Kool-Aid Quiz/ Do You Really Think Cuts Equal Eliminate?

Time to man (or woman) up!

There is not a chance that any of the proposed budget cuts are going to really offset the bloated budgets each one of these departments has in the first place!

If each one were gone through with a fine tooth comb by a genuine auditor, the reductions could probably be more. The traditional actions of every one of these departments is to make certain every cent of an annual budget is used up, so that an increase for a new budget can be justified.

As such, money is spent on frivolous items or out and out wasted. Worse yet, there is no oversight on how it is spent, unless the attention of the GAO is ignited! We have an example of how well that works by the increased amount of the National Debt from the last eight years.

So the hue and cry of the Dems is just noise, like that one child in the family constantly crying and complaining, creating chaos just to get attention. They can’t understand why all their insults, delays, obstructionism, rumors, exaggerations, personal degradations, unfounded accusations, desire to be despots, globalists, lawless society, abortionist desires, exploitation of women by claiming freedom, elitist attitude towards working class, is so not accepted by more than half our population.

And don’t kid yourself, that the full result of the popular vote reflects the true feeling of those numbers! When there are more than 11 M illegal immigrants, many of which are encouraged to vote, given I.D.s and voter registrations in MANY states, plus Green Card holders that have done the same, only a stupid person would fall for “there’s no evidence!” That or Dems who don’t want to know the truth.

So keep on crying and complaining. That will really solve everything. It’s apparent how well the tactics of the last administration worked. They didn’t! That’s why you’re still crying, and most likely will be for the next 8 years.

It should be clear by now that those in line with the GOP want our country back! We’re not ready to hand it over to those who are not citizens of the United States of America. We’re not going to let other factions in the world bent on terror defeat or rule us. We welcome with open arms those willing to come to this country in the same way many of our ancestors arrived. Legally!

Going through the process. Making the sacrifices necessary. Not stealing our generosity, robbing, killing, raping, and abusing everything like the thugs, and undesirables they are. No, amnesty for those is totally unwarranted. Even to those millions who may not fit that description. To them amnesty is still unfair to all the others who do not need it. Illegal entry to this country should not be rewarded. Period!

It makes one wonder how it’s possible for those who want to give all that up? Millions have died to defend our right as a nation to exist. Yet there is this element bent on destroying that. Even after seeing the failure of “Open Borders” in Europe, and the terror that came as a result. How could any sane person believe that would work in the United States?

This all started out about budget cuts, and strangely enough it’s all connected. It’s bureaucrats and those who have gone through some sort of brainwashing or personal agenda, wanting to act it out at the expense of the rest of us.

They know no rules, and really have no allegiance to the country they swore to serve. Many believe themselves absolved from accountability. So the traitorous actions, played out in so many different ways, are done with the idea they are isolated from any persecution for such treachery. Justice comes to all in due time.

These budget cuts are just the first step in rectifying the bloated budgets presented falsely over the years. The same will result in personnel filling needless and pointless positions, simply to fulfill perceived or worse, committed obligations to constituents.


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