Browbeating President For Wiretap Tweet By Dims Backfires!

It is maddening that so many are more than ready to claim there is “no evidence” about the claim by President Trump in relation to the surveillance or “wiretap” tweet. What’s so maddening is by the same token, NO ONE can show any evidence to the contrary either! Hello! But how quick everyone is to condemn, ridicule, jump to conclusion, and discount the incident like some juvenile prank.

Schiff, Comey and most of the rest keep using the word “wiretap” and that the claim is Obummer is the one who did it. None have the guts, apparently, to realize or admit that regardless of who did whatever, Obummer is at the top of the heap and responsible for whoever in his administration may be responsible.

Of course none of the Dims are going to admit any such thing. It is clear from the condemnation by Schiff because Nunes didn’t come to the committee first, they are going to find every way possible to downplay and attempt to discredit the information and the investigation. A useless and pointless investigation in the first place as it relates to Russia and Trump. Confirmed already, it is without any merit whatsoever. Yet the Dims continue wasting taxpayer resources when their constant effort is baseless. There is no evidence, never has been and by all accounts never will be!

All the major no-news opposition party have vomited out their bile and no lack of accusations. Demeaning, discrediting, ridiculing our President and anyone who dared to agree with his claim of surveillance. It now has all the appearance to not just be simple surveillance, but the revelation of the names of private American citizens.

Investigation seems to be leading directly to the Obummer administration, as this occurred during the transition of President Trump’s team. As has been pointed out it was not a direct effot at surveillance, none the less the Trump Team came into play, and information was gathered that had absolutely no surveillance value. Yet this was written into reports, spread throughout the intelligence community and names were unmasked against every rule, law and regulation for doing so.

As all pro-Trump people have been saying, this is no small deal, and may well overshadow such incidents as Watergate. Taking into consideration other questionable actions by the previous president, this may be the death nell to hopefully end any influence he may have. This could be his legacy, rather than the one he has been attempting to make so much noise about.

It would be so fitting it the “opposition party” could be sued for libel. For all the accusations that stopped just short of claiming President Trump a traitor or something along those lines. Crazy Maxine Waters would be choking on her impeachment predictions. Probably do her good.

All things considered the Dims are not not even a little happy about the revelation of incidental gathering of information. That it supports President Trumps claim of surveillance even a little bit now does exactly what it should. Makes all the liberals look like the fools they are. Repeated efforts to downplay the claim now are pointless.

Elijah Cummings needs to put his tongue back in his mouth as he dreams and rants about investigating Devin Nunes. Mostly he just likes to make noise, like the so called key Dims such as Schumer and Pelosi. All the Dims have been posturing and puffing out their chest as though they were some sort of savior of liberal ethics, if there is such a thing.

No matter how this information works out, it has definitely taken most, if not all, the wind out of their sails and deflated their communal chests. It should be obvious, as I believe it is, that these people are so full of anger. It’s not just their refusal to admit defeat in the election. This seems to be fostered by the nearby presence of an equally reprehensible former head of our government. The formation of Organizing For Action. Training people how to be anarchist. Not just protesters, but destructionists intent of damaging property and anything in support of the current administration!

So all the indignation of those on the left is just getting in lockstep to put forth a seeming united front. It is agreed that they are united with egg on their faces!

Time to man (or woman) up!
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