Have You Discovered What “Doublespeak” Is?

Have You Discovered Doublespeak?

What is really surprising are comments by those who would claim to be non-biased or impartial, on a fairly consistent basis being in non-agreement with comments from either side of the political issues. An old saying claims “where there’s smoke…there’s fire.” It’s been proven that even when there is no smoke, there’s fire. An example of underground fires in areas with highly volatile soil is an example. Fire can be virtually undetectable until it surfaces above ground.

So at least in my mind after decades of witnessing activities on both sides of the political spectrum, there are right leaning tendencies without out supporting out of hand the Republican platform. Most of the reason was always about promises never kept on either side, and social issues I could never support on the “left.”

Neither the DNC or GOP are perfect, and far from it. Current activities clearly attest to that. Fake News abounds in social media and in nearly any digital format. Emotions as well as attitudes span the spectrum. Tactics of deliberate agitators at Pro-Trump rallies with no other intent than to violently disrupt the events only create more unrest. Nothing is solved by these actions. If anything it tends to exploit the rallies to create more violence supposedly all the GOP’s fault.

Then just about the time you feel you can have a little confidence in some of the News Outlets or Digital Publications, along come those obvious distortions of not just beliefs, but facts. It has turned into such a word game. If this were a game of Yahtzee, or Spill n’ Spell, that might work real well. Unfortunately that is what was termed as “Orwellian Doublespeak” in relation to the latest on surveillance or wiretapping the Trump Campaign. It’s nearly impossible to wade through the deliberate doublespeak, and there’s tons of it. What an amazing defensive measure this is, and we as a public just haven’t been paying attention.

Here’s an interesting point, as mentioned in reference to NSA and what powers they have. Without going to copious information and Federal documents to list verbatim the reach of the NSA, one of the powers is access to anything digital. It seems there is nowhere any of the communication in the USA can be hidden from NSA.

Furthermore, the President of the U.S. has only to make a phone call, after obtaining some sort of certificate, to get access to any of this digital information on anything thing or anyone, without there necessarily being a reliable paper trail to substantiate such actions. This certificate is NOT a FISA warrant, just in case.While it’s uncertain who or what has to provide that certificate, and what information must be included in that application or request, it could be assumed it’s not very revealing as to actions.

So the question is raised how do we, the public, get some answers to this expanded ability to gain access to sensitive information without the usual paper-trails required when the FBI, DOJ or AG’s office is involved? How exposed do you feel? Is this something that needs to be rescinded by President Trump, along with returning back to the appropriate agencies the sensitive intelligence information flagrantly abused by the former president?

I only know how to respond to those things I believe pertinent to a change in the way our nation is managed. If it seems to lean to the positive, not right or left, then until proven otherwise it will get support. The opposite is also true. Support of those who I feel are in support of President Trump is not a question. Necessary research often precedes such support, to try and ferret out what is just inflammatory rhetoric as opposed to really unsupported claims that have no foundation at all.

It has been frustrating with all the meaningless claims made by the DNC attempting to create grounds for total imploding of the GOP. After a disastrous two terms in power there is little wonder the DNC is continuing efforts to excuse all the lies, scandals and subterfuge of their tenure. It’s possible that for most of us, much of what has taken place during that time went in one ear and out the other. You get to the point where the mind becomes numb to all the chatter.

Admittedly, for decades that has been mine. Not numb, just ignoring all of it for the most part. The distinction of ignore to numb may be necessary for some reading this. Otherwise there might be some doubt as to what was numb or ignored. This seems like a good place to end that thought.

So yes, it is difficult to understand those who seem bent on taking what is written with the intent to discredit the meaning or that it has any value. It seems like those thoughts or ideas somehow seem to be a threat. To agree with one is to disagree with another. For the most part it’s like those pundits who seem bent on displaying what they believe to be expertise. Again, a different kind of “word game.”

Think I may need to have some alphabet soup to increase my word knowledge.

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