truly reviewed without malice, anger, with a willingness to be open to a different point of view, would there be the strife, bitterness and aggression so rampant in today’s political environment?

Fear. Plain and simple. That the side currently with the advantage is right. That those not in power can’t have it their way. The fear is ruining their lives. They are allowing uncontrolled stress to dominate their lives, simply because of the fear the other side is right.

It isn’t based in reason, and least of all proof. Judgement has been passed without an ounce of evidence that it won’t work. If the past were an indicator that everything was working perfectly,  things would not be as they are now, with a different mindset in place. But fear that they may have been wrong, in part or in whole, dominates the mind. The inability to accept the truth festers into anger which results in actions destined to be harmful to all.

A Civil War was fought over just such motives. Differences of opinion on how life should be lived. A hateful, brutal, bloody conflict was the result until one side was dominated and forced to accept the change. It was about change, and the resistance to that change based in the fear of the unknown. It is no different today.

There is tremendous fear and resistance to change. Some want to see this nation changed into something no longer sovereign and independent, as though that somehow makes this country better. The idea of submitting to the whims of other nationalities, cultures, values, spiritual beliefs and ideologies on the surface may seem ideal. There are those examples where that has not worked, just as communism has shown to not be a positive force in governing a people.

A rude awakening is the result of the attempt to reduce this nation to something completely opposite of what it’s been for 240 years. While it’s true, no civilization has endured forever as history shows. There is a belief the way of life in the United States of America may have many more generations before it comes to an end. Those who are determined to conserve it will fight with just as much determination, as those who would end it. Maybe just enough more to make a difference.

Theirs is a fear of loosing what has been good and positive. Where unborn life is not treated as garbage. Lawlessness is not considered a sovereign right. Where laws are still seen as necessary to maintain a society where life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is protected. Not threatened by a complete lack of moral and spiritual values this nation was founded on. That those who only pursue abandonment of any limitations would create a thoughtless, lawless, morass with nothing but individual rights and freedoms, where only the strong survive through brutality, and complete anarchy.

This has clearly been demonstrated by the destruction through protests, as it relates to the freedom of speech guaranteed by our constitution. Fear. Plain and simple. Only what’s done through the effort of knowing what’s right for the majority will be victorious. While it’s true that there have been moments in the nations of the world, where brute force of totalitarianism or Communism, have dominated for a season, it lasts only as long as a people are willing to be dominated. This does not describe the people of the United States.

The determined effort to return to a nation of values, laws, morals, spiritual freedom and independence is under way. Fear is not a factor! The shoe is on the right foot and firmly planted on the ground.

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