Weather Alert: Snowflakes Inundate California!

It’s really sad that California and it’s residents may become known as the Snowflake State. In turn it’s residents become known as “snowflakes.” Now if there is any difficulty understanding what the term means today, here is a general definition of the word as a term, rather than a noun.

“Generation Snowflake, or Snowflake Generation, is a term used to characterize people who became adults in the 2010s as being more prone to taking offense and less resilient than previous generations, or as being too emotionally vulnerable to cope with views that challenge their own.”

It would seem that California has been in the “snowflake” business for decades. It has never been more evident than now. The rebellious attitudes abound. It has never been more evident than with the attitudes expressed by cities such as Berkley, San Jose, San Francisco, as it relates to protecting illegal immigrants and criminals.

Of course it is no secret that California profits from the lion’s share of illegal immigrants, so it’s really all about profit and greed. One has to wonder how this affects other workers in California. Maybe seeing the way the state was headed accounts from the exodus and downward trend for current population decline in the “Snowflake State.”

There have been many things good about this once thriving state. While always being on the edge. As it relates to a bent seeming to thumb it’s nose at anything smacking of convention. Whether music, healthy eating, the “Hippie Movement” or “Beatnicks” of the ‘50s and ‘60s. Add the enclaves of Hollywood and Silicone Valley to the mix, for a very eclectic society. California was always one of those places many dreamed of going to live the rather lazy, laid back, free and adventurous lifestyle. It seems that in the blink of the eye it has all changed.

With nearly 3 million illegal immigrants that earn substandard wages, pay little or no taxes, abuse social benefit programs, it’s obvious why this state is against anything that might upset such a money-mongering “apple cart.” So to eliminate sanctuary cities for example, would drastically cut this cheap source of labor. Chances are it’s more about this issue than the people themselves.

With nearly one third of the population being immigrants, the majority from Mexico, it begins to be clear why this state is against secure borders, elimination of sanctuary cities, deportation of illegals, the Wall, reduction of block grants, open to anarchists, embracing physical abuse to pro-Trump groups, believing themselves immune to the law of ICE.

A state of Snowflakes, and not just those who became “adults” as it relates to the age of accountability in 2010. That is one thing, whereas being responsible is another. Nothing that relates to even patriotism, as several cities and the state are making noise about wanting to secede and become a sovereign nation unto themselves.

This does give rise to thoughts about the potential gain should that happen. The state would loose a tremendous number of military bases and income, affecting their GDP and state budget. The anger that emanates from this state seems to indicate insecurity with the changes in government. Typical of Snowflakes as the inability to deal with the challenges they find contrary to their own. Imagine how life would change as an independent nation where there was no one to blame for the things they don’t like. How would it be to even be at odds with all the neighboring states?

The culture that caught hold in California in the 1800’s, with José Andres Sepúlveda, Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo, Pablo de la Guerra, and others from old Mexico, was one of prestige and privilege. They called themselves Californios. Securing massive land grants, raising cattle to supply beef to the east coast and tallow for candle factories in South America was their way of life. One of comfort and opulence.

The culture of the Californios included no manual labor. This was only done by peons and servants. Money was seldom used as barter and trade were the instruments of wealth. This eventually was the undoing of the Californios, as the influx of Eastern businessmen soon changed the entire business climate of the state.

However the residue of this culture seems to have permeated the Snowflakes. As manual labor, lack of responsibility, with the attitude of entitlement seeming to be primary, links back to a time far removed from reality. The perceived loss of something never attained appears to have infected this population. To such a degree it has created belligerence, dissension, contempt, impudent actions and behavior.

It creates the idea that at some point, government intervention and legal action is going to be met out in reaction. Continuing to push the envelope will eventually go to far. Appearances seem pointed to this as some sort of test of the governments willingness to reel them in. Seeing a bunch of melted snowflakes might be interesting, caught in the heat of their ire!

Think I’ll go order some almonds before I have to import them!

Almost out of almonds. Gotta hury and order before it’s too late!
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