No Vote For POTUS Because Of Rhetoric!

Alan Up A Tree For Trump

I didn’t vote for President Trump because I agreed with his rhetoric. It wasn’t about his character or lack thereof. That he was another plutocrat who really didn’t need the job. It wasn’t that his views were my views with the exception that Hillary was the poorest of choices. In fact there weren’t many reasons I voted for “The Donald” with one very singular exception from the outset. He wasn’t a politician!

Lack of experience dealing with the “beltway” has had some obvious potholes. Not to mention an anemic GOP still looking for something besides sand in their guts. So far it almost looks as though the DNC has them on the run. We as a public had no idea of the Nation Domination the Obama administration had in store for us had Clinton won the election. Slowly but surely we are getting bits and pieces of the Pandoras Box we nearly opened.

The U.S. Government is out of control, and I’m not so sure President Trump or any GOP candidate can reel it in. It’s not just the party in power. All the embedded bureaucrats perceived as being concerned with procedural correctness at the expense of people’s needs is a huge part of the problem. They tend to hang around regardless of which party is in power.

More than 60,000 “spooks” watching every keystroke of our computer. And very possibly monitoring our phone calls if selected keywords should happen to be a part of our communication on the internet. It makes me wonder if states shouldn’t really become independent like small nations of their own. Free of the dominance of a national government that can’t possibly rule fairly and effectively as it could when there were 13 Colonies.

When you compare a population of 2.5 million in 1776 to that of  2016 with 320 million, the chance of managing something so huge begins to become real. More importantly, we have seen the shift from power of the people to an administrative government where decisions are made by politicians and not the people. The nation is not represented by it’s people.

As for President Trump, while not being perfect, it still tends to be a better choice by far. Especially as the lies and scandals of the Obama years slowly but surely come to light. It’s possible we may never know the full extent of corruption. As government tends to be left leaning there are those who would attempt to hide or protect any agenda no matter how harmful. We were headed to a non-sovereign nation without borders, open to all who would basically tear down any sense of true liberty or freedom.

It is mindful of the French Revolution, where the populace finally grew tired of the oppressive rule of the church and royalty. In the U.S. that could easily be Congress and the White House. The point being that U.S. Government has lost touch with the people. Will President Trump change that? His agenda speaks to many things that would seem to be a move in the right direction, but will it be enough?

More importantly, will it be too little too late? Even within the GOP there does not seem to be enough unity. Discord seems to reign over the replacement for the ACA, promising the entitlement features such as the coverage for pre-existing conditions. As a former Insurance agent, I can relate to the reason Insurance companies sold “blocks” of coverage for health plans. The simple idea was not to be over exposed by a group of people, especially as they aged. On a normal basis the group paying premiums would become more expensive to cover, with numbers declining due to death, age, terminal long term illness and such.

Of course, the actuaries created this concept of groups of business for just that reason. History would calculate based on many factors exactly what the lifespan of the group would be, and pretty much at what point premiums would be too expensive except for the very rich. A group may be planned to span 30 years before it would close, and those remaining would be forced into a new group. On some occasions depending on age, the new group would have premiums far less expensive.

So covering health conditions such as cancer, Alzheimers, Parkinson’s, diabetes, which tend to be long term and costly, need to be spread out among all insureds. With a population where 30% are obese, considered to be epidemic levels, this alone is costly with tendencies to be more so. The solution is not simple in the least. The ACA was created in such a manner as to make it nearly impossible to repeal by design.

Since it appears passage of the health plan is essential before the tax reform the situation appears complicated at best. So two of the biggest promises of President Trump have been complicated and nothing is certain.

While that is in play, other issues such as the war with the media, constant attempts by the DNC to put other obstacles in the path of progress, more Presidential tweets to bypass the media, make claims, and on occasion make statements that are unfortunately partially incorrect or taken out of context. Many times when President Trump is making statements off the cuff, they come off being or sounding incorrect. There may be a reason.

Donald J. Trump is not your everyday, ordinary intellect. It is possible that when making comments out of hand that his thought process is way ahead of his mouth. It is very possible this accounts for the many times he has made statements that in their context just don’t add up or make sense. To such a degree as to seem they are lies.

Another possibility is that as a negotiator, it is customary to exaggerate the value, capacity, ROI, of whatever is involved in the negotiation. In the interest of creating an ultra positive scenario to the nation this would be nearly an unconscious habit. President Trump is a man of words, that he uses to manipulate situations. That’s not much different from a politician. The great divide may be a politician uses a multitude of words to say nothing, or lie convincingly. This does not pretend to defend rather offer an explanation for what seem to be or are inconsistencies.

Voting for President Trump was not because he is an ideal. With all his human faults, he has still proven to be a far better choice, and may actually do what few presidents have ever done in the past. Mainly, do not just what he said, but what he promised. In his first month he has accomplished more than most of his predecessors. There’s still much more to do.

President Trump has been able to capture everyman. The ones with the hard hats, sitting behind a desk or on an assembly line. Many have come to the White House to be asked what can be done for businesses, jobs, regulations that hamper progress, and they comment being listened to. Tours of the Oval Office have been given, so it can be said this is your government, and again, they feel heard.

Confidence still runs high, mine included. The ugly side of politics continues to reveal itself, especially as the DNC feels itself loosing ground. This is Day 43. What surprises await in the next 57, or 157 days? It can only happen one day at a time!

I’m going to have some peanut butter and crackers.

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