Guns And Treachery And Intrigue Oh My!

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Open the door and chase fear away!

Finding something positive to say as it regards current political issues is now critical. The wait for the GOP to get their promised agenda moving is causing it’s own anxiety. The knee jerk reaction is to lash back at all the desperate delaying tactics being dished out by the DNC, as they routinely and completely ignore all the manure their feet are deep into.

They matter of factly ignore all the lies, distortions, illegal actions like the DOJ “Slush Fund” where billions of our tax dollars were gifted to leftist organizations with no authorization. There’s no mention of these things and more by the GOP. Perhaps they are attempting to take the “high road” while staunchly working to get the key pieces of their campaign promises up and running. On the surface it would make sense to stay focused on that while doing their best to deflect all the stalling attempts by the DNC.

“Republicans talk often about using the “power of the purse” to rein in a lawless Obama administration. If they mean it, they ought to use their year-end spending bill to stop a textbook case of outrageous executive overreach.”

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Here are some of the things of particular interest that took place during Obama’s first term.

Former AG Eric Holder was revealed to be part of running arms to Mexico and never prosecuted when he was caught. Here’s a part of the report by National Review.

“By the summer of 2012, Holder and the House Oversight Committee were at a standoff, the attorney general claiming he had been fully responsive to the committee’s request for documents, Issa claiming that the DOJ had withheld 1,300 key pages. President Obama, intervening, declared that the documents were protected under executive privilege — a risible claim, legally, and a suggestive one, given the White House’s denial of involvement. In late June, at the recommendation of the committee, Holder became the first sitting member of a presidential cabinet to be held in contempt by the House of Representatives.”

“ATF makes every effort to interdict weapons that have been purchased illegally and prevent their transportation to Mexico.” In November, Attorney General Eric Holder admitted that gun-walking (another phrase for gun-running?) was, in fact, used, and in December the Obama administration formally withdrew Weich’s letter from the congressional record — because it was, in Holder’s words, “inaccurate.”

That sounds like something the cat would say when questioned about having eaten the Canary, with feathers hanging out of it’s mouth.

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I have no idea how this may benefit the GOP. As they continue to be attacked by the DNC with pointless attempts to continue their obstructionist acts. At delaying forward progress of President Trump’s agenda with replacement of the ACA and Tax Reform. It is almost certain that when those two campaign promises come to fruition, the DNC is going to be sorely wounded in all their obstructionist efforts.

Discovery and removal of the Obama bearucrats! Those who have been turncoats against the Trump Administration. Working to undermine any positive movements with classified information. That so far has been used purely as an obstruction, with those people being revealed being closer than they think! Apparently names have now been turned over to the Trump DOJ, so some heads could start to roll.

More condemning information as written in a recent book by Ben Shapiro titled, The People Vs. Barack Obama: The Criminal Case Against the Obama Administration. Following is a short list of scandals during the first four years of that administration.

  • On September 11, 2012, the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, was attacked by terrorists after months of desperate pleas for more security from Ambassador Christopher Stevens and his staff; Stevens and three other Americans were murdered as American forces remained mere hours away. Now State Department witnesses from Libya have testified that higher-ups at the department tried to stifle them from speaking with Congress.
  • The IRS has admitted that its nonprofit division targeted conservative groups in the years leading up to Obama’s reelection effort; further evidence showed that conservative nonprofits were subjected to costly audits.
  • The Associated Press has revealed that the Department of Justice had secretly obtained months’ worth of call logs from its reporters. A few days later, reports emerged that the Department of Justice had obtained a warrant for Fox News reporter James Rosen’s personal emails and tracked his movements at the State Department.
  • Within a few days of that, Congress sends a letter to the secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sibelius, asking why she had solicited donations from nonprofit organizations to push Obamacare?
  • At virtually the same time, Republican lawmakers send a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency asking why the EPA has forced conservative groups to pay fees for Freedom of Information Act requests while simultaneously waiving those fees for liberal groups.
  • In early June, former Booz Allen Hamilton employee Edward Snowden, who worked with the National Security Agency, reveals that the NSA PRISM program is tracking all American phone calls. Soon, revelations emerge that the NSA collects “nearly everything a user does on the Internet.” Snowden says that the government has the ability to collect your keystrokes as they appear.

This list in far from all questionable acts, but some of the most prominent scandals during the first Obama term.

So the point here is with all this still hanging in the background, it’s obvious the DNC has plenty to try and hide now that they are not in power. So just as Sean Hannity of FOX News said in his program, the DNC is loosing ground fast and their attacks on the GOP will intensify. If the Health Care Plan and the Tax Reform get through, and they should, the DNC’s carefully laid plans over the last 8 years will come crashing down. The support behind the GOP and President Trump’s agenda will be met with tremendous approval.

But what about all those things just mentioned, and more that is not even listed. The most criminal is what took place in Benghazi, Libya with the deaths of four Americans. This has all the appearance of a sacrifice for the advancement of Obama’s drive to gain approval more than power in the Mid-East. Hopefully the reported threats and bribery to quiet those who could testify to what really happened will rise to the surface and the truth will come to light.

How in the world do you keep quiet when all this has been going on and there is evidence to back it up? At the level of the White House everything is suspect in the first place. Knowing who to trust, which is pretty much no one, what is truth and which is lie, and getting information that may be “classified” is way beyond my classification or security clearance.

So it comes down to scraping through reports, stories, news releases, books, to grind out what can be proven to be true, separating fact from fake. I have ignored getting involved for decades in anything that had to do with news and politics. An occasional foray into that world was usually enough to convince me that abstinence from that arena was a sober decision.

Now it seems I may be caught and at the point of no return. Maybe if this whole mess simmers down and isn’t so volatile, I can wean myself away once again. This isn’t really the sort of writing I prefer. It makes me feel like I am getting down in the “swamp” where all this lives. I dwell on the mountaintops, not in quagmires. “Brigadoon” exists in the mind of those expecting to find it.

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